Chapter 17 Ossan, Playing an Active Role in The Thunderstorm

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   Ravi had been practicing light magic for the past 2 hours. We encouraged her and gave advises while accompanying her. However, unfortunately, there wasn’t any results, there wasn’t a single moment that a light flashed on her hands. Even so, Ravi never stopped practicing quietly and looked determined. I was surprised at the new side of Ravi that I’ve never seen.

(She really wants to learn a skill……)

   Although I don’t understand why she had such feelings, I can only support her wish as much as I could.

(But it isn’t good to overexert herself……)

   As I was about to tell Ravi that it’s time for us to sleep already……


「……!? 」

   Suddenly, a bright light shone outside the window.

「Well, wasn’t that lightning as bright as what Douglas-san released……! 」

   Immediately after Loy’s wife raised such a voice.


「Kyaaaa……!!! 」

   The loud thunder shook the house, the wife and the children screamed.

(That’s really loud……)

   The thunder rumbling was more like an explosion. I held Ravi who clung onto me scared. It’s not only the children, even the adults looked pale.

「That thunder, did it just……」

「Yeah, probably……」

   Together with Loy who looked uneasy, we went closer beside the window――.

「That’s……! 」

   Reddish black smoke was rising from the west side. It was probably because of the thunder just now.

「Such……. It fell on someone’s house……」

   Loy muttered while having a blank expression.

「To fall on a house……was there no lightning rod? 」

「No, we don’t use such things here. But we would conduct a festival to avoid lightning at the start of spring……」


   My tongue was entangled because of the chaotic emotions I felt. It’s not for an outsider like me to judge their tradition. I refreshed my emotions and directed my focus towards what had already happened.

「……Maybe there’s someway to help. I will be going. 」

「……! I will follow! 」

「How about Ravi? 」

   I prompted Ravi hurriedly, but she shook her head sideways panickily.

(……Is she afraid of fire?)

   It was unexpected as I thought she would follow. But there isn’t any leeway to verify that now.

「If so, I will be back soon. Wait for me like a good girl 」

「U-unn……. Be careful daddy……」

   Ravi looked up at me worryingly and gripped my pants tightly while refusing to let go. I smiled wryly and nodded back to assure her.

「Yeah, thanks 」

   I patted Ravi’s head roughly and leaped out into the rain together with Loy.

「Big trouble! There’s a fire going on! 」

「Oi, everyone hurry……! 」

   There’re other men like us heading towards the burning house after gathering up. The cautious elves noticed my presence and had a surprised face. But heading towards there takes priority now.

   An unpleasant heat and the choking smell of smoke started to be felt in the air. I pulled out the hand towel hung on my waist while running and used it to cover my mouth.

   The dark skies were tainted red while the sound of water splashing resounded.

   Arriving at the west side of the settlement, a surreal scenery unfolds on us.

「……Ah, no way……. How did this……」

   A huge tree that was split into two. And from it, flames were ravaging fiercely like a monster. What little remains of the house piled up on the ground. Even now, the flames seem to be still spreading.

「S-somebody help――!! My family are still under that――! 」

   A young elf that was held back by the others desperately reached out both of his arms and cried out. The others who arrived earlier than us, had already been trying to move the debris. But because of the intense flames, they couldn’t carry out a rescue.

「Why doesn’t the flames extinguish under the rain!? 」

   Someone yelled full of despair.

(……With that fierce momentum, just the rain won’t be enough)

「I will extinguish it. Please give way! 」

   As I took a step out with that, the elves looked afraid and became quiet. They’re looking at each other seemingly in lost what to do. But even a single moment is precious. As I drew nearer, the elves dispersed and backed off.

   I immediately started chanting the aria for water magic.

   《Oh holy spirit of water who seeks the love of a blank soul, grant upon me the water of blessing――Water Magic Undine!!!》

   The water magic that I put out at my best, covered the entire flames like a blanket and assaulted it. Of course, it wouldn’t extinguish in a moment. However, the burning radius is narrowing.


「……D-do your best……! 」

「Yeah! Do your best! Please……!! 」

   Even though most of the elves looked from afar anxiously. Starting from Loy, the cheering voices is increasing. Accompanied by the cheering from the elves, I moved closer to the smaller flame while maintaining the water magic.

(Alright, just a little more……!)

   Finally, as if it gave up on resisting, the fire extinguished after a swoosh.

「Quick, rescue……! 」

「……! G-got it……! 」

   As I raised my voice, the elves hurriedly to the debris of the house. There wasn’t anyone scared anymore.

「Hold it at that side! 」

「We’ll lift it on my mark! Alright, go!! 」

   Even as the rain splashed down on us, the rescue was being carried out swiftly. But a new problem arises not long after that.

「Shit……this tree is too heavy……! 」

   They tried to lever one half of the tree was stuck but it didn’t budge an inch. It seems like that even with that principle, it wouldn’t work.


   A weak voice resounded under it.

「Shit! It’s just a little more! 」

「I got it. Leave that to me. 」

   Once again, I chanted the strengthening buff.

   《Boil up the expanding power――Muscle Power Strengthening!!!》

   Creak creak. The muscle tissues swelled up, and the elves saw my arms as they enlarged

「Hi―……m-m-monster……!!!! 」

   The moment they saw that figure, they let out a scream and looked really scared. Even Loy who had seen it twice is looking pale.

「Hu―nn!!!! 」

   The large tree could be lifted with just one arm with the buff.

「Now, get them out while I hold it! 」



   They’re too afraid that they’re petrified.

「I beg you all, quickly go get them out.」

「Ah, Y-yes……. Hey, everyone! Quick……! 」

   With these enlarged arms, detailed works like that cannot be done. I leave that part to the elves because I’m afraid that I will injure them while trying to rescue.

   Not long after that, the mother and child was successfully saved. The mother was injured on her arms and her back but, the child seemed to be hugged by the mother tightly, so he just had light scratches. After we sent them off to the doctor……

「They say she isn’t in any life danger too. 」

   Loy came beside me and told me that. I nodded back after I moved the large tree to a corner so that it wouldn’t be in the way of tidying the place up.

(I’m glad they’re both fine……)

   My shoulders loosened from the relief. After I cancelled the skill, the elves gathered in front of me with a sorry face.

「Really, thank you very much……. You really helped out a bunch……」

「If you weren’t here, Moro’s wife and child would’ve been……」

「Yeah……. I’m sorry that we took up such an unpleasant attitude……」


   Everyone lowered their head at once. I was troubled by that, and panickily asked them to lift their heads up.


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