BWO Chapter 36: Lawrence’s Demise Part 1

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Currently, Lawrence is in a state of ruins as if under the assault of a natural disaster, with many collapsed buildings scattered around.

If I didn’t do this much, I’m sure the adventurer’s guild would just revive in a short period.

By destroying not just the guild but the entire place, it would be a big blow to the guild that is acting as the ruler of the town.

「Boss-san looks like he’s doing his part perfectly. Then I shall move in response too, my role here is to…… cause a diversion and open a path. 」

『Diversion!? 』

『Open a path!? 』

『The general’s opening a path by herself w』

『That’s the most risky role……』

『As expected of our RIO-sama』

That’s right. Even if we try to overwhelm them with numbers, they surely have quite a few adventurers around, anyways, the answer I came up with is to go from the west to south, then towards north, in any case, a sweeping route that allows me to take down stronger enemies one by one and regroup with Boss-san at the end.

Since that’s the case, I will be taking a different approach from Boss-san from start to end.

Thus, I joined the in-town battle albeit a little late.

As for my first step, I bit off a chunk of my arm for a deal.

「Flying, we’re doing an important job now. I will be on the ground, and you’ll be from the sky, together we lay waste. 」

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

Flying expanded his wings wide and took off into the sky and started spewing energy balls everywhere. With this, I’m sure there would be some that can’t maintain a party formation in fear of getting hit by the energy balls.

After all, unlike how an attack from ground towards the sky has limits, the range of an attack from the sky is limitless.

On the other hand, I took up my great sword, and rushed out towards the main street, declaring in a loud voice to draw attention to me.

「I am the vampire, RIO that will bring doom and death to Lawrence! Adventurers who are courageous, seek and defeat this RIO, and surely you shall be rewarded with the fame of your evil-ending feat of justice!! 」

Because of my brakes breaking after going with the viewers’ plan, I no longer have any shame with speaking out like this.

「――Trash 」

Next step.

Changing to the machine gun form, I fired rounds into the air, hoping I can draw them to me with the gunshots.

And confirming with 《Blood Scent Detection》, Boss-san is not within the western side, and the number of adventurers here isn’t enough to be called a “gathering” yet.

「So RIO is there. 【A ranker, rank 1047 ・Samurai 】! Void of school and scabbard…… a shell of a sword with no essence is no fear to me! 」

T/N: His name is not actually samurai , just the same pronunciation 寒来, literally meaning “cold come”.

A samurai-esque adventure bit the bait.

I fired my machine gun towards him while we were still a distance apart, but rather than doing any fatal damage, it only served as a suppression.

「I suppose the prelude is enough. Come at me. 」

Bracing himself with his katana that had a design like it’s cladded with ice, he was advancing without fear against the flurry of bullets but, considering he didn’t have much speed, I decided to change into the twin swords form to go for a kill quickly.

「……Mu? 」

「Nnnuuunn!! 」

As I realized he was speeding up for some reason during the instant he swung his sword, I immediately turned to defense and braced myself with both swords.

「Sorry, thanks for the buff! 」

「【A rank, No. 2489, Build Gift】. Good luck out there with my powerful buffs! 」

The girl that looked very cheerful was standing behind him by several meters, looks like she’s the buffer in this fight.

「So I’m facing two A rankers at the same time, but I’m glad my suppression bullets had an effect. 」

Target change. Running while changing to magic claws, I aimed for the buffer that would become an annoyance first.

「Well then, the first to be commemorated……」

「No you won’t. 【A rank, 2058th ・ Slashing Time Girl】! 」

T/N: 斬ッ刻子女, as usual 子女 = girl, 斬ッ刻 (zannkoku) pronunciation can mean, cruel, but literally Slashing Time.

Thanks to another new adventurer that suddenly cut in with her sword, my full-strength body kick was blocked.

Pursuing too deep is bad, I tried to retreat backwards immediately but.

「Now! Attack her matching my timing! 」

「Yes! Samurai-san! 」

Pincered by the Samurai-san that had his speed upped by the buff, two of them swung their sword down at the same timing after matching eyes.

However, I can still dodge one of them. So, I stepped forward.

S-Shirahatori!? 」

T/N: Shirahatori, catching the blade with your hands.

I caught the sword with both hands.

「I couldn’t do it like in the movies though. 」

Some flesh sliced off from my palm, my HP was reduced by a little but, it was more than enough to be able to stop its momentum before it reached my head.

With the sword caught within my hand as the fulcrum, I jumped sideways as I twisted my legs.

「Hyaggu!? 」

Turning around into a handstand, I performed a head scissors takedown on her neck.

T/N: A wrestling move, head scissored between legs, and forces the opponent to break balance forward.

「I……Ith huwwts……! 」

Looks like it was quite painful as she was so desperate that she even let go of the sword in her hand.

