BWO Chapter 33: Acquisition & Prior to the Final Battle

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「Gyafh!! 」

「S-She’s killing us! 」

Attacking the instant we greeted, I managed to shoot one of them to death. Moreover, the enemies still seemed to be in disarray, looks like my surprise plan was terribly effective.

The viewers that requested this is the wisest. Though it made me feel very sick.

「It’s a mess but, this girl is definitely our enemy! Attack quickly! 」

「Y-Yessir! 」

Oya, looks like there was a person that issued an order within the chaos. I’ll have to keep that person that’s most likely the leader as my final target.

Since the targets that were in my line of fire had started counterattacking with their own guns, I will have to read the next line.

「Will your flimsy little BB bullets even hurt RIO? Perverted lolicons ♡」

T/N: She’s referring herself as third-person in hiragana.

Ah, my will to kill is swelling up naturally.

……In any case, I must focus on the enemies. If I interpret this as a trial given by the viewers, then doing something like this that an average high school girl would never do would be worthwhile.

「RIO!? That RIO that’s rumored to be attacking Lawrence!? Someone like her!? 」

「Who cares! Either way, kill her before we get killed!! 」

「But boss……, she’s not dying even though we shot her so many times……. Hoghe!? 」

The second, third, fourth person……, I continued to shoot them to death one by one, while only avoiding the bullets that came for my eyes.

Since they are using guns, it meant they know of a method to procure ammunition, so there’s no need for me to hold back on splurging my ammo here.


『This is not a gunfight atmosphere at all ww』

『Our otaku hearts were shot through with a zukyu~n too』

『How heroic of RIO-sama to adhere to the script properly』

『Great acting』

『This is what we call true mesugaki. 』

T/N: Mesugaki = female brats, haughty / provocative towards adults.

『Seeing how she didn’t immediately get disqualified upon entry, RIO-sama must have talent in being a mesugaki wwww』

『Aah, I want to let her know……』

T/N: Looked up the meaning for the original (分からせたい), literally “let her know, make her understand, etc”, but the other meaning is basically to assert dominance, show their difference, by patterns of authority, violence, sexually etc, you know the rest.

『↑Know what, you will just die』

『Alright. All that’s left is to chant 「Trash ♡」 continuously』

T/N: Zaako ♡.

「T-Trash, Trash ♡」

I followed the words of the viewers and ―― because of various tiring acts, I became a broken record repeating itself again and again, eventually, the last person standing was the man called as boss by the others.

Well then, I changed to my magic claws, and thrust it forward to the remaining survivor’s throat.

「Hya…… I-I surrender……」

This prostrating posture despite having a swirling dragon as tattoo on his arms huh.

Even the line 「Trash ♡」 that would only seem like provocation at first, in this person’s eyes, it probably meant otherwise, that he’s facing an incomprehensible monster, one that no communication can work on, an unexpected but great result.

「First, how many members are still alive, including the ones that are not here? 」

Facing the boss that collapsed on his back, I stopped my acting and interrogated his remaining forces.

「There’s no one left. You killed everyone……」

Fumu, they have these few members despite having a name. It feels quite fragile somehow.

I suppose there’s no obstruction for me to get into the main subject anymore.

「Second, I have demands. I will spare you, so get your entire organization under my control. 」

While maintaining the little girl appearance, I pushed my demands in a pressuring way.

「I-Is that’s your aim! Then, my people……! 」

「Regarding that, no need to worry since it can be resolved with Kin Transformation. Naturally, you have no right to refuse, so your answer is only yes, or yes. 」

「Yes…… I will never go against RIO-sama……」

Given up, he surrendered to me.

Considering how he was so docile, he probably already half given up when he heard that I was actually RIO.

『This person did it again』


『Your answer is only subordinate or subordinate (Misheard) 』

T/N: pun here, 配下 (haika) – “subordinate”, RIO said はいか (haika) – “yes or…”

『Not sparing any effort on servicing the viewers, she even managed to did it perfectly……』

『Being a vampire but even has the compatibility for a gunfight』

Thinking about it in this way, a vampire sure is convenient, having so much attentiveness in different aspects built in.

No matter how many bullets riddled their body, they wouldn’t die, and the losses are practically zero even after overkilling their enemies to gain forces rapidly.

