Chapter 8 Ossan, Appraises Rare Item

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   The scenery changed as we crossed the river and moved along the highway for a while. Fields and farms started to come into view, and the presence of people started to appear.

「We will be arriving in the village soon. 」

   I spoke to Ravi who was on my back.

   The torn shoes can’t be repaired, and I didn’t have any empty Zuta bags left on me. I thought about waking the hunter and borrowing his horse, but Ravi wanted to leave there as soon as possible.

   He was the hunter that hurt Ravi when she was still in Fenrir form. It’s natural she would be afraid of him.

(Also, borrowing without asking from the unconscious man is no different than what a thief would do……)

   That’s why I decided to carry the pale-faced Ravi on my back and continued the journey.

   Since Ravi still seemed to be minding about being on my shoulders, I had to readjust her position every so often. Ravi is worryingly light. Maybe she’s even lighter than the rucksack I’m carrying on my hand.

(Is a child’s weight something like this?)

   It makes me feel she’s a weak and fragile organism, and the feeling of wanting to protect her swelled within me.

   After that, we arrived at a village called McFadden. It’s the village where I spent the night at on the day before yesterday. There’s an inn with a bar and general store here, an old church in the northern area of the village. Then the rests are just residences.

   Since the villagers live on agriculture or hunting, there’s farming or hunting tools around on the houses everywhere. The village is surrounded with a peaceful atmosphere unlike that of a busy city.

(It’s difficult to get everything we need here)

   There’s a quite big city called Addinton just about few days to the south from here. It’s fine even if we buy the tools we need for travelling when we arrive there. Anyhow, I need to get some clothes for Ravi first.

   I carried Ravi while heading towards to the general store. It seems a peddler arrived coincidentally too, there was the store owner along with a man carrying a big baggage on his back in the store.


   The reddish-faced plump store owner said.

   The peddler man put down his baggage and looked at me. I was surprised when I saw his face. He was an old man way older than me, but his height is only like that of a child. He’s quite good that he can carry such a big baggage walking from villages to villages.

   Our eyes met, and he gave me a warm smile. The store owner and the peddler’s reception are perfect as they are in the business industry.

「Is there anything you’re looking for? 」

「Ah. Clothes and shoes for this child, and then also two pairs of underwear for her please. 」

「Right away, clothes for your child I see」

(My child……)

   It seems that the store owner misunderstood I’m Ravi’s father.

(We aren’t father and daughter though……)

   But if I were to deny that, I don’t know how to explain our relationship. In the worst case, I would be seen as a kidnapper, so I returned with a vague smile. There’s a large possibility such talk would rise in the future too. Telling Ravi about it later would be better.

「The underwear would be these. A child grows up quickly, so it would be better if we get a slightly bigger size for her. For the clothes, it would be these from her size I guess. 」

   What the store owner brought was, a worn plain and simple one-piece made from linen. As I tried to match it on Ravi’s shoulder after setting her down, it was slightly longer. But I can’t possibly complain. It doesn’t stand out much, so I decided to take it.

「For shoes, we have ones that are made from wood and leather. Leather would look more fashionable. And wood would be more durable. 」

「It won’t hurt if you wear the wooden shoes for a long time? 」

「Of course. It’s much more comfortable than it looks. And it protects the feet from moisture, also it’s much more resistant to heat and cold than leather shoes. Even craftsman prefer wooden shoes more. 」

「I see……」

   Certainly, leather shoes are more fashionable just like what the store owner said. I didn’t care about the appearance when I was choosing my wear. But I’m hesitating this time.

(She would be happy if it looked nice right…… But, umu……)

   Since I know it’s going to be a long journey. As expected, safety comes first.

「Ravi, it may be bad but, are you fine with wooden shoes? 」

   She nodded back. Since her long bangs is covering her face, I can’t make out what’s her expression.

   I was told that wearing wooden shoes requires socks, so I got two pairs of that as well. Also, I resupplied three Zuta bags, soap and hand towel. Since I was told that water bottle was sold out, I gave up on it unfortunately.

「If so, then I will get the water bottle in Addinton. 」

「Nn? Traveller, are you heading to Addinton next? 」

   The old peddler who was watching our exchange till now spoke out.

