BWO Chapter 34: Forum of RIO-sama Admirers Part 2 & At the Adventurer’s Forum Part 3

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T/N: Used a new format for forum, lemme know if it’s goood

BWO RIO-sama Fan Club Part 4 Cataclysm

1: Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.

49: Nameless Kin

Just returned from the stream

RIO-sama is already planning to destroy Lawrence right after arriving

50: Nameless Kin

Reconnaissance was practically nonexistence, she’s already doing it for real, delegating kins to destruction

51: Nameless Kin

But for RIO-sama, it’s just her normal display of her success formula

52: Nameless Kin

Call her quick or call her a challenger……

53: Nameless Kin

But isn’t it smarter to attack while the outer walls are still being repaired?

She can bring a part of her force there

54: Nameless Kin

Well, the longer you take, the more countermeasures they can prepare, even without proper preparations, striking first is definitely not a wrong play

55: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama today’s summary

Infiltrate Lawrence → Accept quest → Killed & Itemized Carola → 6 million Iris GET → Winning against A rank easily → Force Dragneel Family to submission (Only the boss is spared from Kin Transformation) → Logged out → Tonight raid

Too much (Agape)

56: Nameless Kin

>> 55

What kind of person in the right mind would do all of these in 1 day?

57: Nameless Kin

Don’t know since I didn’t watch today but, heard there was a twostep millionaire process that happened

58: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama’s leveling and funds procurement are both so efficient that it’s absurd

59: Nameless Kin

Well, she did run nonstop while on stream

60: Nameless Kin

>> 57

Too bad you missed out big time

A certain mysterious plan was in the works during the Dragneel Family raid

61: Nameless Kin

I felt like my mind is slipping when watching that happen

Though the person herself was really serious

62: Nameless Kin

Moreover, RIO-sama had used my idea of being a mesugaki wwwwwww

63: Nameless Kin

>> 62

Unexpected appearance of the culprit

Very nice (honestly)

64: Nameless Kin

My abs were cramping the entire time at the scene

65: Nameless Kin

I have already decided to make 「Trash ♡」 as my alarm ringtone.

66: Nameless Kin


Noooooo, I missed the most glorious momeeeeeeeeent!!

67: Nameless Kin

Don’t be sad ☆

Compilation video will be up sooner or later

68: Nameless Kin

Just watching the stream made me felt like I’m one of RIO-sama’s companion, really exciting

69: Nameless Kin

>> 68

Too late for you to realize

70: Nameless Kin

Well then, how will Lawrence respond to such a crisis

71: Nameless Kin

If the structure hasn’t changed, Lawrence should still be a place where upper B ranks ~ average A ranks gather

RIO-sama can instant kill any below A rank

Well, know the drill yet?

72: Nameless Kin

Don’t want to know ww

73: Nameless Kin

>> 71

Hypothetically speaking, won’t a S rank appear

After all RIO-sama’s channel is frankly very famous now

74: Nameless Kin

Who knows? Even the adventurers might have their reason to not be able to move freely

75: Nameless Kin

Since they have incurred casualties in the defense event, unexpectedly they might not appear

76: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama is a villain, but she has divine protection from bad luck, might work after all

77: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama’s real strength is being able to fight continuously without needing to resupply

Getting cut here and there, she can just replenish by sucking blood, what an invincible demon lord

78: Nameless Kin

Vampire omnipotent theory

79: Nameless Kin

Having listened till here, Boss-san is not even a sacrificial pawn, it’s like he’s not even there

80: Nameless Kin

With how he’s looking, he would be dead 9 out of 10 by the time RIO-sama logged back in. Maybe RIO-sama had planned with that in mind……

81: Nameless Kin

But that person is still one of the NPC that has higher combat power……

82: Nameless Kin

Since no matter how much we RIO-sama followers try to reason about the difference in strength, it’s too difficult to grasp, it’s better to take a look over at the adventurer’s thread

Help the weak BWO thread for adventurers use Part 6072 Strike the strong

1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

Previous Thread: http://**********

>> Please open the next thread at 980

793: Beene of Twin Swords

I’m almost becoming a fan over Trash ♡

794: I Shout

To think the second defense event will happen in this form…….

795: Charging Huge

Lawrence destruction imminent. Thank god I already evacuated to the fourth town

796: I Shout

>> 795

Don’t give up!

797: Phantom Ant

We adventurers shall not bow down before RIO!

