Chapter 63 Ossan, No Such Thing as Dead End

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   Returning Bruno to his hometown. To do that, I must first find and recover his body.

「Then let me guide you to where I died! 」

   Bruno said it with the same tension when he guided us in this flower garden.

「It’s still bright, so I don’t think there’s much danger. But be careful just in case. If you fall, then you will suffer the same fate as me! Haha! 」

「O-Ou……. Ravi, make sure you walk behind me. 」


   That aside, Bruno’s spirit who can even make jokes of his own death is impressive. Bruno’s face that is pale, had a carefree smile even now. It doesn’t seem that he’s pretending either.

   A happy ghost, huh. Really, what a strange existence that we came across.

「Now, come here! 」

   Bruno who waved his hand lightly, signaling us to follow. Few minutes after that――. A cliff suddenly appeared after a few minutes’ walk from the flower garden.

「This is……」

   Peeking into the cliff, I can see the distant floor. It’s a vertical cliff that will guarantee death if you were to slip.

「Falling from here is no turning back……」

「Right, right? It felt more like flying that falling. That aside, I think that with this degree of injury is even lucky of me! But I guess it would be rude of me if I appeared with a more gruesome appearance! 」

「……Ain’t you already quite gruesome. 」

「Eh!? But it isn’t like zombies right!? 」

「W-well, u―mu……」

「Eeeh!? I look like zombie!? 」

   Bruno who yelled as if he’s in deep shock. As I looked for words to follow, Ravi who was behind giggled at our conversation.

「Fufu, interesting……」

「……Hehe. Is that so, it’s interesting huh. If little miss is happy then there’s no problem even if I look like a zombie huh! That’s right! I can do even more funny things! 」

   Bruno who raised his voice brightly floated lightly, and started to go in circles around us.

「It’s my high speed ghost revolution! How is it! Is it fun!? 」

「Wa! 」

   Seeing Bruno who circled around us in high speed, Ravi’s eyes sparkled. Bruno intention to entertain Ravi was conveyed to me, and I felt a sense of gratitude.

   He’s a good guy despite a little out of the ordinary. I have a good impression of this ghost.

「――Crap! You can’t descend down this cliff if you’re still alive right!? I didn’t realize since I was always flying after I became like this……. How should we……」

「Ah, there’s no problem. We can go down with no problem with a skill. 」

「Eh!? Really!? 」

   I nodded back at Bruno, and looked at Ravi.

「Ravi, you want wait for a little here? 」

「I want to go together with Daddy……」

   I still felt a little hesitation. What is at the bottom of this cliff, does Ravi know? It’s better for me to explain properly first.

「……Down there is where Bruno died. He died a few years ago it seems, so I think it will be all bones. Are you alright? 」

   Ravi showed a hesitation expression for a little, before nodding her small head. Is that so……. She wants to go even after knowing that huh.

   What opinions that Ravi have about the deceased, I haven’t known. But it’s just that, I had a hunch that she holds a feeling a little different than fear.

「Ravi, we will go down with wind magic. There won’t be any problem, but just in case, hold tight onto me. 」

「Ye―s……! 」

   I hugged up Ravi, and she tightly clung onto me. I as well, wrapped my arms around her back and chanted.

《The holy force that dwells in the atmosphere, blow them away! Wind magic―Wind!! 》

   A gust of wind that wraps Ravi and I blew.

「Alright, let’s go. 」

「Unn……! 」

   I kicked against the ground, and leaped into the cliff. As I felt the feeling of lightness that acted on my body, I also felt a little rustle around my abdomen. To not let Ravi have a scary experience, I slowed down the descent. As we slowly descended into the cliff――.

「Eeeeh!? A-Amazing……!? You can fly just like a ghost like me!? 」

   Meeting up with us who slowly descended downwards, Bruno lightly floated in the air. As we continued the descent, I smiled wryly to the excited Bruno.

「Rather than flying, it’s more like I adjusted the speed of descent. I can’t go in any direction I want, so it is different than floating. 」

「It’s still amazing despite that!! I thought you two are just family travelling ordinarily, but ain’t you quite skilled!? 」

   I who was taken aback by the high tension of Bruno who repeatedly said 「Amazing!! 」, replied that 「Indeed we are just a father and his daughter travelling together. 」


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