BWO Chapter 37: Lawrence’s Demise Part 2

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『Any fella that counted how many adventurers? 』

『Roughly, 70 B rankers and 30 A rankers』

『That’s over 3 digits www, this is amazing, even if all of them are nameless』

『But still full of energy』

『Thanks for all the chuu chuu-ing, even more energetic than the beginning』

『Mentally still energetic too』

『Let me be chuu chuu-ed too』

『Consecutive wins』

『That head scissors is still most memorable』

『RIO-sama wins in terms of raw stats』

After finish clearing up the adventurers in the western area where only mobs gather, I headed towards the southern area. Although reaching there took quite some time, since I made it safely, I headed north on the main street.

Still, this town is big enough that I can see why they have divided it into four sections. The size itself is almost four times of Amulbell.

For an average high school girl with no purpose, she wouldn’t even make it one lap without getting bored.

「Huh. Why are there Enemies here. 」


Enemy Name: Flame Hamadryas Lv 43

Status: Normal


Despite being in the town, there were a bunch of wild baboons throwing around fireballs like sowing beans or something.

They were proactively promoting the fire inside Lawrence that is already the display of a world of hell fire.

「Fumu, having them as the third force will cause more damage to the town. What a happy coincidence, I should take a detour without disturbing them and hope they will cause more troubles to the adventurers. 」

Turning on my heels, I walked off the main street, and walked down another route that would avoid provoking the Flame Hamadryases.

In any case, seeing how Enemies are even in the town now, it may be safe to think that everyone who were guarding the broken walls joined the suppression force.

That would mean the adventurers are also quite to the wall, so saving Boss-san is probably unneeded……, but being conceited is bad.

「Woooooopps, my hand slippeed」

And right when the few moments I was being conceited, a round bottle flew towards me.

However, I won’t let it hit me. I immediately broke it with an elbow strike.

「Mu, this liquid」

The moment it was broken, some of the transparent liquid landed on my arm.

「It smells like medicine. Ouchh!! 」

The part that it splashed to felt like burning, as I reflexively let out a yelp but……, pain, me?

「【A ranker, 634th, Pot Potion】. Looks like it was suuper painful. I know that being an undead, RIO wouldn’t be able to go against their natural weakness, hoow happy I am. 」

The man that had a merchant get-up was speaking in a sticky way, as his hands held onto another bottle with some liquid in it happily.

『RIO-sama just said 「Ouch」? 』

『She just ate a bunch of life energy huh……』

『Big damage to pain receptors』

My HP decreased just by a tiny bit……, looks like I was hit by a HP recovery item that humans would use.

Recovery effects are reversed for the undead after all.

「Heh heh he, alsoo, look cloosely at your feet, 《Magic ・ Pond Potion》」

The adventurer threw the bottle in his hand as he cast a magic, then, the transparent liquid within the bottle started to spread out.

His magic used the liquid as a catalyst, looks like he’s another adventurer of the obstruction type.


When my shoes touched it, I felt unbearable pain like stepping on magma, so I reflexively retreated few steps.

After all, even if my legs get cut into pieces, my shoes get regenerated alongside my legs, it’s safe to think that my shoes are considered a part of me.

「And soo, you can’t get closeer right. After all, the pain would bring your nerves baack alive, riight? 」

Even while soaking his legs within the liquid, the adventurer didn’t feel anything, and was gloating about getting an upper hand of the battlefield.

Although a fighting style that corners the opponent by making use of pain is not seen well for a VRMMO player, all the blame is on myself, after all, I had not touched the pain settings at all. Now that it’s like this, I can only hope to defeat him at a distance.

「So you’re intending to obstruct me to the end. 《Magic ・ Dark Ball》」

Leaving my weapon that is currently transforming, I started barraging with dark balls from both my hands.

「Guuh, so you use magic too huh. Hooweveer, just by standing here, my stamina gets regenerated infinitely, and the vampire killing field is just getting laarger and largeer. 」

Even if he got hit by my attacks, he only broke more and more bottles.

Since my magic attack is many times weaker than my physical attack, he’s tanking all of it by absorbing the potion at his feet even if he got hit.

Since using just magic won’t do anything other than wasting my MP, I should change into the magic wand to increase my power.

「You there! I will lend a hand! 」

Mumuu, there’s a person that’s coming from his back to support him. The situation is worsening.

As I watched cautiously while I waited for the form change to complete, for some reason Pot Potion-san turned around and pushed out both his hands powerfully.

「Go away!! This is my prey! 」

「Wwha!? 」

The adventurer stopped his sprint in surprise after getting howled angrily, with no signs of his prior stickiness speaking.

「Listen here, it’s not about hogging money or experience. I want to prove……, prove that even a healer that cannot defeat anyone, even an item dispenser can win against RIO」

Fumu, looks like his potions are usually used for his party members, and a case like this is a first time for him.

「Whad’ya say!! Mere production job, yer want to die haaa! 」

「This is a battle to show my worth by getting the title of killing RIO! Get going already, you’re an obstruction bastard! 」

「Izzat so, then do yer way, but ya better remember this! 」

Not really stubborn nor meddling, the reinforcement adventurer quietly backed off.

