BWO Chapter 116: Forum of RIO-sama Admirers Part 6

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A/N: (11/20) Correction

【Soon】RIO-sama Fan Club part 14 【Final Fight with Friend】

1: Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.

180: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama after this and that


The highest is 100 but 1 month only. Damn

Money→~5 million Iris

Nowhere to spend even though so much. Damn

Karma→counted, easily surpass -1 million

With the -10k karma needed for Vampire Lord evolution as scale, she basically did 100 times more evil stuff than the game expected. Damn

HP Rating → S+

Rating on par with high level tankers

Can only rely on bloodsucking or natural regen since potion have negative effects but, with just these 2, should be fine most of the time

And, with the constitution of having twice the maximum HP, rating should be SSS in essence, truly immortality

Just with this unrealistic HP volume, can be considered the Vampire Demon Lord or a raid boss. Damn

MP Rating → A

Averagely high rating

Can take some degree of MP-based damage

RIO-sama don’t have a lot of attacks that uses MP but, keep in mind changing weapon forms still need some

By the way, because Dark Ball consumes little MP, able to machine gun. Damn

STR Rating → SS

Super high rating that only a handful of muscle brain job have

To put it into digits, it’s like almost reaching the god realm of 4 digits

This screwed up rating, normally it would be balanced by other ratings being E but…… ah thinking about it is tiring

Thanks to that, the neck portion that’s supposed to have the least defect rate is crazy good

Yes, power is not justice, power is atrocity! Leave your Race ・ Demon Head behind! The immense power that can leave a crying kid silent! Love that mesugaki that brings you instant death with normal attack combos! Damn

DEF Rating → C+

Can suffer from missing parts if hit by enough attack power

Since the only defensive gear is the dress dropped by Flying, overall, very soft

Having said so, with her expert twin swords technique, her defense is impeccable, and even if damage do come through, the stupendous high HP makes it feel like nothing

Moreover, missing parts can just be regrown, it’s nothing but a small issue. Damn

AGI Rating → S

Rating of just about able to follow with eyes

Although it can’t be fatal towards opponent that have the same rating, seeing the opponents’ attacks mean high chance of avoiding it

In terms of attack speed, god realm, on the level that tiny bit of AGI reduction from great sword is nothing

Possible to make ninja (shinobi?) moves like jumping across roofs or running on top of water for about 10 meters as if it’s the ground. Pseudo ground shrinking possible too. Damn

INT Rating → A+

A little bit more to reach S but, still high rating

It’s because of this high rating that RIO-sama’s rare magic Dark Ball can have the level of opening a wind tunnel through stone walls

And since it also affects magic resistance, even if taking attack from a magic-based job, as long as below A+ and not light attribute, not effective. Damn

DEX Rating → S

Rating of outrageous among outrageousness

With S rating, long range attack will definitely hit true

However, to fully utilize DEX, player skill is needed

Fully harmonizing with RIO-sama’s heavenly cheat-like player skill, it’s the hidden godly gem stat that would seem average at first

Able to imitate middle level weapon skills just by looking, and the ability to use Jouna’s single handed sword skill with two swords is also enabled by this. Damn

LUK Rating → D

The only rating on the bad side

Rose from E to D, but basically amount to nothing

Item drop rates from Enemies are loaded with low ranks, and abnormal status usually goes through. Even someone of a lower level can cause headache

But RIO-sama fully resists instant death effects, and incapacitation is basically the same. LUK is low, but the real luck doesn’t seem that bad. Damn

Other noteworthy points, Blood Scent Detection perfectly guards against any ambush. Able to fight like a tamer if Flying and Vampa is summoned (if ignoring their poor performance). Then the self-enhancing finisher Break Skill too. Damn

The weakness of our all perfect RIO-sama is the usual vampire’s trait, sunlight. But if logging in only during the night, it’s no problem at all. Damn

As expected of our lord. RIO-sama, a vampire with a human heart. God damn

181: Nameless Kin


This monkey can only say damn!?

182: Nameless Kin

Super exciting to see that inhuman physical spec with transforming weapon paving open the G route that’s said to be impossible

183: Nameless Kin

Tiny bit scary of everyone not tired of praising RIO-sama every day

Unironically good role model for RIO-sama believers

184: Nameless Kin

Human and demi humans have limits in physical specs, so they make up with skills or magic

But for vampires, with that broken ass vitality on the level of undead, limiter is not a word in their dictionary. So, in exchange for having less offense skills, the physical stat growth is broken.

That’s why even without fancy skills, all it takes is a bit of sword swish swish and punch ora ora and they die

It’s like all active skills became passive skills for non-human races, for the humans that are on the receiving end of that absurdity, it sure is tough

185: Nameless Kin

In fact, the strongest attack being a normal attack is super threatening

Last boss having special abilities becoming a small fry once you fight him is something that happens often after all

186: Nameless Kin

Just like how effort is a talent, broken stats are also a unique ability, naruhodo

187: Nameless Kin


Yeah, Me○em

188: Nameless Kin


Yup, Prince of Lau○sia

189: Nameless Kin


Yes, Ki○tsuji

190: Nameless Kin


As expected of raid boss grade streamer

191: Nameless Kin

The next opponent of such wows RIO-sama, Ms. Puchi Eriko

192: Nameless Kin


Sit down!?