「Slashing Time! Let it be in time―! 」

「You’re misunderstanding, whether you make it in time or not, it doesn’t concern me at all. 」

The Samurai-san that realized he cut the empty air rushed over but, using my handstand as the fulcrum, I threw Slashing-san who has a really red face towards Samurai-san using my legs.

「Nuoo!? 」

「Kyaaaaa―! 」

Unable to dodge, the two of them crashed into each other nicely, while I aimed to land my feet on them.

As I jumped in the air and checking my opponent’s neck position, I landed and crushed them with no chance given for them to raise a scream.

「N-No way no way! We have to regroup with!? 」

Grabbing onto the buffer adventurer that tried to turn heel, I replenished my HP with 《Bloodsucking》.

「……3 A rank adventurers down. Looks like, even I haven’t really grasped how much stronger I’ve gotten. 」

Like that, I was able to reconfirm my current abilities.

Just a while before, I suffered a difficult battle against two B rankers but, just by having higher stats, my worldview has changed quite a bit, I’m deeply moved.

……There’s no time to stay idle.

Replenishing blood from the man, I sawed the girl into parts and stored into my inventory. Aiming for the next adventurers to clean up, I started running while spreading chaos.

「【B rank, 21st, Mayday Sunday】. Agha……! 」

With no pause in between, changing into the magic sword form with one hand, I held the saw with my other hand, and chopped off his head like scissors.

「【B rank, 20th, Danjirihn 】. Gah……! 」

Let’s have this adventurer exit the stage too. B rankers are no longer my enemies.

「A rank, 2000…… uhh…… gyahhha! 」

As for this person, he was naming himself as an A ranker but, if only judging based on the feedback when I slashed him apart, he’s only as good as B rankers.

Did he think I would act cautiously if he named himself an A ranker or something?

『Pieces of cake』

『You can do it』

『Push push push』

『So just encountering RIO-sama is already a death flag for adventurers……』

『This reassurance』

「What a great success, but this can only serve as a warmup. When will a tough guy that will make this RIO cry appear? 」

Using swift attacks after swift attacks, by lending Flying’s support fire, I was able to easily kill weaker adventurers with one hit, still, even these small fries are too much of an opponent for my kins to handle.

Since all of them had clear gap of ability, even this hell had a sort of food chain going on.

Well, in any case, I rode on the momentum, finished off as many adventurers I could, drank from them, and sent them into my inventory.

「【A ranker, No. 513, Feebolt】! You shall not pass. 《Magic ・ Thunder Barrier》」

Oya, an A ranker that’s within 1000 placing had appeared.

In front of my eyes appeared a huge wall of light that blocked the entire road.

On top of that, as if proud of its overwhelming MP, the wall was glimmering with a constant lightning aura, looks like just touching it with a finger will result in death by electrocution.

Moreover, the wall was slowly approaching me, rather than defending, it’s more like an ability designed to proactively block the opponent’s way.

「A wall that also serves as an attack? If there’s a way for me to attack without touching it, it may be possible to destroy the wall. 」

So, I retreated few steps and changed into my spear form. After finishing it, I drew my arm back in a large motion, and threw it as hard as I could.

Of course, my aim is the wall, as well as the target that lies after the wall.

「Gohok! 」

Hit. With the wall caster dead, the wall itself also disappeared after becoming polygons.

Even for upper A rankers, looks like they can be dealt with easily depending on technique.

Without resting a single breath, I picked up my spear and restarted my sprint.

「【A rank 1457th, Spin Spear】. Pierce」

The adventurer that has an impression of calmness was rushing while spinning his spear like a wind wheel.

The rotation speed felt like it can even deflect bullets, since countering with a weak weapon might be deflected, I changed to the magic hammer before he managed to come close.


By swinging this hammer that has a weight not in the unit of kilograms but tons, any poor defensive technique will just be blown into shreds.

Especially, when the opponent is using a light and thin spear that focuses on lightweight.

「Fuh, your intention is obvious to my eyes. Resign yourself」

Even so, my attack ended in just an attempt to fan the wind.

「You really did me one up. 」

As expected, by swinging this kind of dull weapon bluntly, he managed to dodge it easily by crouching, and delivered a pierce straight from my flank to my shoulder.

「No, I have certainly pierced through your heart but…… this immortality……! 」

This adventurer is belatedly 「This immortality」 but……, please blame your own overconfidence in your spear arts that you didn’t gather information beforehand.

「Certainly, piercing the heart is best in an anti-personnel fight but in other fights, it’s only a foolish decision that traps yourself. Come back again when you got some raw attack power instead of piercing power. 」

「Khhh…… shit! 」

Since I still had quite a bunch of HP remaining, I smashed his head open into paste before he could pull out his spear.

Immediately, 《Bloodsucking》. Since I’m numb to pain, I won’t even know when my HP took a hit, so I’m diligently trying to always keep my HP at max.


《Level has risen to 56》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 8.25 million Iris》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 7, 166, 445》


A/N: I must really fix my lightheadedness and my health


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