Chapter 88 Ossan with The Girl, Attending the Elves’ Banquet

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   Since we finished the forestry work earlier than expected, I helped with various miscellaneous task as well. And just like that, the evening came to the long summer day――. As I thought, we would have to stay the night in Loy’s house today.

「Yes―! If you’re staying then, let’s have a pillow fight, Ravi! 」

「No……. Nicky, you can’t do something like that in your house……? 」


   Nicky drooped in disappointment. But even so, working together, it seems that Ravi had begun to relax around Nicky who had an extreme change, they seemed to have their old relationship back.

   Then shall we play hide and seek, Nicky who tried for the second time was rejected again in an instant…….

   Beside the children who were like that, Catlie was looking around the place restlessly.

「To be able to stay in an elf’s house……. I’m touched……! And it’s such a pretty house! 」

「Yeah, that’s right. And Loy’s wife’s dishes are superb. 」

「My, Douglas-san. You won’t get anything extra even if you praise me. 」

「Come to think of it, Douglas-san. We are having a party tonight in the village, how about it? 」

「Ooh. Thank you for your kindness. 」

   As soon as they heard it was a party, Nicky and Catlie cheered. Ravi is surely imagining the feast there. Her big eyes are sparkling.


   After borrowing the bath and washing off our sweat, and resting for a bit after changing, the party started at Loy’s house. Familiar faces of elves started bringing all kinds of dishes and liquor, as the time passes, more and more people showed up.

「Well―! Really, today was a show! 」

「We trained quite a lot already but, we still can’t match Douglas-san at all」

「Ravi-chan have you gotten a little tan? Where did you go after leaving our village last time? 」

「Umm……Milton and Balzac……Toy Berry, then we went to Heescock as well. 」

   Ravi who sat cross-legged in front of me spoke. Since they were elves that we met before, even the shy Ravi wasn’t nervous. Rather than that, she might even be a little excited.

   Come to think of it, I was unexpectedly excited whenever I talked with the adults during parties when I was still a child. I enjoyed getting a glimpse at the adult world. After all, a party is quite a special occasion for a child.

「Isn’t Toy Berry the summer resort place? 」

「Yes……You know, daddy made a path in the sea, and became the legend of Toy Berry. 」

「A path in the sea!? 」

「He became a living legend!? 」

「As expected of Douglas-san……!! 」

「Unn, daddy is amazing……」

   Ravi looked back at me as if proud. I didn’t stand to become a living legend but, I felt happy that Ravi was proud of me.

「Alright, everyone. We’ve made herb roasted yam and red beans! 」

   Seeing the new dishes getting carried out, Ravi audibly gulped.

「Wa……!! This is the super delicious one……! 」

「Ravi-chan, you enjoyed them last time right? That’s why I did my best! 」

「Sorry for bothering so much」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s the favorite of our Nicky too. 」

「The bunny-san there, try this salad out too. It’s delicious with a dressing of carrots and garlic. 」

「Carrot and garlic……! Is this a combination made by the gods!? Please let me try it out! 」

   Catlie’s ears stood up in response to Loy’s old man’s recommendation. I thought it would be a chaos with this much people gathered, but it seems that Loy and the others are properly having fun as well.

   Come to think of it, there was a party last time after we finished extinguishing the fire. That time was fun too. While thinking about that, a plate of food was offered to me from the side.

「Here, please eat up. 」

「Thanks. ……Mu, you’re……Rose? 」

   The moment that she met my eyes, Rose shyly looked away. She was the girl that confessed her feelings to me when I came here before.

「D-Did you stay well? 」

「Yes. Douglas-san too, I’m glad that you’ve been well. 」

   Even though something like that happened, she still had a composed look while smiling at me.

「I’ve always been praying for your safety on your journey. I’m really glad. 」

「T-Thanks for that……」

   This is awkward. I didn’t know what kind of expression I should be making to face her.

「Fufu. Please don’t mind it, enjoy the liquor and the dishes as you like. 」


   While feeling nervous being stared at, I ate the dish that was offered――.

「Delicious! 」

「That’s great. That’s the dish that my family have passed down for generations. 」

「Is that so. The mellow sweetness really makes it taste amazing. 」

   As I continued to eat, I was recommended the wine from my other side this time.

「That’s quite an appetite! Douglas-san, do you need some more wine? 」

「Have some of our cooking too. Douglas-san didn’t manage to try ours last time after all. 」

「Ravi-chan, this fish doesn’t have bones and is easy to eat. 」

   Despite being called out to from various directions, we enjoyed the meal. I felt gratitude seeing that everyone is truly happy for our reunion. We slowly enjoyed the meal as the night progressed.

「Hey, Loy. Come to think of it, what about the lightning rod? 」

「Oh, that―……Uhh, we wanted to do something about it but, somehow……Haha……」

「……? 」

   Loy’s expression turned awkward in an instant. Could it be that it didn’t work well?

「That, Douglas-san. You’re transporting the wood to Balzac right……」


「That……If it doesn’t bother you, can I accompany you……? 」

   I was surprised at Loy’s unexpected request.

「Of course, there’s no problem but……」

「Actually, we elves too, we thought that we should change a lot things. But because we were shut in for so many years, we didn’t know how to interact with the humans outside. 」

「Is that so? 」

「We had relations in the wood industry as well, since it was a business-like relationship for so long……. We thought to get closer by lowering our prices to show good will, but somehow we got rejected. 」

「Rejected? Why is that? 」

「It seems there’s a deal between the carpenters and the wood dealerships, and changing the price suddenly is not good……. But it might be that they were wary about us……Haha……」

   Somehow it didn’t go well for them.

「That’s why we gave up on it until now. But today, meeting Douglas-san again, it made us realize that we shouldn’t be like this once again. 」

「I see. 」

「So for the time being, I think I should know more humans. And to do that, staying in human settlement for some time would be best. 」

   Apparently because that I helped them finish their work which would’ve taken half a month today, so they had a lot of free time. Originally in this season, the elves are also supposed to be on holidays resting from the summer heat as well.

「So I have about two and a half month of freedom. During that time, I thought to spend it by living in Balzac. 」

「If that’s the case, then I will introduce my friends to you. They are all good people and I’m sure you will get along with them. 」

「Really! Saying thank you isn’t enough so, if you’re fine with it, please let me help out rebuilding your friend’s inn. 」

   Loy stopped attacking the food and lowered his head deeply.

「Hey, Loy……! Raise your head please. Helping us is already fine, we haven’t done anything worth your praise after all. I’ll rely on you in the future too. 」

「Yes! Thank you very much……! 」

   I raised the glass for Loy, and he did the same with a smile.


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