I was watching quietly since it’s a flow where I will face one lesser enemy but, his threatening attitude, I could feel his complex of not having attack power despite being a high rank.

Perhaps, if 「Taking advantage of pain while attacking another player is forbidden」 ever happens, he would be forced to give up as an adventurer like Parnilla-san.

Parnilla-san……, oh I see, I just found a way.

「Tough and durable, I suppose I must trust her on that. 」

Immediately discarding the wand, I changed into the parasol.

After finishing, I turned the parasol upside down and put it on the ground, with one leg stepping on the inside, I kicked against the ground with another.

「Ooh, no damage. Although it’s terribly bad manners to do so, I must still praise her for this. 」

Like a roller skate, I was surfing through the pond of potion that might as well be a damage dealing ground.

As I thought, the weapon held is not considered a part of your body. It’s an idea that I came up with after recalling that my weapon doesn’t regenerate even if my arm gets sliced into pieces.

「……Whoeee!? Is that even legal! 」

His pathetically panicking figure in the center of the pond was visible.

Holding onto my parasol, I jumped towards him, while changing into my magic sword.

「Ugehak!! 」

Magnificently landing on mark, I struck him down facing up, not being overcome by my own momentum, I landed on him while being careful not to touch the potion.

Extending my sword to his throat, the fight ended at that point.

「Well then, I have a request for you. In exchange for your life, hand over any recovery potions that even a vampire can use. 」

I applied pressure but, thinking that it probably wouldn’t work anyway, I was willing to spare him if he paid up some money.

「Shit……. Fine, I will hand them over, but can you answer me one thing……? 」

He’s asking a request in return, but comparing to giving Iris in return, it’s negligible.

「Fine, if you keep it simple. 」

「Hehe, thanks. I……I, will I not be able to defeat a monster like you no matter what on my own……? 」

Fumu, I thought he was planning something underhanded but, it’s an honest question.

I will just answer him while he gets his vampire-use recovery potion.

「Hmm, let’s see. It may be a harsh opinion but, since the match is already decided like this, it’s not wrong that you can’t win. ……If there’s any advice for you, then you should train on how to use potion as a throwing weapon, maybe then there’s a slight chance. 」

「I see, that’s not much of an advice at all huh……」

Although he muttered so, his expression certainly looked very satisfied.


Obtained 5 《Damage Potion (Advanced)》 from adventurer, Pot Potion.


There’s only 5, I could see his pocket condition.

Besides that, there’s now something I must ask while holding my sword against his throat.

「Not recovery, but damage potion, have you misunderstood something? 」

「Uwaaah no, no there’s no misunderstanding! For undead, damage potion’s effects are recovery! If you’re a streamer, then look at your chat messages! 」

『Damage potion are normally disposable trump card items』

『RIO-sama would’ve never known since she never dealt in business ww』

『5 potions and all of them are advanced. They’re high-quality stuff that can get your HP to max even with 1』

『That’s a great haul』

I see, looks like it’s just my ignorance, not his fault.

Well, leaving that aside.

「Nugyhaaaa!! 」

I cut off both his arms with the saw, and then after seeing the condition of his HP recovery from soaking in potion, I cut off both his legs and itemized them as well.

「Well, since I’m a streamer, I won’t be going against my promise of sparing you. When your limbs regenerate, just go escape somewhere. 」

If I were to break my promise, then surely my next opponents won’t give up but resist to death.

「Ahhghiii!! I’m gonna dieeeeee! 」

「You won’t. Since you’ve poured this much stuff that stops you from dying, just endure the pain for now. 」

While stowing away my saw and explaining his misunderstanding, I used his body as a board, with my closed parasol as an oar substitute, I rowed across the pond of potion.


『So there’s no free escape after all』

『This is the end of those who go against RIO-sama』

『It was such a great deal though―』

『Let’s just introduce parasol using occupations into MMO now』


Just like that, I jumped to land, even against the damage floor that I almost gave up in conquering, I managed to overcome it with profits in hand.

「But damage potions huh, its effectiveness is a point of worry. 」

「Ghaaaaaa!! 」

As I faced front again, a kin that had a very blessed and tough appearance was approaching here on four feet like a hibernating bear.

That means Boss-san is somewhere near here. Somehow, I feel that I’m still quite a distance from the northern area but, perhaps they are moving slowly too.

「I order you, bring me to where Boss-san……」

「Gafuh! 」

For whatever joke, he clung onto me and bit on my neck.

If that’s all, then it can be dismissed as a pet’s show of affection but, he tore my flesh apart, and started chewing on it while facing upwards.

「Stop there, are you not listening to my orders? 」

「Gehik! Gehik! 」

Since he tried for another bite without answering my order, having no choice, I grabbed this kin, and threw it inside the building.

To think that they would be dominated by their desire of food that they no longer listen to their master, I had a bad premonition but, did Boss-san order them to…… no, I ordered them to listen to me when I’m around.

I got it.

「They’re under some kind of spell. And the caster is probably that old man over there. 」

「Holy Tea Club, Rank 4…… oops, not that, 【A Rank, 87th. Necromancha】. You are right. 」

His timing was perfect, moreover, he’s the top 100 of A rank, said to be the closest to the inclusion of S rankers, a very dangerous figure indeed.

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