BWO Chapter 39: Lawrence’s Demise Part 4

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『So weak』

『So weak』

『Dead on arrival』

『Trash ♡』

『It ended with an instant kill of instant kills』

『Winning against RIO-sama is a hundred years too early for you baby』

『Well, that’s what happen if you don’t have the strength to match your high ideals』

『He’s so weak that he’s gonna get cut in the compilation』

Oya……? Despite the loud barking, it ended only at this much.

But that’s expected, this person is only B rank, and moreover, a low-ranking number. Rather, the strength that the tea preaching old men had unlike their appearances were the one that didn’t fit Lawrence.

……No, I don’t want to believe that’s the case. I’m sure he’s like the adventurers that waited for me to login and has some kind of trump card that can trouble me even if he’s dead.

That’s right. Your will to resist the evil must not be only that much.

「Just when my death penalty was finally over, is it too much for me alone……! 」

Saying a reproachful final line, he chose to transport to the church himself.

On the other hand, my kins were feasting on the dead corpse of the adventurer and were very happy.

「……I can’t understand」

Even when I swung my sword for the second time, the fact that he’s no longer here pained me.

「Why is it someone like you that hasn’t rotten is so weak? 」

This is the result of having gone all out so that no regrets will be left. But all I can feel at this point is regrets and emptiness.

「There’s no meaning if you can’t deny me with power. You will only be labeled a dog that’s all bark but no bite from your fellow adventurers or my viewers. That’s why, even if it’s underhanded, you must display a technique that will blow me out of the water. 」

There’s no response no matter how many times I cut.

Because the fight between me and him had already ended.

――I have been meaning to encounter an adventurer that is not in any way inferior to Eriko, and this encounter in Lawrence isn’t an exaggeration to say that it was a once-in-a-life-time chance.

Not compromising on his belief of justice, he was a very precious person.


……The scream just now made me wake up.

This voice, it’s probably Boss-san who is supposed to be leading the kins.

Even with my 《Blood Scent Detection》, I could determine that there was a huge group of kins, and a high-level adventurer ahead.

「Boss-san is getting attacked. I order you, head over to help him together with me. 」


Since he’s my pawn even if he’s a resident NPC, if he met with a merciless adventurer, not talking about holding out for a while, he will die within a second.

What a terrible situation. I changed to the claws, before dashing through the road with wind and flames dancing.


「Say say~, shitty trash onii-sans, you’re really too disgusting, mind dying for me please~ ♡」

I doubted my own sanity when every one of us were discussing about countermeasures against RIO and the person herself crashed into our base.

After all, even though we had information that she can change her appearance and age at will but, she appeared as a fashionable young girl.

Spitting out words that a shitty brat would say and taking out a machine gun and spraying everywhere, if this isn’t a dream, then it must be some hallucination, right? If I didn’t acknowledge the reality in time, then I would’ve been killed and become an undead.

「Third, since our exchange was aired on a live stream, I recommend you to change base immediately. Well then, later. 」

「Eh, eeeh!? Even if you say to change base, there’s no other place!? 」

After obeying her because annihilation of Dragneel Family is what I had to avoid at all costs, I’m so fed up with this resistance activity being dumped onto me. Is there even any history in our world where this kind of genocide behavior is masqueraded as some stupid no-plan resistance activity?

In other words, I was forced to be a disposable that isn’t even expected to accomplish anything.

So, my life is lighter than a feather from their view, be it RIO, or the adventurers.

「T-Then y’all, let’s get out of here first. 」

There’s no helping it even if I complained.

Bringing along my subordinates that seemed to be relieved from all troubles and hatred in exchange for suffering after turning into undead, I passed through the emergency exit that only our members knew and managed to get to the tavern in the northern district without getting discovered.

「Abheshaaa!! 」

「Gyaaaaaa!! 」

First, turn the tavern’s owner and all the customers into undead.

Even though I was scared from the sight where my acquaintances quitting human, I couldn’t stop.

「Anikii! Let us join you too! 」

Just as I was praying that the adventurers wouldn’t come here, it was my ex-subordinates that came into the tavern.

