Chapter 3 Ossan, Regains His Abilities

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(『Hex of Transformation』being casted means……)

「……You are a human, right? 」


   A sad cry came out of the Fenrir’s mouth and a pair of blue eyes filled with sadness can be seen swaying.

   The suffering of being turned into a beast against your own will is unimaginable for me.

   I strongly clenched my fist as I was assaulted by a sense of powerless.

   It feels as if my chest is being carved out.

   Who would do something like this and why?

   No, it doesn’t matter what the purpose was

   Something like this is never forgivable.

   Transforming a human into a beast is just…….

(If I don’t dispel the Hex……)

   I can dispel the Hex with my skill.

   It wasn’t as bad as this, but I’ve dispelled Hexes multiple times before.

   But that’s a story of my prime.

   My ability now can’t even amount to 10% of my prime.

(Damn……. It’s not a time to be hesitating)

   Age doesn’t matter when using a skill.

   There’re many Skillmaster Great Sages out there that is way older than me.

   The important factor is proficiency and knowledge, and lastly, MP.

   But I have another problem to worry about in my case.

『Dispel Curse』is a powerful skill.

   What my little HP would probably be zeroed out instantly.

(Putting other’s lives in front of yourself……)

   I laughed at the thought of that.

(Not a bad way to end my life)

   Living aimlessly, my heart is slowly wilting away with the tremendous emptiness I felt.

   It’s way better than living idly.

   That’s right.

   It had always been my wish to die for someone else.

「I’m going to dispel the curse on you now. Stay put for a little while. 」

   The Fenrir raised its face with a ‘kyu—n?’

   It’s opening and closing its mouth repeatedly as if trying to speak to me, asking if I could do it.

「It’s alright, I will definitely save you……」

   I took a stance as I whispered to myself.

   I stretched forward my both hands, and inhaled deeply.

   My heart is still as water.

   I can do it.

《Gather here, the twinkling particles of hope, I command thy―― Dispel Curse! 》

   A white shining light originated from my hands.

   The chant succeeded.

   At the same time, I felt my energy is being drained away.

   I could tell the feeling of my HP decreasing by the minute even without looking at my Status.

   It is as if my soul is being torn from my flesh forcefully.

(Ah……. The approaching death)

   As I collapsed on the ground, the light I released is reaching the Fenrir.

   With this, it’s is going to be alright.

   I relaxed my body as I was relieved.

   I really wanted to use a healing skill too, but my HP is already dried-up.

   I shut my eyes as I felt the chilly soil.



   The atmosphere shook with a ‘Zu—n’ sound and the skill was deflected.

   The spell collided with something invisible.

(It was guarded against……? No, that’s not it……)

   The deflected spell turned around and headed for me.

   Right after that, something unimaginable happened.


   My entire body suddenly became extremely light.

   The suffering that I felt for the past year on my back and shoulders vanished like phantom.

   Energy overflowed from my body as if I was rejuvenated.

(……What in the world happened)

 I stood up while confused.

(Was I relieved of my sufferings after I died……?)

   I seriously thought so.

   But it isn’t as if I became a ghost, my physical body still responds to my will.

   I lowered my arms and I tried clenching it a few times.

(It’s not transparent……. I’m still alive, aren’t I……?)

「Goodness, what is actually happening……」

   The Fenrir gazed at me with a worrying look while I was having my monologue.

   I loosened my stiff shoulders while still being in a disorder.

   But why…….

   My HP should’ve been used up……

   I unconsciously swallowed my breath when I checked my Status.


   Name         : Douglas Ford

   Sex            : Male

   Race          : Human

   Occupation : *****

   Level          : 68 (1011 to next level)

   HP              : 60900

   MP             : 56432


「60900 HP ……!?」

   My maximum HP should’ve been 2500.

   On top of that, my MP increased by almost ten-fold.

  (Really, what’s going on……)

   I took a deep breath, and tried to organize my mind.

   The Dispel Skill was definitely cast.

   But it was deflected and then collided with me before disappearing.

   The result is my body became lightened, the abnormality with my body until now vanished like nothing.

(No way……)

「……Was I cursed too? 」

   The maximum HP that decreased every time I used a skill.

   The maximum MP that never increased.

   My back-pain and stiff shoulders.

