BWO Chapter 30: Oppressive Ruling & Quest

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Looks like in this third town, Lawrence, there aren’t any strong people that aren’t affiliated with the adventurer’s guild.

But that’s expected, because of the adventurer’s guild oppressiveness, any kind of strong person not with the guild would have been purged, leaving none of them still in the town.

「Somehow, this place looks very desolate and dead. This was what they advertised as the capital of flowers when the game service first started though……」

Expecting there’re people in front of me, I muttered while facing the camera.

The residents all looked very defeated, some who probably lost their job were even approaching adventurers with bloodshot eyes occasionally, likely because they had no choices left after having no money to live by.

Although I can imagine the aftereffects of the Enemy attack is quite severe, seeing how Lawrence that is supposed to be more urban than Amulbell in this state, honestly, it’s pretty disappointing.

『Already almost done for』

『Somehow it feels depressing and dark here』

『This is the normal in this world』

『A quiet place is easy to live in but this is……』

『Didn’t know Lawrence is so depressed……』

『It became like this when the adventurers started taking the helm for real right』


The viewers were all having the same opinion.

Although the adventurer’s guild first started out like a public security organization, it is also the truth that it had become one of the central axes of the society and induced this madness.

Numerous venerable nobles, religions that had united people, demi-humans like elves and dwarfs, any and all that dared to oppose or threaten the adventurer’s guild’s position were all struck down, made as the “Evil” that causes chaos in the world, and subjugated in the form of a quest.

At that time, people who disagreed with the adventurer’s guild’s barbarism were few because of their trustworthiness from all countries, being the one that takes initiative in punishing evil, they were seen as a convenient representative to exact justice.

However, by the time they noticed the guild’s plot, the guild had already climbed to a position of a global ruler.

「I suppose it’s a demonstration of what would happen when a group of people that embodies cheat appear. 」

The adventurer’s guild possesses many of the 【S rank adventurers】, whose power are said to be equal an entire division individually.

In front of such strong people that transcends the concept of a person, all they could do is to devolve into mere puppets under their protection.

To put it simply, BWO is in a state where the feudalistic era is getting demolished, and the adventurer’s guild slowly taking control of the entire world.

These are the information that the viewers provided, and they can’t be more correct.

「With a world this devastated because of their roundabout method, is it even still enjoyable as a game? 」

Since I’m a hostile party towards the adventurer’s guild, I’m likely to stand on the victims’ side.

But, in the end, I’m not differentiating them as adventurers and residents, rather my vampire self and humans.

――It’s nothing to be worried about. The weaker the forces other than the adventurers, the better it would be for me, since I would only have to focus on the adventurers.

A villain should be cold-blooded.

「……Mu? A message is here. 」

Suddenly, a chime sound was heard, then the messages column in the window was blinking.

Since it may be my lost to not open it, I opened it in a way that even the viewers can see.


A quest for all players in Lawrence is issued, 『Bring Back the Guild Master’s Daughter』.

Client: Lawrence Adventurer’s Guild ・ Guild Master

Description: A letter was delivered to our adventurer’s guild.

An excerpt to what was written, my daughter, Carola was abducted by someone.

The perpetrator has demanded a ransom of 1 million Iris, the ransom itself is something our guild can bear, but we have our dignity and pride, so there’s no way we will pay it quietly. Therefore, I seek help from all visitors.

T/N: visitors is how the NPCs refer players.

The place of exchange was designated at 【Lost Lost Forest】 but, those who wish to accept the request shall gather at the adventurer’s guild first.

Success Reward: 100,000 Iris (Only obtainable by players with karma value above 1)


It was apparently a commission quest but, the system still distributed to me despite having a negative karma value.

To think that they would issue a notice publicly like this without any secrecy, it’s unclear whether the guild master actually cares about his daughter or not, in any case, it’s probably a result of hesitating between work and daughter.

However, it’s strange how the message was only conveniently delivered to the players. I guess this is one of the reasons why the adventurer’s guild is praised to be the greatest and strongest.

『What’s this』

『No use for RIO-sama』

『Another indirect RIO-sama bully』

『Ignored for sure』

『Alright, it’s the best time to catch all the adventurers now that they are in the guild』

Many of the messages were emphasizing to ignore the commission.

Certainly, that’s the natural choice, considering the information provided in the message.

By the way, the failure penalty of the quest is a reduction of the precious karma value for every participant, so for the adventurers, it might not be a quest that’s worth taking, considering it will be a difficult hostage rescue situation.

In other words, there’s no merit or demerit if I do anything or not.

「I will take the commission. In any case, I can’t multiply my kins now that it’s still daytime. 」


『RIO-sama chose another incomprehensible decision』

『She’s doing the quest w』

『No, I think I can get RIO-sama’s intention…… maybe』

『Nope, not understood』


……If there’s no merit in accepting the quest, as expected, it’s probably better to do the unordinary way.

However, were the viewers too stuck in their negative thoughts that they had forgotten? Today’s theme is all about 『Taboo Means of Funds Gathering』.

If I manage to make use of this quest skillfully, it will be possible to get a sum many times greater than the success reward of 100,000 Iris.

From now on, it will be a tightrope bet, and I would be choosing an outrageous way that the viewers may criticize but, my thoughts are very clear and very evil.


Without heading towards the guild, I went straight northwest towards Lost Lost Forest.

Although the large trees were so dense that there probably isn’t a need for my parasol, considering the risk of death when there’s even a single streak of light that manages to reach me, one of my hands must be occupied even if it meant losing one of my means of attack when there’re Enemies walking straight to me.


Enemy Name: Nut Monkey Lv33

Status: Normal



Defeating the little monkey that charged with a walnut shaped rock with a knee kick, I then used 《Blood Scent Detection》 to detect any enemies.

『Oh, RIO-sama is using detection』

『Wan wan』

『It’s rough that scents are not shared to us, even though night vision is shared』

『Wait for technological advance』

『↑Even if it advanced, I don’t want to smell blood from my screen ww』

『But being able to smell RIO’s scalp even when she’s streaming is a plus~. Guhehehe』

『↑Who are you to RIO-sama』

To let the viewers know of what reacted to my detection, looks like I will have to narrate it.

Anyways, the result of my detection was there weren’t any signs of Enemies within a radius of 50 meters.

Let’s continue to search for a while. …… Oya, there’re reactions of people deep in the forest.

Since my accuracy is worse because of the long distance, I can’t discern the exact number of people but, I can at least tell there’s a scent of a drastically weaker person among them, and there’re quite a few of them there.

In other words, my destination is there.

It’s perfect. I have a significant lead compared to the people still discussing about the quest in the guild.

「Everyone, I found the place where the hostage is. 」

『Really!? 』

『Really! 』


『Carola-chan in an unknown place is in a pinch』

『Aah…… RIO-sama’s demonic hands are about to reach Carola-chan……』

I won’t deny it.

Currently, I’m abiding by today’s theme, and is very greedy about material and money.

「Well then, how the bet goes will depend on how tight the abductors’ security is……, let’s go. 」

Muttering so, I took out my weapon from my inventory, and changed to a young girl form while heading there as I kept Blood Scent Detection active.

Well then, I wonder if my bet to steal the hostage will succeed.


A/N: Still not feeling well


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