They must’ve heard some twisted rumors that 「The boss of Dragneel Family is going to rebel against the adventurers together with RIO」.

Although I was always full of regrets at the fighters that I laid off while crying so that we can shrink our size, their loyalty to come back even now when I’m in a difficult situation is―― what I really didn’t want to see this time.

「Aga…… aghaa……」

「Y’all must get away from here! Oi, why are you not running! 」

「Boss. Even if we’re not human, we will always be a member of Dragneel Family! Ghfu! 」

「Shuttap!! These are not tears of joy, but it’s been a while since I cried so much……. This is so depressing」

All of my ex-subordinates, even when they were being eaten alive, none of them ran. So terrible.

I recall them swearing that 「I will follow you even if I die! 」 but, aren’t them a bunch of fool to die blindly by the words and become undead…….

Thanks(?) to them, by the time the moon rose, I had several hundred undead under me as I started the resistance activity but, all of them wouldn’t listen to my orders.

「tasty delicious」

「I-I’ve always been longing for you but……, this is too much……」

「delicious delicious, humans delicious」

「Stoooooooooooop! Please! Run away somewhere far awaaaaaaaaaay!! 」

As I thought, monsters can only be controlled by monsters.

Because of that, going against my will, the army of undead went out of control.

Eating any people they come across in the streets, then finding their next target and eat, not retreating even when they faced scary adventurers, and now the town itself was set ablaze, the feeling of guilt never ends.

(Well then, work hard for RIO-sama’s sake ☆)

Then, on the other hand, some girl that identified herself as RIO’s confidant using a board-like magic tool to communicate come to sold me a rifle, so I bought it with a bunch of money but, this is some amazing thing.

「Who was the first to say, 『The strongest means of attack for humanity is not sword or magic, but a weapon』 was outrageous but, looks like it’s not necessarily outrageous. 」

Every time I pull the trigger on the rifle, the adventurers that was the symbol of fear itself dies. Tohoho.

「Aah, somehow I’m feeling that nothing matters already. I probably already have several hundred thousand of bounty on my head as the perpetrator now……」

Although many residents had already escaped and now the town only have adventurers left, it was unbearable seeing how the miserable state in Lawrence on flames is because of me.

「Bossss…… RIO-samaa……」

「Sorry predecessors, I have turned Dragneel Family into a nest of monsters. 」

Why has it become like this, if it’s a dream, please let me wake up before I lose my sanity.

Rather, why is it that RIO hasn’t arrive yet, don’t tell me with that cheating type of constitution, she still lost to the adventurers? That’s troubling, if RIO can’t win, then there’s no way I can win.

「Uuuooooooo! 」

Then, a man that sliced through the group of undead while rushing like a boar appeared.

And he’s running towards me…… this is bad isn’t it.

「Oi you! You’re an adventurer, right? Right!? 」

I can’t shoot him if he doesn’t declare his name. It might be an act rebelling against RIO but, I don’t want to kill people that aren’t adventurers…….

When my decision was delayed because of my hesitation, he had arrived in front of me and grabbed onto my collar.

「Where is RIO! Spit it out!!」

He was yelling angrily at me.

My reaction was completely too late, and because of a magic or something, I couldn’t put any strength in my hand holding the gun, it looks like the end is near.

「Don’t know, that’s what I want to know too……」

I wanted to lie and get away as soon as possible but, if I can’t manage to regroup with RIO by the time this guy come back, it will be for real the end for me, I have no choice but to hope this guy is some understanding person with a good sense…….

「Is that so, I didn’t really want to be rough but, 《Magic ・ Horror Vision》」

This is bad, he’s using an illusion type magic to interrogate me! I seriously don’t know where she is!

Shit, I just looked him in the eyes! I can’t get out!

My vision became wrapped in darkness so dark that I can’t even see one inch into the distance, and then when I blinked again.


Stuck in a punishment game by RIO, not being let alive nor killed, unable to move, I was screaming as I get sliced into pieces starting from my fingers.


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