Finally Eriko!?

193: Nameless Kin

Boy was the wait long

194: Nameless Kin


195: Nameless Kin

There was laughter, there were pillages, but even while in this cold blooded path, so touched it came so far.

196: Nameless Kin

I knew Eririo will one day fight but, is it finally that time

197: Nameless Kin

Very respect for not avoiding the fight and continue as enemies

198: Nameless Kin

Really can’t imagine what’s gonna happen tonight

Not even sure if they two already talked about it

199: Nameless Kin

★☆The promised godly time★☆

200: Nameless Kin


I don’t think anything can top Jouna battle though

201: Nameless Kin

The promised depressing mistake time

202: Nameless Kin

I don’t think it’s that promised

Can imagine the outcome of immediate neck decapitation at first move

203: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama certainly don’t do anything extra but, I feel like there should be something extra this time though……

204: Nameless Kin

Believers assemble! Don’t be late!

Estimated live time is at 22 hours, but rather than that, Eriko started a talk stream a short while ago

205: Nameless Kin

What a short while ago, it’s started long time already

206: Nameless Kin

Crap it’s already 21 hours! Standing by, shirtless!

207: Nameless Kin

I want to watch RIO-sama’s mesugaki talk show too

208: Nameless Kin

But that great person only has blood and slaughter in the brain

209: Nameless Kin

>> 207

Isn’t mesugaki the extra stuff, fool!

210: Nameless Kin


Nah, that girl is a super-efficient streamer that says what needs to be said on the road

211: Nameless Kin

One side, to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching the top through the path of evil, RIO-sama who cuts her irreplaceable dear friend

On the other side, Puchi Eriko who suffers from distrust from her comrades and is forced to fight with her friend

What can I say, a situation for those kind of drama lovers

212: Nameless Kin

Feels like it was plenty messy but, seeing it in words was clearer. Good job

213: Nameless Kin

U n w a n t e d b a t t l e

214: Nameless Kin

Feeling excited like the story I want to see on an anime is on broadcast today

215: Nameless Kin


Where’s the original!?

216: Nameless Kin


You write it

217: Nameless Kin



218: Nameless Kin


You write……

219: Nameless Kin

The fight is for real?

Sure? Won’t RIO-sama easily win?

220: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama is many times stronger than Eriko too

211: Nameless Kin

Eriko in bad spot?

RIO-sama won against Jouna after all, can Eriko even win Jouna?

212: Nameless Kin


Hi anti

Eriko have reassuring “allies” after all

Although mostly buffers, they are upper S rank adventurers that are near Eriko’s rank

213: Nameless Kin


So, question is if the “allies” can be trusted……

214: Nameless Kin

The moment when Eriko is in pinch, they will probably run (prejudice)

215: Nameless Kin

But I think Eriko have a chance if she aims for RIO-sama’s weakness well

216: Nameless Kin

True, many fights are decided by compatibility

For Eriko, if she spams light attribute attacks, probably can fill the gap somehow

217: Nameless Kin


Nah, not a turn based game we’re in, not like RIO-sama will stay there to be hit, that assumption won’t work

218: Nameless Kin


A mess it has become again

219: Nameless Kin

If talking about strategies, isn’t there that simple and easy to understand basic concept

The basic concept is that an elephant stomps on man, a man stomps on ants, and ants stings elephant

The simpler basic concept is water against fire, wood against water, fire against wood

As for the simplest simpler basic concept, rock→scissors→paper→rock

In other words, Eriko couldn’t win against Jouna, but doesn’t mean RIO-sama will win against Eriko

220: Nameless Kin

To talk about rock paper scissors, isn’t that on the level of the simplest simpler simple basic of the basic concepts?

221: Nameless Kin

The basic that wasn’t on any basics, a Gestalt collapse

222: Nameless Kin

Arguments downgraded to elementary school level……

223: Nameless Kin

Oya? The wind for RIO-sama isn’t that good is what I hear now?

224: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama! The moment when Eriko comes close, she will just get the charmed state and can’t move!

225: Nameless Kin


Suddenly kusa

226: Nameless Kin


To make use of favorability, what gruesome tactic

227: Nameless Kin

The evil Eriko will then mofu mofu up RIO-sama’s hip~

228: Nameless Kin


229: Nameless Kin


230: Nameless Kin


231: Nameless Kin


For what age does this fight is meant for

232: Nameless Kin


Please come this way to the coupling thread

233: Nameless Kin

Bad habit of everyone to hop on silly jokes

234: Nameless Kin

What, serious atmosphere is something to be avoided

235: Nameless Kin

But well, for someone who supports both Eriko and RIO-sama, really want to see this end on a peace note

But needing to see either one of their corpse is a hard one to take

236: Nameless Kin

Y’all got your resolve?

I already have

I’m sure RIO-sama have too


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  • Angora


    Thanks for the chapter
    Now I’m wondering when Parnilla is going to give Rio armor or maybe a disposable item. If the guild is betting on Eriko rather than the top 10 and Eriko is supposedly a counter element-wise, I’m expecting a difficult fight. Of course, just insta-killing Eriko or having Eriko used as a hostage by the guild sounds like the best outcome for both of their streams, but all this build-up probably won’t allow for that.

  • Arkhe


    Thanks for the chapter