   The body that always felt heavy like lead.

   I thought those were the symptoms of growing old, but what if it were because of the curse…….

(Because of the deflected Dispel Curse, all those symptoms had vanished)

   At least the dots are connected.

   More like there’s no other plausible explanation than this.

   On top of that, my Status that I just checked, it’s a value that fits my current level of 68.

(……To think that I couldn’t tell myself was cursed)

   How stupid was I.

   But it’s weird that the curse didn’t show up as abnormal status.

   In the first place, who would place a curse on me?

   ……No, I’ll leave that for later.

   Rather than that, I should do something about the Fenrir now.

   However, the situation is much worse than expected.

   The chant of Dispel Curse skill was perfect.

   Even with that, it was deflected away……

「A『Forbidden Curse』huh……」

   My whisper naturally became solemn.

   A『Forbidden Curse』is the pinnacle of curses.

   And it can’t be dispelled by anyone but the caster himself.

   In other words, I’m unable to revert the Fenrir back into a human.

   But I can’t give up on it.

(I made a promise after all)

   Anything, anything is fine.

   Is there any way to save this person?

   Think. Think. Think.

   I motivated myself to revolve my brain.

   The experience, memory and knowledge that I’ve had amassed till now, I put them into full use as I looked for the possibility desperately.

   Do I have to look for the caster of the『Forbidden Curse』?

   ……No, that wouldn’t be realistic.

   That person is someone who would curse his own kind.

   I can’t think that he would dispel it even if I asked.

   On top of that, the Fenrir would have to stay as a beast while I look for the caster.

   A curse that couldn’t be dispelled by anyone but the caster, I have no choice but to think of a solution right here and now.

(……Wait a minute)

   To dispel a curse that can’t be dispelled except for the caster…….

「I just have to become the caster himself!!」


   The Fenrir let out a weird bark because of my sudden voice.

「I might’ve found the way to breakthrough.」

   The Fenrir looked apologetic as its ears had fallen flat.

   My heart hurts when I saw that expression.

   I must save it no matter what after all.

   『Trace』is a skill that I have.

   『Trace』allows me to transform myself into another person if I know his or her voice and appearance.

   But I don’t know who the caster is.

   But with 『Information Sharing』skill, I can manage somehow.

   With it, I will directly read the memories from the Fenrir’s brain and make out who the caster is.

   Using『Information Sharing』and 『Trace』simultaneously to transform myself.

   While maintaining『Trace』, I must cast『Dispel Curse』.

   I should be able to dispel the Hex with that.

   But that is all on paper.

   Using a skill while another is active is called 『Two-Fold Skill Usage』

   Someone that can pull that off, as far as I know, it is only the Hero Alan.

   Because of this unique ability that he has, he was given the title of a『Hero』by the King.

   It just shows『Two-Fold Skill Usage』is how much of a treasured ability.

   Furthermore, even Alan could only perform it with Common skills.

   Worse of all, 『Information Sharing』and 『Trace』is categorized way above the Common skill, both are Specialty skill.

   In addition, the difficulty of casting『Dispel Curse』increases depending on the curse’s grade.

   To dispel a『Forbidden Curse』, 『Unique Dispel Curse』which is a Pinnacle skill is needed.

   When the difference in abilities began to appear between me and Alan.

   I studied skills furiously to fill the widening gap.

   If I can’t match in combat potential, then I will at least be helpful with various knowledge.

   Thus, I have confidence in my knowledge.

   The method of activation and the aria is already imprinted in my mind.

   But knowing it is a different story than using it.

(Until just now, I’ve had huge trouble using even a Common skill……)

   But in the first place, I never had enough MP while casting that.

   But it’s different story now.

   56432 MP.

   A light body with overflowing energy.

   It’s worth a shot.

「The curse can’t be dispelled with normal means. But I might be able to succeed if I can have a look through your memories. Can you give me another chance? 」

   The blue eyes stared at me.

   The Fenrir moved its nose as if nodding.

   It’s trusting someone like me it had just met.

   I felt warm as I realized the emotions conveyed by the Fenrir.

   I must succeed no matter what.

   I stretched out my right hand towards the Fenrir with a strong will.

「Imagine the person who put the curse on you」

   As I put my hand over its head, I started to chant the aria for『Information Sharing』.