After all, Lawrence has a lot of our adventurer comrades that managed to escape from the first and second town

798: Fried Fennel

By the way, this me is in front of Lawrence right now

The refugees from the Starting Town and Amulbell had dispersed to nearby villages, dungeons, or even out at the seas, we have to do something to them right

799: Solgiant

To be honest, isn’t it fine if the refugees return to their original town now

800: I love Iai

>> 799

Hold up, it’s a rare situation where earning karma value is never easier than before, let them live at the remote places for longer

801: Tom Boma

Just giving some food to one refugee will increase karma value by 30

This is some nasty business ww

802: Unending Tomea

As a fundamental concern, thinking about RIO who always acts for an upwards hill path, we can’t ignore the possibility of Lawrence rebelling

803: Halva Bird

There’re quite a few of RIO’s kin that escaped in Amulbell’s underground town, so it’s still safer to keep them out of there for now

804: Seed Gatling

Yeah, that’s right, it’s better to live in safety rather than fighting dangerously

People who had watched the stream would know but, I was totally prepared for a death penalty when I got set up by RIO

But RIO herself just ignored me afterwards, and moved into destroying Amulbell when I was being investigated by the checkpoint guards

Because of that, I was booted out of the town for some reason but, I heard Amulbell was getting too out of hand inside, so I ran straight towards Lawrence without looking back at death even once

That time, it was so miraculous that I was thanking god

805: Explosive Hammer

>> 804

Oooh, isn’t it the Seed Gatling-san that came back alive despite exposing RIO’s real identity!

806: Pukupuku Turn Puku

Just that he got branded as a coward by the guild afterwards

In the adventurer’s guild’s book, cowardice is not shame, but a sin

807: Six Machine Guns

>> 804

What’s your plan, Seed-san? If you’re in Lawrence, how about tagging along with me to exterminate RIO

808: Seed Gatling

Of course not, who would fight that kind of monstrosity!

809: Strong Looking Plants

I’m currently working part time guarding Lawrence’s outer walls but, I’m seeing a bunch of people going out of Lawrence, saying they won’t fight

810: Death Metal Band Hachijo

You guys fear RIO!?

811: Wild Claris

>> 818

Scary things are still scary, no matter how much money!

812: Gaval Meval

I’m so scared that I’m thinking about retiring

813: Gagigugegogemon

Hold up, Lawrence is in a worse state than expected. Some kidnapper sent a letter to the guild or something

Why are they looking for people to deal with it now

814: Flaming Beans

And there’s a fire because I burned the undead to death www

815: Samurai the Nine

>> 814

So it was your fauuuuuuult

816: Gagigugegogemon

Reporting, a water mage was extinguishing the fire and was killed mysteriously. Looks like Lawrence isn’t safe anymore……

817: Kannazuki Kanna

Then anyone who’s in the sixth town, let’s go together!

We will make it in time if we hurry on a carriage

My real-life friend Minazuki Luminous-chan won’t be making it since she’s busy but, I’m also a S rank, I have some confidence

818: Al Dente Baran

>> 817

Sorry busy here, pass

819: Heart Full Face

>> 817

Kuh…… just when a S rank is going there, I have work tomorrow and have to sleep now

820: Rice Field Slash

>> 817

That’s all fine and dandy but, what about the bounty split

「There’s no money for weaklings that ain’t even S rank」, I have a feeling this will happen

821: Marshall Death Dance

>> 817

Do you have any awareness that you are the problem child that always friendly fire because of your low DEX despite being the rearguard?

822: Hide Behind

I apologize

I really want to enjoy the excitement as a viewer

823: Nparadi

How much time you think I have spent in Lawrence on that stressful defense event

Don’t have any time to spare now

824: Nalt Melt

Can I just be responsible for evacuation?

825: Immortelle Threm

>> 817

If Kanna-san is so strong, then come to the fifth town

Sounds like he finally logged in and the entire town is in a huge ruckus

826: Mjolnir Daimyo

As above

827: Really Justice

As above

828: Soul Swordsman Kendamaru

As above

829: Ankle Dynamics Princess Witch

As above

830: Wing Wink

Chaos is everywhere……

831: Turtle Armor

No one is going for Lawrence because of fear, how pitiable

Since when adventurers became a group of cowards

832: Slacker Cyborg

There’s no such thing

If we can have people wait at RIO’s login point, we can get her if we’re lucky

833: Parry People

>> 831

It’s already nighttime when undead can move around. Don’t be a coward and come already

834: Turtle Armor

So green

Do you think this humble self will fall to your provocation?

835: Parry People

There’s no hope for this shitty uncle

Lecturing others when he’s doing the same thing, this useless old geezer thinks he’s special or something

835: Dark Healer

So, we can only rely on the local adventurers to stop RIO this time too w

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