BWO Chapter 32: Daytime Dash & Base Raiding

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The theme was accomplished.

However, to think that being the RIO that the guild hates so much as their nemesis, I was able to crush his mind so bad that he’s on all fours crying, what a floaty feeling.

In the end, even for the guild master that is known for his notoriety and mercilessness, just the thought of his daughter transforming into something else was too terrifying.

「I will be back at night. Until then, enjoy your final moments. 」

Even the degree of judgement in hell depends on the how you pay, despite it’s not something that should happen, the situation now is that it has happened.

Since if the adventurers downstairs come, I would be in a disadvantage fighting with sunlight overhead, so I jumped down from the window while holding my parasol.

『Really got the money』

『Palms are sweaty』

『Too amazing……』


『Hats off to that』

『I started to think that only RIO-sama is a real villain』

『6 million Iris, it’s not an amount that adventurers can even get from quests ww』

『This is some kind of foul money gathering w 』

『A question, during the hyper RIO-sama time, was it true when you said it was also intended to stimulate the viewers? 』

While looking at the messages as I fell, I decided to answer the final question.

「Who knows. I said it because I’m confident that the guild master would nod to my demands but, the details are up to your imaginations. 」

Vaguely muddling my words as I landed, I left the adventurer’s guild behind.

Well then, the adventurers that were gathered in the guild had probably departed to apprehend the 【Black Serpent King】 fellows that I dumped the crimes on.

Since I would be bidding farewell to this town earliest by tonight, let’s hope they cut each other well.


As for my next plans, I will be logging in during midnight and raid the adventurer’s guild together with Flying.

「【A rank, no. 3222. Gun Rise】. You there, you must be RIO. 」

I wanted to log out for the time being but, unfortunately, I heard words that are precursor to a storm.

This adventurer’s impression is a man that has a swung back hairstyle with odd red and blue eyes.

「Ara, I’m just a passing by lady. Did you perhaps mistake me as someone else? 」

「Your foolish acting won’t work. I have already confirmed your body temperature is abnormally low using 《Magic ・ Thermography Eye》. Even if you try to blend into the residents, you will never fool my 《Eyes》. 」

「So there was such a magic. I have learned something new. 」

It appears that this adventurer is smart enough to see through my identity as a vampire using one of my racial traits. A battle at this point is inevitable.

……Rather, pretending as a fine lady at this time where feudalism is on the verge of death may be too much.

In any case, this is a rare case, even if something like this happens in the future, my option is to bulldoze.

『Geh, A rank』

『Coming this far would mean their quality is better too』

『And it’s still daytime』

『Uwaah, what a bad situation』

『Fighting like this will just get death by sun』

『Wait no, maybe it’s another easy breeze? 』

The disadvantage that I have currently is that I can’t use my parasol as a weapon.

Naturally, just holding the parasol wouldn’t be enough, I must make sure I’m always under its shadow. Because of that, I won’t be able to avoid getting hit by the sun if he decided to use some high-power attack that manages to tip my balance.

「Now, little RIO-san, you’ve got no roads left right from the start. It’s unfortunate that you can’t fight freely but, I will just enjoy the fight and earn big easily. 」

「Yes, you’re absolutely right, fighting you would be very difficult. So, I shall escape. 」

「Hee!? 」

『Hee!? 』

『Hee!? 』

『Hee!? 』

『RIO-sama ran! 』

『So refreshingly w』

Turning around immediately after the moment’s decision, to get away from the adventurer called Gun Rise even by a bit more, I started sprinting away in a low stance.

In a disadvantageous situation, I will choose to escape if the choice ever presents itself. I’m definitely not some manga protagonists that doesn’t ever retreat, spare me from fighting a battle where my victory chances are slim.

「You won’t ever escape my eye! My 《Magic ・ Thermography Eye》 are still in effect, I can even see through the walls. I will catch you in no time. 」

His voice reverberated as he explained the details of his ability generously. I wonder if A ranks also have people that are over-reliant on their abilities.

Luckily, I had the upper hand in AGI, but if his words aren’t a bluff, then he will eventually catch up with me, even if that’s not the case, he can call for his friends to pincer me.

「……This place is just right. 」

Confirming there’re no other adventurers than the one pursuing me around using my nose, I stopped running and turned around.

Well then, before the situation gets out of hand, I welcomed him right after the corner.

「You finally gave up! Now, hand over 6 million……」

His nose tip came into view immediately.

I had already finished changing to 【Magic Spear of Hidden Dark】, so he’s the one that has to give up.

「There. 」

「W-Whaat!? Your parasoooooooooool!! 」

Right after his heart gets pierced, Gun Rise died while leaving an echoing scream.

