BWO Chapter 38: Lawrence’s Demise Part 3

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『Even the Holy Tea Party is here w』

『A joke person is here』

『Why’s he here ww』

『Rather, the heck is Holy Tea Party』

『But if all of their members came, it’s not a joke at all』

Come to think of it, when I threw the kin away, I caught a strange scent, analyzing that from my experience, it’s the scent of powdered matcha.

If this old man that looks like the incarnation of wrinkles can really control my kins with tea leaves, then Boss-san is probably in big troubles having my kins betray him.

「No matter if my opponent is an elderly, this is a battlefield, controlling my kins, and even declaring your name, I have no mercy to spare. You are one I should beat to death now. 」

Declaring his death so obviously that even the viewers will understand, to save as much time as possible in cutting his head off, I changed into the magic claws and started a mad dash.

This person that just made the viewers cold with his introduction as Necromancha is still sitting upright on the ground with no movements at all.

But if I deal with this adventurer, then the kins should return to normal. I must end him at all costs.

「Sorry for you, but if you have a grudge, put it on yourself for not begging for life. 」

「Hohoo, shall I teach it to you, that when a person speaks, they are speaking for themselves to hear too? 」

「Hmph, a moth flying into the flames. 【A ranker, 91st. Archar】」

T/N: As explained in an earlier forum chapter, these people are tea punners. tea (cha).

Oops, there was one old man with his strong fighting spirit hiding behind the sly old fox. So that easy going attitude was just a decoy huh.

Since the crossbow aiming at my face was on the verge of being fired, I retreated several ten meters back and twisted my body to dodge it.

「Fuuuuu…… but to say the least, this VRMMO thing, it’s the second most entertaining thing, after tea parties with everyone. 」

「What are you saying, taking care of my grandchild is more meaningful than this farce. 」

「Fhua fhua, they’re all great, all of them are our proud culture. 」

Uumu, why are they talking enjoyably like that without fighting, thanks to them, my hostility is being thinned out.

……Even if I think about it, the war situation in other places will only worsen, I have no choice but to quickly finish this encounter, but I can’t help but to think that this is a trap to make me impatient.

The reason why my premonition of a trap isn’t being cleared up at all is because of what happened just now. They are surely well-versed in inducing people.

「But no complaints for my opponent. 《Magic ・ Charrow Rain》」

The archer shot an arrow towards the sky, when it reached its peak, it turned into countless arrows and spread out.

There’s no cover on the road, and in the buildings laid multiple controlled kins in wait, I have no way to escape.

「……A technique of dropping many arrows. However, looks like I can find a route to avoid them before they land. 」

Confirming the situation in the sky, the arrows weren’t that concentrated. With my speed and calculations, it’s not too difficult to find a route that wouldn’t get me any damage.

Lowering my stance, I started dashing towards the carefree old men talking about tea in the shortest route.

「……It’s about time. 」

There’re only a few steps to my targets.

「Hoh ho ho ho, there’s a young little girl going against these wilted old bodies. 【A rank, No. 93, Chamagician】」

「So there was another lively old grandpa still hiding. 」

Underestimating the enemies’ ability, it was the end of my luck when I rushed out.

Being impatient to take one of them down and getting myself getting taken out is mistaking the means for the end. I can only retreat before another magic comes for me.

「Aeh, I will help out Archar-dono for a little 《Magic ・ Chining 》」

However, the magic that was activated is unexpected. Rather than burning or freezing, the magic itself was a light so eye-blinding that it overwhelmed the entire surroundings.

Though, that itself is also harmful.

「Mumumuu, my HP. This is surely a fearsome tea ceremony club. 」

Because it’s not darkness but light, my night vision was useless, the arrows hidden in the overwhelming light were piercing through me.

From the decrease in my HP, I calculated that I would meet death in six more hits for sure.

「That’s great to hear. 《Magic ・ Charrow Rain》」

「Archar-dono, you sure are going all out. I heard she was a monster but, looks like we can win just fine with us here. 」

While I’m stuck like that, they had fired the second volley.

Since I can’t see, I cannot avoid by seeing, also, just by it being light magic, I could even hear burning sounds from my body.

If I retreated any further, I will be blocked by the potion pond. If it’s like this, I have to change forms even if it meant discarding my speed.


Then at that moment, I heard sounds of a kin that hid in the buildings jumping out in ambush and tried to bite at my neck again.

All of them didn’t come near nor took distance but covered each other by displaying their own strengths as they attacked, their combination exceeded the territory of artistic.

Well, even if they are controlled, having kins appear here is lucky for me.


「I order you forcibly, be my shield till you crumble. 」

Catching the kin by the back of his neck, I held him up ahead of me as I walked.

And since my form change to the parasol is completed, I can block the damage from the mock sunlight.

「Nuumu, cheeky yet skillful. 」

Holding the kin with my right hand, I held the parasol with my left, as I sprinted at maximum speed.

Although it wouldn’t work for the arrows, I can tell the approximate position of the old people with 《Blood Scent Detection》.