《The gate of wisdom, the door of mind, open thyself and become one with mine―― Information Sharing! 》

   The information of a certain man gushed into my brain like a broken dam.

   A hoarse voice. Droopy eyebags. Cold gaze. A pair of thin and twisted lips. A pair of bottomless clouded grey eyes

   A man that’s around my age.

   A thin and tall body that gives off a bad impression.

   Covered with a black-colored robe with a staff in his hand, even I could tell that he was a dark magician.

(It’s him who cast the curse……!)

   My anger rose as I come to know him.

   I can’t afford to miss my purpose even if I was extremely angry.

   Let’s start chanting the aria.

《……The logic of all who holds a shape, unleash it now》

   I exhaled a big breath, as to calm my heart.

《I command thy, reconstruct thyself――Trace!》

   Something like static electricity crackled on my fingertips.

   My body shook as my cells, bones and flesh begun to change――.

『Uu—……!  Grrr—……!』

   The Fenrir let out a growl while retreating as if it was afraid.

(Did it go well……?)

   As I spread out my arms and look down on my body…….

   My hand which had become rough after holding a sword for countless years, became pristine.

   A black-colored robe covered my body.

   My heart starts beating faster.

   I pat around my face as if I’m in a panic.


「……! 」

   The shape of my nose is different.

   Even the texture of my lips, cheeks and skin.

(This is clearly not myself……!)

   It seems that I have cleared the first hurdle.

   And I don’t even feel any fatigue or light-headedness.

   On the contrary, my power still seemed bottomless.

(It’s possible!)

   As I felt my instinct telling me, I immediately started chanting the aria for the『Dispel Curse』skill.

《Gather the twinkling particles of hope, I command thy―― Dispel Curse!!!! 》

   In that instant, the Fenrir was wrapped in a blinding light.

「Kuu――! 」

   I can’t open my eyes due to the blinding light

(Please, please let it be successful……!)

   I shielded my eyes while praying desperately.

   The light which glittered like stardust and gradually dissipated.

(How about that……!?)

   A small silhouette is seen amongst the dissipating misty light.

   I unconsciously swallowed my breath.

   Then, there was…….


   A girl that was not over ten plopped on the ground.

   The girl is tilting her head as if she couldn’t quite understand what happened to herself.

   Her blue eyes gave off the same innocent impression as the Fenrir’s.

(……It succeeded! )

   Shortly after I exhaled a sigh of relief, I was thrown in disarray again.

   I took off my coat hurriedly and put it over her exposed shoulders.

   The girl didn’t have anything on her.

   Well, that’s a given.

   She was just a Fenrir a moment ago.

「Sorry that my coat is worn and torn. It might feel a little chilly, but please put up with it for now. 」

   The girl nodded with a serious face.

   Healing comes next.

   I stretched my hands out towards the girl and chanted the aria for a healing skill.

《The benevolent goddess that treasures all life, the blessing of your healing light―― Full Recovery!》

   Soon, all the wounds and injury on the girl’s body vanished.

「Does it still hurt?」

   I asked.

「Your voice? Can you talk? 」

   The girl lightly knocked on her throat and frowned as if she was trying her best.

「A,aー……u. ……I-I can talk……」

    She muttered after a few tries as if she didn’t speak in ages.

    The girl’s voice trembled slightly and was very, very small.

    Even so, she can communicate now, I felt relieved.

   When I checked my HP once again――

『HP : 60900』

   It didn’t decrease after all.

(Even after I used all those skills……)

   It was unimaginable until now.

   I cancelled the Trace skill while feeling amazed, reverting to my original self.

   Right after that.

「Nn? 」

   The girl gripped my pants and stared at me.

   Her lips are trembling as if she has something to say to me.

「Is there something wrong?」


(……Are kids this quiet nowadays?)

   I’m not used to talking with young children after all, I can’t be impatient.

   In any case, I should try to lower down my body first.

(It’s better that I don’t hurry her right……?)



   The atmosphere begun to turn awkward.

   I’m still waiting for the girl to talk at her own pace……

「……F, for saving me…… I’m really thankful……」

「……! 」

   It probably took all her courage to squeeze out those words.

   When I saw the girl’s red face, I almost started to tear up myself.


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