「Since Addinton’s general store is my store, we might meet again over there. 」

「Eh? 」

(My store?)

   I asked the old man and he replied me that peddling is his hobby, and he runs the general store in Addinton.

「Normally I appraise the goods with a skill, but my feet and waist would get weak if I were to hole up in the store. I left selling to my son and his wife. I would go out peddling few times in a month. But it seems like they’re trying to take over the store, so they can let me retire early. It’s not like I’m an old man that’s easy to rot. Hohoho―」

   Even though he’s smiling as he said that, the latter half was a little dark.

   Unexpectedly, this jii-san might be someone amazing.

(He holds something like the appraisal skill after all)

   Even though it’s a trading-related skill, it’s not like every merchant is able to acquire it. Most of the skill-holders are large merchants who belongs to the merchant guild.

(Right, that necklace.)

   I remembered the necklace which is used to curse Ravi. I intended to pawn it at a big city, so I haven’t appraised it myself yet…….

(Let’s ask him about it)

   I asked Ravi’s opinion first since she owned it and showed it to the jii-san. I wanted someone to appraise it and tell me the market price, so that Ravi wouldn’t lose out on any profit.

「This necklace, how much is it worth roughly? 」

「Fumu. Let me see. 」

   A hand full of creases was stretched out. I put the black necklace on it.

   Jii-san chanted the aria for the appraisal skill with a coarse voice.

「……Fumu-fumu, I see. 」

   Jii-san engaged in a conversation with the store owner before announcing the appraisal results.

「This is black pearl. It’s roughly worth 20 silvers.  I can buy it from you, sometimes I also receive some precious metal from rural villages such as here. The young couples would gift each other such things on special days like birthdays after all. 」

   20 Silvers huh. Not a bad price. With that much, it’s enough for food for a month. But only if it’s black pearl.

   It’s a jewelry used for the 『Forbidden Curse』. A more precious gem would give a better effect in magic. It’s a knowledge every magician would know.

   In other words, this precious gem should have a higher value. Because the jewelries used for magic, are usually chosen from the one that has the most precious gem.

「I’m sorry if I’ll make you upset but……」

   After I refused the offer from the store owner, I used the appraisal skill myself.

   《The all-knowing god, turn the pages of the book of wisdom and grant me insight ―― Appraisal Judge 》

『Item Name : Obsidian Pearl』

(Ah. Just as I thought)

   Black Pearl is a gem found from shellfishes. In that aspect, Obsidian Pearl is a rare item obtained from the eyeballs of a rare beast, Black Tiger. Even though the name and shape look similar, the value is not.

「This is not Black Pearl, but Obsidian Pearl. 」

「W-what did you say……!? Obsidian Pearl…… that rare item!? 」

   The store owner’s eyes became round as he raised his voice.

「……You, I thought you were just a traveler, but to think that you can use the appraisal skill……. Are you a merchant? 」

   The appraisal old man probably had seen through the real value of the Obsidian pearl after all. Unlike the store owner, my appraisal skill was able to see the real value.

「No. Although I’m just a mere wanderer, but I do have the appraisal skill as you see. 」

「Won’t you need a considerable level in appraisal skill to appraise rare item……!? R-right jii-san!? 」

「That’s right. It just means that he’s a considerable level skill-user. 」

   The store owner swallowed his saliva and alternated his gaze on the jii-san and me.

「You aren’t a merchant but holds the appraisal skill……. Theo-jiisan, is it that possible? 」

   The old peddler who was called as Theo-jiisan, nodded his head and affirmed.

「Umu, it’s not impossible but…… there are patterns that some high-level adventurers who acquired multiple skills, and one of them is the appraisal skill. 」

「Certainly, you look strong but…… you, were you some amazing adventurer……? My waist was hunching, so I didn’t realize. 」

   Goodness, he really likes to say whatever he wants. Well, I’ve been told several times that 「You don’t look all that strong. 」 or 「Your expression doesn’t seem very dignified. 」…….

「Hohoho-, I was completely tricked by your appearance. Even if you aren’t a merchant, you have the appraisal skill, so you’re like our colleague. Hohoho-」

   It seems that Theo-jiisan had acknowledged me, although he didn’t have enough money on him now, if I take the necklace to his store in Addinton, he promised to buy it higher than the market value.


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