BWO Chapter 35: Mother & Opening

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『Finally, it’s Lawrence’s turn will meet its end! It felt unbelievably fast to this point』

『Yes. Well, I have done all my rushed preparation already but, I will be sure to display my skill to fill in any lacking spots』

『How confident of you! I’ll be cheering you from the shadows~』

『Without saying, I know my Eriko would always be there to cheer for me』

『Muhyoo!? My Eriko!? Holy crap, my heart is beating so fast and the blood from my nose is…… bfho』

『Uumm? It’s not like that, Eriko. The 「My」 part is just a mistake on my part……』

After logging out, I was speaking with Eriko pleasantly using a messaging app.

In any case, what I should think now is to put the dishes that I’ve already made in advance on the table.

She was waiting hungrily already……, or not to that degree but, since she’s already home, I should finish up quickly.


Today’s dinner is a simple course of white rice with meat and potato stew and lightly salted salmon fillet but, since I don’t really have any favorites, I’m fine with anything as long as it’s edible.

If I have to pick a favorite no matter what……, it’s a bragging talk but, I’d love anything if it’s eating together with Eriko.

「Say Rio, are you going to be fine with the test the week after next? 」

She asked me in worry but, with the thoughts of Eriko filling my mind, it almost slipped past my mind.

「There is no need to worry, mom. I can only get grades that are slightly above average. As usual. 」

「O-Of course. Since it’s you, I won’t be nagging too much but……」

Despite being a family, there was an awkward sense of distance with mother speaking hesitantly as she picked up her chopsticks.

Father who is working today as well usually keeps me away like a thorn but, for me, my appreciation for my parents to have given birth to such a selfish daughter is never enough.

However, despite humans being a creature that has a 100-year life span, most parents will depart before their children, for children, farewell to their parents is inevitable.

That’s why, leaving aside my gratitude, I’m keeping a distance from now so that I can live on without depending on my parents, so that they can depart without worrying when the time comes.

「Thank you for the meal. I’m taking a bath first. 」

Saying so, I prepared for one of the most blissful times I have and soaked myself in the bathtub.

Mother didn’t say anything after that.

「Eriko……haaa…… if I can…… with Eriko……」

Being immersed in the bathtub is often when my consciousness become hazy.


It’s the second time I’m logging in today.

The moment the sensation and weight of my great sword was felt, I twisted my body and swung a whole circle.


「Aghya! 」

「Uuwwwaaaabh! 」

「A rank 2521nd…… gyi!? 」

As expected, there were a bunch of adventurers waiting at the former Dragneel Family base, but as soon as it started, I ended it with the firepower of my great sword, finishing all of them.

I showed the scene of logging out intentionally, knowing that I would have to fight no matter what, but I’m surprised that there’re still this many opponents mistaking my threat.

「There’re no more reactions from the smell of blood, looks like that’s all of them. 」

Although it was a tactic to gang up in an enclosed space, the most important factor of their reaction speed is as slow as a turtle. It’s as if they were asking for a team wipe themselves, it’s their fault for making me think they don’t have the intention to fight at all.

Well then, I should start preparing the stream.

「Self-destruct, 5……4……」

At that time, one of the adventurers whom I thought I killed started chanting seconds.

I see, looks like they had even prepared an insurance in case of the failure of ganging up. Then I suppose I must retreat first.

「……They had even set up multiple layers of trap. I can’t move at all. 」

Just as I logged in and my feet touched the ground, I thought it was just some random puddle of water but, looks like it was some super strong birdlime, catching onto my feet with no intentions of letting go.


Carelessness is the greatest enemy. To think I would be forced into a corner just as I started, looks like I must reevaluate my opponents’ incompetence.

Since there’s not much time, I just stabbed him with my great sword like a fork, and then threw him out of the room.


Flashes of light rushed inside, as an explosion so loud that one would definitely cover their ears rang. I used one of the adventurers as my meat shield and blocked against the fierce winds and dodged the fragments and dust that came my way.

Then, I cut off my legs to escape from the birdlime, and started the stream while I waited for them to regenerate.

『Upotsu 』


『Finally, the time of revolution……』

『There’s this huge mess at the adventurer’s thread』


『What revolution, it’s more like a slaughter』

『It’s a fine weather for slaughter today~』

『Who are these people that keep insisting that it’s a slaughter』

Looks like there’re also messages that look to be impersonating Eriko today as well.

However, since they will bring more colors to the stream, I won’t reject any comers.

My legs had recovered.

It’s a logic that is head aching but, since even my shoes were regenerated, let’s just get moving.

「……Fumu, the entrance is buried in rubble. Looks like I’m trapped in this place. 」

Looks like the effect of his suicidal self-destruct bomb is still obstructing me.

If they had even calculated that I would throw the self-destructing adventurer out the door, then they must be some crazy smart people.

Though, leaving aside intelligent strategists that is definitely an opponent to fear, if they have S rank adventurers in their ranks, my chance to win would diminish substantially.

The viewers had informed that my stream is known by more than half of the entire player base, so it’s exactly a life or death bet here on out but―― I suppose I don’t have any choice but to charge ahead even if it may cost my life.

A thorny path with no way to return is more enjoyable after all.

「Now, everyone had been waiting, let’s begin the all-out war against all of Lawrence. Please look over me, dear moon and viewers. 」

Saying so, I changed into my magic hammer and dug my way out by smashing open the wall and exited out the neighbor’s basement.

『Forceful hand』

『She just punched through that forcibly』

『That’s what people mean by carving a path if there’s none huh』

『What an outstanding demon display』

The magic hammer is such a terrifying weapon that grants the firepower to even crush the world’s logic itself in exchange of drastic AGI and DEX drop.

Well, it’s perfectly normal that a great power is accompanied with great risk. It also matches with what is soon to be starting.

And now, the place where I’m at, it’s around the west district in Lawrence. Since the guild is located exactly opposite in the east, I have no choice but to destroy the enemies I encounter while on the way.

「There’s a group of undead rampaging there! 」

「They’re in the north! Are there no adventurers there!? 」

「The boss of Dragneel Family dared to become RIO’s subordinate! That ungrateful bastard, betraying the adventurers like that! 」

As I heard the yelling voices of the residents, I saw a hazing orange color as I felt heat touching my skin.

Rather than heat that comes from riled up people, the reason was because of a fire was literally burning down some building nicely.

「……Boss-san, to have overdone my expectations, what a lucky person I am. 」

Describing Lawrence in one word, it’s in flames.

Black smoke that would kill living creatures if breathed and ferocious fire were burning everywhere, along with the smell of blood and flesh cooking, it was an overwhelming scene that trembles one’s heart.

To think that the colorful streets that I walked through this morning when the lights were out are lit so bright under the night sky, what irony.

Considering it’s a stage that’s prepared for my arrival, it’s too perfect in both options and situation.

「Festive sounds that really comes off great to a vampire’s ears…… or rather, a blood festival is starting. 」

Not able to control the throb in my heart, I declared.

Disregarding the process, Boss-san had already arranged everything perfectly for me, so my will to kill is being drawn out.

A/N: It’s forever RIO-sama’s turn?

A/N: I felt sick this morning, even though I should’ve recovered……


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