BWO Chapter 41: Lawrence’s Demise Part 6

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『Finally, it’s time』

『Time of demise』


『Finish them! 』

『Not asking for more money from the guild master? 』

There’re no plans for negotiations or warnings.

I’m only going for the kill.

Since for a clumsy average high school girl, it’s all she can do.

「Everyone is really excited. 」

As the lobby is filled to the brim with the smell of blood, I smiled bitterly at the reduced effectiveness of 《Blood Scent Detection》.

Encountering such an unexpected hurdle here wasn’t a problem, rather, it should be included in one of the discoveries that fulfils my curious spirit.

「In any case, let’s go. My aim here is only guild master alone. 」

Leaving behind the lobby that’s almost completely taken over by the kins, I climbed the stairs on my own.

However, as I reached the second floor, silence suddenly returned.

Actually, I was afraid whether the upper echelons had already escaped before the trample began but, as I used 《Blood Scent Detection》 again to verify, there was still a reaction in the guild master’s room.

A reaction from a live person, and another from a corpse.

「Fumu, despite being someone that should stay alive the longest within the guild, he’s sitting still even in this situation where defeat is inevitable, could he unexpectedly have a great sense of responsibility despite being corrupted? 」

『No idea』

『Ain’t he just resolved to die』

『I suggest theory of playing house to escape reality』

『At the very least, die prettily or something』

『Probably not』

Well, no number of guesses would beat the answer that will reveal itself in a few moments.

Intruding while the flames had not spread here, I shall finish my business swiftly.

「Excuse me. 」

Opening the door that was not locked, I was equipping the magic claws as I entered on combat alert.

「RIO, we meet again. But this time from the front door, are you implying you have learned etiquette? 」

……What should I say, he’s in the same exact pose when I first met him.

Glancing inside the room for a circle, there was no lighting, and the windows were still broken, with all kinds of documents and wet paper littered on the floor.

If there’s anything noteworthy, it would be the casket that probably stored Carola’s body placed near the wall. There’s a reaction from my blood detection after all.

I’m getting a bad premonition somehow.

「I can’t understand your nerves to crack a joke now but, either way, your end is the same. Are there any last words? 」

Even if it meant giving up my first strike, I asked him.

「Let’s see, Carola’s case is already behind. I’ve heard many stories about residents that went on a search while she was missing. In that regard, I felt very happy. 」

Particularly, I can’t get any information with what he said.

Might as well ask him straightforwardly.

「It’s incomprehensible. The adventurers left to regain control over the town were all weaklings, and there’s not a single strong person like a S ranker in the guild waiting. Don’t tell me that you are hiding them somewhere? 」

The bad premonition I’m feeling is not something that can be dismissed.

If there’s one, then it should be an adventurer that specializes in some sort of ability that allows them to hide from detection in an unconventional way.

「I thought…… that I’ve done everything to the best I could. 」

He stood up, with a mosquito-like volume speaking.

「It’s not like I have done nothing at all, I already sent request for help from the adventurer’s guild headquarters multiple times, asking them to send several tens of S rankers here. 」

「Fumu. 」

As I thought, there are S rankers hiding, moreover, if there’re tens of them, I have no chance at all.

A gamble or escape, the more I hesitate, the later my actions would be but…….

「But all of my requests were rejected, saying that they have no excess resources to send help. Leaving out the details, they probably decided to cut me off for handing over money to RIO in exchange for my beloved daughter. 」

Narrating with a tone void of any intonation, he started walking forward.

Leaving aside my bad premonition was just a false alarm, this person must be seeking an honorable death, then I must make my preparations.

「I was cast off! It’s my divine punishment for letting Carola killed! And you, RIO! For you that has eyes only for the smell of living blood, have you noticed the smell of what I’ve tossed around!? 」

「……I see, so I’ve been led right into the trap huh. 」

Undoing Blood Scent Detection, just by sniffing a little, the smell of lighter oil was coming from the ground.

Then, returning my gaze to the guild master, beyond his fingertips was a small fireball fluttering.

It was not towards me but aimed for the ground.

『No chant!? 』

『There’re some outrageous NPCs huh』

『To deceive the trained eyes of us viewers』

『Gegeh, pinch! 』

『He’s burning the entire guild down』

Yabai ww』

It’s a terrible situation.