「What is with this girl! Sacrificing her own companions like that! 」

「Correction, this is a close-to-being-annoyance companion.」

While using the kin’s body to stop the arrows, I managed to get close to the magic-using old man.

Still, seeing how I could so easily close the distance, they probably had a tank in their party originally. Thankfully, I only encountered three of them, so I’m able to escape from death.

「Nuoooo, such an angelic looking girl is in front of mee! Uwaa what satisfaction……」

「Angelic, are your eyes blind? Please get lost already. 」

Grabbing onto the temple of this perverted old man, I twisted his neck 360 degrees and struck him down.

How unpleasant to be looked at with lecherous eyes from someone I don’t even like but, players will become no more than a corpse if they die with no exclusions.

「This is not good! We must not hold back anymore! 」

Looks like they finally have the intentions to go all out after getting one of them done in, but it’s too late.

While he’s drawing back his bow, I already changed my meat shield into the mage old man and started running in a straight line while changing into my magic sword.

「Muuuooooooo!? 」

Not caring about the arrow that flew somewhere else, I simply cut him down.

People that usually attacks from a distance can easily get disoriented by enemies at close range, unable to think and die.

「Two of them had already passed on but, how about coming out already, you all. 」

Finally, the last person…… or not. He’s controlling all the kins.

The last old man didn’t seem to be panicking at all, as he controlled all the kins that he hid in the buildings and attacked me.

「I order all of you. Get out of my way. 」

No matter how many of them there were, they are originally resident NPCs that have fighting capabilities that are many times inferior to mine.

Grabbing on to their arms, I violently threw them on the road before rushing towards the old man.

「If this is outside the city, then I could have resurrected those who died in battle……」

There’s no longer anyone that can protect you. My sword completely caught the final old man.


Slashing in a stroke, he died immediately.

I expected him to put up a tough last-ditch resistance but, he was unexpectedly easy to be defeated, and the kins that were aiming for me suddenly petrified.

As for the reason he had been sitting upright the entire time with a teacup in hand, well, I can ask from the old man himself that hasn’t been forced to respawn yet.

「I give my appreciation. Thanks to you, it ended with you piercing through with a clear spirit with no spots. 」

Leaving behind some meaningful words, his consciousness departed for the church. So, he’s not dead in the real life or anything.

『What strong enemies』

『Tea (Omnipotence)』

『Tea (Brainwasher)』

『Tea (Rich)』

『Tea (Die if don’t drink)』

『There’re some viewers that are awfully knowledgeable for some reason』

Thanking the enemy after being defeated, rather than tea ceremony, it’s closer to sportsmanship but, what he said remained on my mind.

「……I can’t get it. 」

If you chose to put aside your pride for even a moment, you could’ve saved two of your companions and many residents.

Well, I’m sure he’s one of the players that clearly sees this as a game.

「Ughagha, sorry for rudeness. 」

The kins that returned to normal approached me, as I ordered them to be on guard while I used 《Bloodsucking》 on the old people.

Well, being the average high school girl that doesn’t care about best before dates if it’s only a few days, having the blood of old people isn’t that big of a deal.


《Level has risen to 59》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 8.95 million Iris》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 7, 886, 445》


I’m almost in the sixties huh, though I’m talking about my level, not my age.

「Enemy…… enemy……! 」

Then, the kins suddenly started warning while glaring and hissing.

「A step too late! 」

An adventurer with a young man face was running towards me.

From his looks, it doesn’t seem like he’s with the old people.

「Another prey appears. What is your wish here? 」

「What are you asking! Of course, it’s to bring justice to an evil doer like you! 」

I see, he makes sense.

But his intriguing seriousness made me want to ask further.

「Till now, the adventurers that I’ve defeated till now all turned their blades towards me because of benefits like money and fame but, what is your justice made of? 」

「Don’t try to talk your way out, vampire! How many lives have you robbed, and turned into undead as your playthings, even if this is a virtual world, it is unforgivable, even if a thousand people allow it, I alone will not! 」

「Fumu, you’re speaking on your own principles. So, you’re saying, you acted purely upon your sense of justice even though it’s a virtual world and had come here to subjugate me? 」

「That’s right! I cannot forgive, those who do not hold a human heart. I will defeat you and stop your tragedy of a stream……. Even if I die, I will make sure to drag you along with me! 」

Oooh, this is very magnificent. How long have I been waiting for a justice idiot like him?

For the weak, the spirit that wish to eradicate the evil even if it meant bearing infamy and sacrificing himself, it is the “Justice” that I can praise frankly.

「Fine. To not have regrets even if there’s never another fight between us, I shall face you with everything I have. With my pride of role playing as a villain, let us have a face off. 」

As correspondence to my words, I changed to the great sword.

The corners of my mouth were lifting along with the excitement and exaltation that never came with fighting other adventurers, suffering a defeat in this battle didn’t matter.

Now, defeat me, and prove that there’s still justice within a corrupted organization to the stream.

「I will fight seriously too! My name is 【B rank, 684th, Dried Skin of Fourth District】! Gughaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

The adventurer that ate a diagonal slash immediately lost all his HP.

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