BWO Chapter 40: Lawrence’s Demise Part 5

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With a huge group of kins that reaches 3 digits, all of them went on their own ways to find more preys.

Looks like Boss-san is a commander that is much more capable than I first expected. Even with resident NPCs, as long as the spice known as being undead was added to the mix with numbers, even their puny power can be transformed to resist against adventurers.

「Stop…… please…… I don’t know where RIO is at really……」

Though that commander in question is on the verge of death now.

From faraway, I could see a Western Europe-like man wearing a brownish red coat grasping onto his collar, while he was muttering with his white eyes showing.

Since it’s still too early for him to die, I have to save him. I stopped my steps and took a deep breath.

「RIO is here! Take your hands off that person! 」

「What!? So, you are RIO! 」

Somehow making it in time, I managed to grab his attention here.

Boss-san seems to have fallen to this person’s spell and couldn’t give out orders or fight at all. Changing to the twin swords, I made my move, guessing that the spell will collapse if his head gets detached.

『My player name is 『Douru』, I have come to Lawrence to speak with you. Wawawah! 』

Looks like he’s not doing the name declaration yet. But still, he managed to spin and avoid my two swings, he must have a status that focus on speed.

「That’s fine, even if while you’re attacking me, I want you to listen to what I say. 」

「If you want to speak in ease, then worry not. I will make you not able to speak any more. 」

「Kuh! The speed of your sword had increased again from yesterday’s stream……! 」

He’s quite the skillful one, all my attacks were not landing barely.

However, he’s not doing any sorts of counterattack but is only focusing on dodging. If there’s a strategy here, then it would be trying to catch him off guard after lowering his will to dodge.

「I’m acting under an alliance with the name of 『Seven Deadly Sins』! I have come here to lend an aid into someone like you that’s hostile with adventurers! 」


「Eek! Hk……! 」

I managed to land a scratch on his skin that was without blemish.

Looks like our actual AGI isn’t that far apart. Since I was getting used to his habits while he moves, I can probably see through him after about eight more times of attacking.

「I’m not here for public relations, we want to offer all our help to RIO, since you’re the one that has an ambition not like ordinary people! Nnho!? 」

「Hahk. Looks like you’re out of breath after speaking too much. 」

It’s going smoother than I expected.

I could see that his speed was visibly becoming slower.

Only one last swing. He will say goodbye to his head and be relieved from his fatigue.

「……That’s right! You met with a player that named herself as Parnilla in Amulbell right. That girl is one of Seven Deadly Sins too! 」

「Parnilla-san is, you said? 」

I planned to ignore whatever this person said but, as I heard the name of the player that had experienced a tragedy, I too responded to him and paused temporarily.

「Haa…… haa……, gradually becoming more refined, I almost died from your proportionally accelerating onslaught, but finally you’re listening……. Naturally, I’m not talking about another person with the same name, Parnilla is also one of us that holds the same purpose. 」

He was running over all sorts of places before he arrived here, his ragged breathing showed it.

Also, the alliance he spoke of is something like a faction founded by an NPC.

There’s a wide range of factions such as the 『B Rank Union』 led by the Knight in Black, the 『Holy Tea Party』 led by the old bunch, just by being affiliated in one of them, you will be able to receive blessings from the leading NPC, even the names that the guild assigned to you will have a certain degree of flexibility.

In other words, I don’t really have any interest.

「Fumu, so you want to cooperate with me through Parnilla-san? 」

「I’m saying it’s cooperation but, we have already done every kind of mischief that we can think of, like lighting empty houses on fire, sending fake notices to the guild. For us, there’re some merits that can’t be ignored after all. 」

I see, the miserable state of Lawrence is not just because of Boss-san, he had also lent a hand in it.

However……, looking at the full picture of this turmoil, it’s quite chaotic.

It’s not just a simple versus between RIO and the adventurer’s guild, groups of Enemies, Seven Deadly Sins, other anti-adventurer alliances, there’re probably many forces in this place competing against each other for profit that aren’t yet visible trying to push for their own purpose, causing a sort of faction war.

That’s why unnaturally, we are having the upper hand against the adventurers.

At first glance, even in this world that seemed adventurers had immovable power, with someone that continues to stand against them, naturally people with the same intention will gather around that person.

Despite not taking any move on the surface, their alliance seemed to regard me as a messiah, that’s what I’ve read from him.

Even if that person is a vampire and a villain, as long as there is one small possibility, then that’s good enough for them to cling onto.

「It’s a very attractive offer, but please come back next time, let’s talk about it when I’m not streaming. 」

Even if it’s a position that’s like my ally, having an unknown element will just mess up my calculations, so I refused politely.

「I see, I was also being rude, I shall come back at a later time. 」

After replying with a voice that I couldn’t read his emotions with, he disappeared into somewhere.

「So he’s going to come back huh. If I can convince him to lose interest before that, then I suppose there wouldn’t be any more troublesome matters for me but……. Boss-san, you’re still alive. 」

「Nn? I felt like I was having a terrible nightmare just now, gyaa! RIO-sama!? 」

Oya, when Boss-san who just woke up met eyes with me, he suddenly became so terrified as if his trauma resurfaced.