「I have no fears heading to where Carola is. However, RIO, I shall let you experience what it means to be burnt alive by the flames of purgatory. This is what I have prepare to end you―――!! 」

He’s trying a suicidal attack on me, but it’s meaningless for me who can respawn.

Having said so, I have not any intention to let it go his way.

「No you won’t. 」

Before the fireball landed on the floor, I took the damage with my arm, and managed to prevent the fire preemptively.

「Guhahk!? 」

Immediately, finger followed by 《Bloodsucking》.

I will not allow time for the guild master to make a second fireball.

「Gugegeh! I’m dying here……. But…… even if I have lost, the guild has…… won! Gugheehk! 」

Mu, it looks like I have let him spark the fire.

Although I have extinguished the fireball just now, the guild master could still create a small firework while dying, as it dropped to the ground, the flames immediately engulfed the entire room.

「What an unpleasant mood. I’m particularly unpleased at being forced to take a choice that involves both escape and gamble. 」

Although the flames haven’t engulfed the door yet, it would reach there in just a few moments.

If something explosive gets caught on fire before I can get out, a vampire’s fragile body won’t be safe.

「The escape itself is a gamble. 」

Immediately turning around on my heels, ramming and breaking through the entire door. Since my feet were drenched with oil, I almost slipped a few times, as I sprinted down the corridor while supporting my legs with my hands sometimes.

However, even the corridor itself was drenched with oil, no matter how much I ran, the flames would always catch up.

『Ruuuuuuuuuuuun! 』

『Don’t stooooop! 』

『RIO-sama so quick. Even the form is athletic grade』

『Move those leeeegss! 』

『On flames (Physically)』

『Get outta thereeeee!! 』

The heat burned my back, turning around showed the pursuing flames, I managed to get to the first-floor lobby.

「Everyone get out! The guild is going on fire! 」

Shouting my order in the lobby where there were no humans left, Flying and the other kins jumped through the windows, while I threw the kins out one by one while bathing in flames, with my entire vision covered in black smoke, I braced myself and rammed towards the direction where the exit is at.

「It’s the…… outside. 」

I managed to escape in one try, this wall is particularly tough, if I was lacking even a tiny bit of power, then it would’ve been the end of me.

「Oi RIO-sama! You’re burning so brightly, are you alright! 」

Boss-san called out to me in a surprised expression but, being nicely on flames, I could not hear his voice.

Since I rushed through rings of flames, I myself is now burning.

「I’m alright. I will now, run till I’m out of breath outside of the town……」

This isn’t good, even my voice isn’t coming out smoothly.

Moreover, since I forcefully ran through a wall, my ribs and legs, the number of bones that is broken within my body can’t possibly be saved if I’m a normal human.

I’ve underestimated their obsession. If my HP or automatic regen can’t catch up, then this will be where I meet my first end.

「Wait RIO-sama, I recall there’s a specially built well near the broken outer walls! If you jump in there, there should be a chance! 」

「I see. Thank you for telling me, I will catch up to you later……」

Fumu, thanks to Boss-san, I have a sliver of hope now. It was not a mistake to have taken you under my umbrella.

……Well water, to think I would be using a facility of the breaking downtown, I sure is not willing to give up till the end of the end.

So, I took out a damage potion from my inventory, and splashed it around my eyes so that I can see again, as I whipped my broken body to run forward while on flames.


Then, by the time I managed to jump into the well and be submerged in the water, I was puking blood having used the last of my damage potion, looks like I’ve escaped from the literal death countdown timer by the second.

In the wall, there were several residents that are dead from drowning after not able to climb back up, probably for the sake of fire extinguishing like myself……, still, my idea and theirs were the same.

「Guild master. To die while thinking that you won, what a person with positivity. 」

I paraphrased my thoughts of serves him right and barked.

However, it’s not the end yet. There’s still a need to secure a safe place for Boss-san and the other kins, so I can’t logout yet.


《Level has risen to 60》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 18.65 million Iris》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 17, 166, 445》

《The title designated by the adventurer’s guild has been changed to 『Defeat the National Destruction-class Disaster RIO』》


That day, with several factors overlapping, the history of the flourishing Lawrence ended.

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