「This is the most terrible day……. So, what are you going to do to me? No way you will make me charge into the adventurer’s guild……? 」

「It’s that no way.」

「Uuooooiii!! Even with RIO-sama here, it’s impossible! I can’t say this in public but, their strength is like foul play, and they’re a group of heartless fiends. Because of them, Lawrence is in this kind of state, surely RIO-sama would have known about it! 」

Boss-san was shaking his head with an expression as if he saw something terrifying.

Although he’s willing to obey, it seems like he’s against it because he knows the enemy.

「The adventurer’s guild, is it that much to make even a top brass like you to tremble? 」

「Yeah that’s right. We…… no, it’s just me now huh, 『Dragneel Family』 could only live by lowering our heads to the adventurer’s guild constantly. Our organization was reduced to this size but, it was the only choice I had to keep it alive. 」

Boss-san’s expression that outlined his suffering conveyed the fragility he had experienced.

However, to think that an underground society managed to survive just by reducing their numbers, looks like the adventurer’s guild’s justice is not very noteworthy.

That’s all for the sentimental moments.

「Tonight, this town will be destroyed. The people will escape with hope for tomorrow, and the ruler will be destroyed by my hands. Although the plan is still in its works now, I will need your help for it to be realized. 」

「Eh, me!? 」

He’s pointing at himself with an astonished face but, nothing good will happen if I let it get to his head.

「Oops, don’t let it get to your head, I only came here after being guided and chose you at my whim. However, there’s no better salvation than my offer, right? After all, you will be invited on the boat of revolution that I’m constructing. 」

「Ah, yes. ……Guided, wait, b-by this guy!? 」

「RIO-sama, there’s only one person left……」


「So blood and flesh is actually my only favourite……」

Oooh, this is excellent. The kin that have hid himself so marvelously had already started turning Boss-san’s subordinates into my kins without me even asking.

Could it be that it’s because we’re in the third town, ―― or are there just occasions that Kin Transformation performs well.

「Every one of my kin, listen closely. All rights to command you is delegated to this person when I’m not around. So, I order you, do not allow him to try anything suspicious, keep an eye on him. 」


「Boss’s meat, suddenly hungry……」

Including the purpose of having bodyguards, I indirectly ordered Boss-san to manage my kins when I’m logged out.

『RIO-sama done it calculatingly and logically』

『This person is now also a main character of RIO channel……』

『How kind of you to turn him into a loyal dog without killing him ()』

T/N: No idea why the brackets were there.

It’s for this reason that I left him alone to be alive. Since there’s a limit to how much I can keep the one-man structure with my real-life circumstances, I had been looking for someone with a certain level of commanding ability.

I would be even happier if I managed to procure funds from them but, I realized from seeing the equipment and member count of Dragneel Family, in front of the adventurer’s guild, everyone was forced to be poor so as to quell any chance for them to store up power to rebel.

「I will hereby explain my plan. At night, you will lead the kins and increase their numbers, then, march towards the adventurer’s guild with the army. At the same time all of you start moving, I will also do so from another angle. 」

「Wait wait no, these guys are full of intentions to kill me! As if a non-visitor like me can even serve as a deputy leader in rebelling the adventurers! 」

「Getting cold feet at the important role? I’m not nervous at all. Since both of us will just resurrect even if we get exhausted, why would it be terrifying to throw out your life? 」

「Even the view of life and death is not a person’s……. So, RIO-sama was actually the person that we can’t rebel against no matter what……」

Fumu, Boss-san is probably feeling all given up by now. With this, the possibility of being betrayed is very low.

After that, I replenished my ammunition to the extent of having spares, since I had already changed to the great sword form, my preparation is about finished.

「Well then, viewers, I will be having dinner and other preparations, so the stream stops here for now. Look forward to the overrun tonight. Thank you very much for watching. 」




『Pitiful Boss being forced to obey……』

『Uooo it’s getting heated up』

『The most efficient leveling method soon begins……! 』

『If standing by full naked is not allowed, then I will be half naked instead~ Guhehe』

The excitement that everyone felt has certainly conveyed through the messages―― I realized.

Before logging out, I have to tell Boss-san about something important.

「Third, since our exchange was aired on a live stream, I recommend you to change base immediately. Well then, later. 」

「Eh, eeeh!? 」

Without hearing for his response, I logged out but, well, if it’s him, I’m sure he can do it well.

All that’s left is to wait for the in-game time to turn night.


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