BWO Chapter 31: Self-Directed Acting & Evil Robbing Villain

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A/N: Finally, third person perspective

The place is deep within Lost Lost Forest, an old looking hut built to be camouflaged within the sea of trees.

Two kidnappers were standing outside, with another two inside.

With the well-worn metal made equipment they had, all of them looked like battle veterans.

「U-Unn. I got a question, leader. 」

One of the members raised his hand, the unhealthy looking and short breathed man asked.

「Hou, what’s up, I won’t forgive you if it’s the same question? 」

「That guild master’s little daughter. Was it really fine that we kidnapped her according to her commission? 」

While shrinking from the leader’s pressure, he nonetheless conveyed his doubt.

「You just asked the exact same question just now, you bird brain! Having said that, I’m not entirely convinced about this commission but, we’ve already accepted it, don’t think too much and just focus on your job. 」

The member was terrified at the leader who was scolding him with a momentum of beating him up, but the leader’s words immediately softened a little.

「But still, this is a rare commission. After all, the commissioner has……」

「Oya oya, can you keep your fight at that much? 」

「Carola-san! W-What’s the matter!? 」

Suddenly, a young girl appeared.

Carola with her flax-colored hair tied up into twin tails, reprimanded them with a gentle smile.

「Not much. No need to be that scared, I don’t have any grudges against all of you from 『Black Serpent King』, after all, you will be the ones to carry out my commission. 」

Although Black Serpent King is quite the formidable name, it is an infamous criminal group of so-called outlaws that will do any dirty work, with each member having a bounty of more than several ten thousand on their head from the adventurer’s guild.

Despite that, their exchanges felt like they were the one being held hostage now.

「O-Of course. We have our pride too, we will definitely accomplish the mission to the best of our extent……」

「But, be sure to not forget that your commission doesn’t end until my father hands over the ransom. Of course, you can take 70% of the 100,000 Iris ransom as the reward. I will keep my promise of prioritizing employing all of you for my commissions. 」


The kidnappers then quietly backed down and returned to their watch post.

This kidnapping case, as the truth was revealed, Carola was the perpetrator all along pulling the strings and match-pumping from behind.

Carola who was dubbed the daughter of a shrewd person had utilized all her intelligence, prepared a well-thought-out plan for the sake of a flimsy purpose, and then executed it along with the kidnappers as accomplices.

「Sorry, father. I really need some pocket money no matter what, that’s why I’ve become such a bad girl. 」

Not knowing the hardships of her parents. She leaked a snicker filled with resentment and mockery towards her actual father.

Despite being the daughter of a guild master, she was so savage that she would join hands with outlaws of the society at that young age and even insult her own parents.

Her quality as a bad girl is more than enough.

「Just a little longer…… just a little longer and all that money…… fufufu. 」

While Carola was being dreamy by herself in the small hut, the sound of someone jumped down was heard.

「Ara? Is there still any……」

「I’m glad. The security is so vulnerable. 」

Suddenly, Carola’s head flew to the side.

Not having the time to understand what has befallen on herself, she had received the divine punishment of death.

At her final moments, the image that she manages to barely see, was a demonic person with the appearance of a girl close in age to herself.

「That brat is so quick! How did she know…… Waaaaaaei!? 」

「Oi are y’all fine!? What about Carola! 」

「It’s terrible, the most terrible scenario! Only Carola-san was killed! 」

「N-No way!? 」

It was such an unbelievable development.

They thought the girl was sent by the adventurer’s guild but, rather than rescuing the hostage, she killed the hostage in a pinpointed manner, it was not anything a sane person would do.

Not able to read the intentions of the monster in the shape of a human, shocked by the abnormal situation that could’ve never been in their expectations, their feet stopped.

「Well then, it has gone all well. I’m done with this place, let’s avoid a battle and quickly return to Lawrence. 」

Storing Carola’s corpse into her inventory using a saw blade, with a speed that the kidnappers couldn’t see, the vampire with a bounty of 4 million ―― or rather soon 6 million left the spot.


Despite arriving at the front of the adventurer’s guild, I didn’t intend to enter from the front door at all. I circled to the back, after changing to a taller form, I tried to intrude straight into the guild master’s room.

「To think that an average high school girl would try burglary……, hup」

Crouching down first, I jumped the best I could like a bunny, as the window of the second floor came into sight, I reached out and grasped onto the window frame, and used the wall as a foothold skillfully.

「Mumumumu, seiya! 」

Kicking against the wall, lifting my body upside down, kicking and shattering the window glass before intruding. Perfect execution.

『What a dynamic trespassing』

『That jumping power though……』

『I saw them…… guhehehe』

『She’s definitely getting found ww』

『RIO-sama is a little burnt? 』

The series of acrobatic maneuver was hard to execute while holding my parasol, so some parts of my body was burnt from the sunlight but, they soon healed along with the glass shards that stabbed into me.

「Excuse me. 」

「You must be RIO…… such a person with no etiquette……」

In the dimly lit room, there was a person with both elbows on the desk silently, although I can only see his back, he must be the Lawrence version of guild master.

This person is originally not a noble, because of that, he does not question background nor social standing, and has set up a meritocracy recruitment system, turning Lawrence into a place where only the guild master lives comfortably, with the public order devolving to that degree.

Although it’s not something I should be saying, he’s a corrupt lord that would suppress any voices of disagreement with his mighty authority, it’s no exaggeration to say that he is the incarnation of evilness.