「I will never go against RIO-sama! Please spare me from a punishment game!! 」

「I don’t recall anything about a punishment game but, I’m glad if you’ll be loyal. Everyone, it has been a long wait but, we will be storming the adventurer’s guild now. 」

『Storming here ――――!! 』

『Climax 』


『Guhehehe~ 』

『It’s finally the check! 』

『The three years of history that players built on Lawrence will end tonight』

『Casually the second time storming today』

Fumu, as I declared the most exciting upcoming event, the chat messages suddenly exploded in momentum.

By the way, using 《Blood Scent Detection》, I could already tell that the front line of the kins have already arrived at the adventurer’s guild’s lobby.

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

Perhaps responding to my intention, Flying was circling around in the sky by the time I noticed.

「Flying breach, Boss-san look for our backs, I will be rushing into the guild soon to give my regards to the guild master, this is the entirety of the final operation. 」

「Wai, is it fine I’m staying behind!? 」

「It’s more suitable to call it securing our retreat route, a rearguard to make sure that I can cleanly charge in and cleanly withdraw. Sorry if you were hoping to see the guild master’s final moments but, I’m leaving our backs to you. 」

「Aah thank god. No, please let me do it, yessir! 」

Boss-san replied in a strange way after becoming loose mouthed but, he’s a human too, it’s natural to avoid going out of the way to die in a winning battle.

「It is the opening of the climax. If you are saying that this distorted justice is the absolute power, then I shall let you know, the most straightforward evil――, darkness shall be the power to surpass everything. 」

Sticking out my chest and declaring, bringing out the great sword that is for the sake of destruction power, rather than through a window this time, I broke the grand entrance to the guild.


The damage from the fire has not spread to the western area.

Thanks to that, I was able to enter the guild without worrying about that.

「These guys are strong! Are there no other adventurers!? 」

「We only have you, there’re no other adventurers left! 」

Flying who had entered first had swept adventurers up with his energy balls.

Even the other kins latched onto the guild staffs they saw and turned them into kins.

It’s fine that they are bustling with appetite but, this, wouldn’t she die before she turns into a kin?

「Uuuwuaaaaa!! My! My sooon!!」

Oya, this kin was particularly familiar.

That’s right. It’s not just a resemblance, it’s actually the bereaved mother that was weeping during daytime.

Retaining her strong feelings even after turning into a kin, performing her orders all while screaming for her deceased son, this kin is worth to write a thesis of ecology on.

「Noo please……. I, I don’t want to die yet……」

And the person that this kin was attacking was…… what a surprise, it was the face of the guild staff that acted so unthinkably that it made me felt sick.

Even though she was so arrogant while acting polite, being on the verge of death, it looks like even someone like her would start to act like a girl befitting her appearance.

「Meat! My meat! 」

Just like that, the two reunited in an unexpected form, however, seeing how the hierarchy of power was completely reversed, it’s quite the irony.

「Sorry, sorry, I apologize for being arrogant and saying heartless things to you, so pleas…… hiic! 」

She already stopped speaking like a fine lady, well, that’s easier to understand.

With an inhumane appearance, in front of the bereaved mother who was begging, she was the one that subdued the mother onto the ground and forced her into a corner.

「Gaaaaa!! Humans are enemies! I will eat and kill all of them!! 」

Oh my, they are supposed to no longer have an ego but, she acts completely like all of her hatred is showing.

As for the guild staff, she was muttering something while fully surrendering.

I wonder if she’s chanting some sort of spell that would deliver a letter to the Netherworld God at this point.

「P-Please, I will apologize as many times as you want on the ground, even if you curse me for everything, I will not fight back, so……. Please spare my life…… please in any means……, if possible, only my life……」

Aah, this is no good.

If she really wants to live, expressing her extent of apology that would even offer up her own life like 「Please torment me to your heart’s content and kill me」 would be the model answer.

Despite that, she forgot that the victim is the main role here and tried to beg for her life to be spared despite being the perpetrator in such a self-centered way, no matter how pretty she worded it, it’s useless.

「I will eat you!! My son cannot eat anymore! So I will eat every one of you!! 」

Well, that only applies if communication actually works with the opponent.

In this situation, either way is not the correct answer.

「Iigggyaaaaa!! Nooo! Save me please, master! Mother, where are you! I will work more, earn more and become successful, falling in love with a cool person and giving birth to my children, then showing my filial piety! I don’t want to die just when my life finally started after joining the adventurer’s guild!! Please I beg you! I regret everything terrible I did so please! God, if you’re there, I don’t want……, I don’t want to become undead. Uu…… no oO Ooo Oo Ooo!!」

Eventually, while blowing out tears, blood, or whatever kind of filthy bodily liquid, crushed by the growing pain and fear of losing her ego, in the end, she stopped thinking and only cried out loud.

But she will soon be saved from suffering.

If she becomes a kin and one of my pawns, then she will be the same as the mother, and there will be no conflict nor hatred.

To think that she will be forgiven just by becoming a kin, the bereaved mother sure is kind.

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