His main reason of defeat is that he was too focused on my body temperature and has overlooked the change in the heat trapped in the black fabric of my parasol.

I have chosen a back alley where the sun is blocked by all the buildings around, even without my parasol, I won’t be hit by the sun.

『So fast』

『Instant kill as usual』

『She’s using the spear properly』

『So dangerous』

『So RIO-sama has already surpassed A rank……』

『No, he may have just had low stats but have a bunch of abilities, don’t get conceited』

『Getting stabbed in the heart is of course instant death……』

『As expected from the human killer, RIO-sama. She sure is well-versed in a person’s weakness』

……They praised me so but, letting him scream was my mistake.

I wanted to quickly cut apart this adventurer’s corpse using the saw blade but, at this rate, someone that has heard his scream will appear.

「W-Why is there a person on the ground! 」

And just like what I said, there’s already one.

「Any humans will be defeated by me sooner or later. Since you’ve seen this, you will not see the day of light anymore. 」

「Aah……!? 」

As he’s only a resident NPC as far as I can tell, before he could scream, I stabbed his throat, and turned him into my kin.

Since it is already like this, I postponed logging out and decided to increase my combat power for the decisive match.

「I order you, with your knowledge, lead me to the most infamous underground organization’s base you know. 」

「Yes…… organization…… people…… blood……」

Led by the kin that has blood in his eyes, I left the scene.

I expected for it to not work when I asked it but, to think that he actually knew one. I’ve always been thinking about it but, trying out everything is really great for reference.

Naturally, to not let the sun hit the undead kin or letting anyone be suspicious, I covered him with my parasol too despite it being a little cramped.

『This time we’re going base raiding? 』

『Again with the weird targets ww』

『With this, I bet the city will be flowing with liveliness again (Irony)』

「Well then, everyone, my initial theme idea was to gather money from the infamous underground organizations but, since I’ve obtained more than enough from the guild master, all that’s left to do now is to obtain more power by including some powerful organization into my arsenal. 」

Since the navigator kin has led me inside a building, my parasol is no longer needed as I changed it into the machine gun form.

「And now that we’re here, let’s gather some ideas. No matter if it’s a little trick, please do suggest any kind of fantastic idea that would leave the opponents in total shock and display a fatal opening. 」

Although it would be work for the viewers, I thought I should let them an opportunity to help me out once in a while.

『Turning to us ww』

『So you’re saying even I can become RIO-sama’s great general』

『Even if you say to surprise them』

Since it was a plan that happened suddenly without any precursor, the viewers were also confused.

『Serious response here, wouldn’t they be surprised just by stating you’re RIO normally』

『Seduce and then threaten them』

『Hey hey, how about a cheeky RIO-chan? 』

『I would like a prince or princess character for Eriko~. Guhehehehe』

『Request for noja-loli

『In another way, isn’t it all fine to do it as usual? 』


Well, since there’s already an idea shocking enough like a thunder suddenly striking under a sunny weather, I can already close the idea gathering now.

「I will use this. As such, please send over more ideas as to how I should act. 」


『Didn’t expect to choose that www』

『RIO-sama will definitely regret this ww』

Changing into a little girl form, activating 《Blood Scent Detection》 outside the door where the kin pointed to, I confirmed there were eight people inside, all of whom have low levels.

If it’s this quantity and quality, then my chance to win is high. Hiding my weapon behind me, I kicked open the door, and then rushed inside.

「……Who! 」

「Shit, an enemy attack!? 」

「Which family are they from!? 」

「Wait, really who the heck is this girl!? 」

At the appearance of a little girl that was clearly out of place, everyone there was easily dumbfounded and stuck to move.

Well then, to make the situation even more shocking and abnormal, with the script that the viewers had prepared, I will…… mumumumumu. I’m reluctant, but I hardened my will, and started acting with a haughty expression.

I’m really very reluctant but…….

「Say say~, shitty trash onii-sans, you’re really too disgusting, mind dying for me please~ ♡」

T/N: my vocabulary is lacking to encapsulate the raw energy of mesugaki. elp tl pls.

「Nnee? Nowaaaaahk!! 」

While reading the viewer’s comment, I pulled the trigger on my machine gun.

『She did it』

『She did it』

『She did it for real』

『Why has it become like this』

『RIO-sama…… so lovely』

『Her eyes are dead ww』

『It’s been a long time since my kusa grew』

T/N: 草生えた (Kusa haeta) – literally grass has grown, or the informal meaning laughed. If you didn’t know, grass looks like \/\/, hence = w, hence = short form of warau (laughs). This is the origin of kusa. IDK, heard it from someone. Don’t quote me on this.

Aaah, it felt like I’m understanding shame through and through by experiencing it first hand…….

A/N: I’m feeling better


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