「Yes. I thought you would have departed along with the adventurers downstairs together, how surprising. 」

「Since you’re a visitor too, you know already, my important daughter was kidnapped. And I cannot make any unnecessary movements. 」

「Fumu, I empathize with your parental love that is ever so undying. 」

Since he never turned around to face me, nor showing any hostility, nor did he try to stand up, I too responded to his will and didn’t attack.

The reason behind his indifference is probably he thought that rather than rebelling me that would put his daughter into danger, surrendering his life to RIO would be better for his beloved daughter.

In any case, I’m also not aiming for his head now.

「It’s up to your own discretion whether you would believe what I will say. First, take a look at this. 」

Saying so to the guild master that never turned around, I took out 【Carola’s Head】 from my inventory.

「Your daughter, Carola is already dead, and was abandoned out in the fields. In other words, your arrangement is all wastepaper now. 」

「……What!! 」

Standing up at what I said, he finally met eyes with Carola’s Head that is in my hands.

Leading him into my negotiation with a shocking truth. The most important step is a clear.

「Of course, you can attack me right now for retaliation already but, I still have things to say. 」

The next step.

Taking out all the parts that I had sawed in advance while on the way back from my inventory, I dropped them on the floor so audibly that he would know even if he’s not looking.

「What are you trying to do」

「I’m sure you want to hug the remains of your beloved daughter, hold a funeral, and bury her under the greatest tomb in the city. So, this is a trade. In exchange of all six parts of her, you will hand over 6 million Iris. 」

「S-six million Iris!? 」

His eyes widened at my offer.

「I will have you know that I’m being as generous as I can. Her life wouldn’t return but, to resolve a problem against this RIO with just money, it’s a condition that cannot be better. 」

I said so haughtily but, even though the ransom was originally 1 million Iris, am I being too greedy?

Even so, as long as he pays, the process doesn’t matter.

「I know your plans! I won’t fall for your petty tricks! For me, my daughter’s soul has already ascended, what remains here is merely the empty container that once held her soul. Go home! 」

I would say as expected, raising a temper, he refused my offer stubbornly with an anger filled expression.

If my opponent doesn’t have the intention to pay, I wouldn’t hand it over. If this person continues his angry fit, then I wouldn’t be able to keep my theme going.

That’s why, I tried to spin up a very villainous line, like I’m toying with the death of a person.

「If you won’t agree to my offer, then I suppose there’s no choice. Since her remains are simply speaking, only a baggage, maybe turning Miss Carola into my kin is the best. 」

Rearranging Carola’s remains into their original position, I took a pose as if I would use Kin Transformation on her.

「Y-You bastard! Keep your filthy hands away from my Carola! 」

Somehow, the guild master looked very angry, and at the same time, pale-faced.

……Aah, looking closely, the arms of the remains are reversed. Well, let’s just say it’s intentional to appeal my madness.

「Fumu, I don’t think this weak body can be of any help to me even as a pawn but, at the very least, she can probably serve as a shield. 」

While toying with the remains, I muttered with my hand on my mouth, and made a gesture as if sneering.

If negotiation with the subject of post-death won’t work, I will just make use of the feelings that still resides in him.

「Your plan is to trick me like that. If you think I would fall for that, it’s your greatest mistake! Hahk! 」

He scoffed at me but, I ignored all of that since I wouldn’t want to be caught in my opponent’s pace.

「Mumumu, but well, your daughter isn’t an honest person that can serve as a shield anyways. Aah, I just thought of a great idea. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a death match between a parent and child happens here? 」

Poking on Carola’s cold remains, I slid my fingers across her arm, and caressed her soft cheeks affectionately as if she’s my own granddaughter.

「Hiiic!? Y-Y-Y-You fiend……」

「Being eaten by the daughter that was raised with so much love, the parent would die with nothing he can do. Or maybe, the parent would with his own hands, end his daughter’s life as my kin while crying. Fufufu, I’m feeling quite excited at the prospect. I’m sure it will be the best high for the viewers too. 」

I explained each and every detail of how the nightmare would happen.

Alright, this is the finisher. The guild master that was gouged in his mind till now will be defeated here.

「Stop, enough…… I will pay 6 million Iris. So please, please…… return the only Carola I have as a human……」

Finally, the guild master couldn’t endure the despair any longer, and collapsed on his knees, with his head against the floor, he agreed to my conditions while crying.

「Oya, please return her, you say? 」

「W-What else do you want!? 」

「Oops, forgive me. It’s not like I’m trying to be mean, don’t mind me, it was just my own thoughts……. I’m not totally a demon, so of course, I will return her as is after you pay. 」

「Kuh…… Carola……」

Muttering the name of his daughter with both regret and relief, he presented a pile of banknotes in front of me.


《In exchange for 【Carola’s Right Arm】, 【Carola’s Left Arm】【Carola’s Right Leg】【Carola’s Left Leg】, 【Carola’s Torso】 and 【Carola’s Head】 , you have received 6 million Iris from the guild master of Lawrence.》

《Failing the quest magnificently, karma value has dropped significantly》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 6.02 million Iris》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 5,109,445》


Although it probably won’t be helpful to anyone, a villain should act in this despicable way, and obtain money in this manner.

A/N: There’s no choice but to recover my condition on the weekends……

T/N: Shock, not even I can predict RIO-sama’s actions


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