Author: PhantasmalMira

Chapter 2 Ossan, Encounter with a Cursed Fenrir

「Sigh……」    I let loose a deep sigh right as I stepped outside the guild.    The weight of my feet seems like it’s protesting my departure. (……No, this won’t do, I should really change perspective to face reality.) 「I should return to my room and prepare to leave.」    I purposely said out loud…

Chapter 1 Ossan, Adventurer’s License Revoked

「Your adventurer license had been revoked-nya. 」    The fairy cat tasked with reception spoke.    The me who was met with such a statement while trying to accept a quest like usual has my mouth gaped wide open. 「……What did you say? 」 「Your license card is invalid-nya. We would like to you to…