BWO Chapter 42: Lawrence’s Demise Part 7

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A/N: Well it was nothing but fights

『Lawrence good work』

『What a huge leap in levels』


『Congratulations! 』

『The end』

『Lawrence is burnt to the ground……』

『Attractive that it isn’t RIO-sama’s work that it burnt down nicely』

『Oi www bounty over 10 million www』

『Alright next milestone is 100 million ww』

『The title again is overblown……』

『I didn’t think I would stay till the end』

『It’s great to see a proper ending in a stream』

『Shit ww it should be a sad news flash but why am I doing a guts pose ww』

Being sent off by the messages, I safely escaped Lawrence from the broken walls.

The flames engulfed the entire western area, and those that are still in there probably wouldn’t ever survive.

If they have any water attribute magic, then there may be a chance but, the adventurers I’ve met till now only had used liquid like potion or tea, so it’s quite unlikely.

「With the above, I think I will be ending the stream for today. Thank you for watching. 」



『Again godly stream』


『Guhehe’s he~』

T/N: The “he~” here probably means “yes~”.

『By the way, I suggest to log out at somewhere west from here』

Saying goodbye to the viewers, I then started looking for a hiding spot for the kins as well as a place to logout.

「Gather, everyone. 」

First things first, I gathered the kins in a place.

「So full, so full」

「I want to see my son」

「NoOo…… Don’t want to die……」

The number of kins went above a hundred, a troublesome number to handle.

With this many around, it might be possible to orchestrate a war or something to the fourth town.

「Well then, according to the viewers’ information, we should be heading westwards of here. Boss-san, do you know about anything? 」

「U-Unn. Even if you say westward, there’re no towns or villages, there’re only valleys with fierce monsters……」

「Valleys is it, then let’s go. 」

If it’s within the mountains, then there should be a place to hide the kins.

The mountain surface isn’t visible from afar thanks to having a dense forest but, it will be ideal if there’re any caves or ruins that can be a great hiding place.

Having said so, it’s been a while since the night, even the moon is now setting.

There’s not much room to spare. Getting Flying to transport the slow moving kins, I immediately started a dashing march with me in the lead.


Within the darkness in the mountains, only the occasionally howling echoed inside, giving off a very jungle-like jungle atmosphere.

「Now then, gather around. 」

Just by slicing a tiny bit on my body, the kins that got lost would immediately find their way here, it’s a very important technique.

They are probably equipped with 《Blood Scent Detection》 as well.

「Please don’t leave me behind~ ! 」

However, Boss-san was the sole person alive, if he couldn’t find me within his vision, he would become a lost kid.

The mountain road at night tends to screw up one’s sense of direction after all.

「Ghost……? 」

Still, this is a horror spot that have quite a few spiritual-type Enemies that doesn’t get caught by my 《Blood Scent Detection》 at all. Jump scares like this are not healthy for an average high school girl’s heart.


Enemy Name: Beast Ghost Lv46

State: Neutral


The Enemy had a lower half that looked like a wolf, as fellow dead creatures, they wouldn’t react to vampires or my kins if we don’t make a move first but, for Flying and Boss-san that are still alive, they are a troublesome opponent that becomes hostile just by being nearby.

「Holy shit! It noticed us」

Even though Flying can just escape into the sky, Boss-san couldn’t do that.

「Please pass on. 」

I was already prepared for battle.

Although physical attacks like punching or kicking are pretty much ineffective, their true form is something closer to a projection, there’s a core-like object somewhere within their spiritual body, they will die instantly if my spear pierces through it.

But it’s troubling that the surrounding Beast Ghost would suddenly become hostile too just by taking care of one of them.


Enemy Name: Blue Wolf Lv46

State: Normal


It’s didn’t stop at that.

There’re even wolves with appetite-ruining colors appearing.

「RIO-sama please do something about it! 」

Because Boss-san thoughtlessly fired his high performant gun that he got from somewhere, now there’re live beasts that heard the gunshot appearing.

Although individually, they are insignificant Enemies, but their forte lies within their high AGI and swift maneuvers, the slower kins were totally being tossed around.

Let’s change to a more positive mindset.

「There’s no end at all, I will be cleaning up the beasts with Flying, go look for some suitable hiding place on your side. 」


Why has this response become so determined? It feels like even the viewers will start using it.

But having said so, it’s probably a good thing. As a streamer, it might be good to have various determined things.

「A beast’s fight…… let’s try to learn it here and integrate it into my arsenal. Flying please focus on supporting. 」

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

Changing to magic claws, attracted by the mechanical sounds, with a wild way like beasts, we started a brawl with beasts or ghosts alike.


The brawl lasted till dawn, Flying took a critical hit at some point and was defeated, I as well didn’t have much room after much bleeding but, being a vampire, I was able to secure a victory with no enemies left in sight.

A beast-like fighting style is…… I can’t really say it will be useful in the future. After all, I’m a vampire, and in real life actually a human.

「Well then, let’s go to the cave where Boss-san is at. 」

With 《Blood Scent Detection》, I could sense that there’re many reactions under the cliff.

「Ah RIO-sama, we found a place here for the time being, how is it? 」

Boss-san who was much more docile than we first met was waiting, looks like this is an entrance to a cave.

Since I could hear the groaning sounds of my kins from within, at the very least, it’s not a dungeon.

「Fumu, the sun has risen outside, there’s no time to survey all the other caves now, so this place should serve as a temporary base. 」

「A place like this!? Ouch! 」

Boss-san jumped up with a surprised voice and hit himself on the ceiling.

Certainly, it might be quite a squeeze for all the kins and a little too harsh for Boss-san’s mental state but, he might unexpectedly hit it off and become good friends with them.

「For the time being, I order my kins, dig the wall of this cave with your bare hands, to the extent that it doesn’t cause a collapse, expand it moderately. 」

「Uga―, yessiir」


With affirmative responses, they started silently working to fulfil their mission.

「T-These undead are so good, even though they wouldn’t listen to my orders at all……」

「That’s the difference between a human and a vampire. I will be away for a bit, until then, please live in the cave. 」

「Ah! 」

「If an adventurer came, feel free to escape by using the kins as shield. Well then, let’s meet again later. 」

I was about to logout without hearing his response again but, seeing Boss-san closely, he wasn’t about to raise a complaint, but was actually showing a gesture of having discovered something.

「It’s her! I got this gun from that girl! But why is she here? 」


That girl, he spoke as if there’s a person nearby. If we were discovered, then this cave wouldn’t serve as a hiding place.

So, I stopped my logout, and turned around.

「You’re, don’t tell me. 」

(Long time)

……What a reunion, Parnilla-san who looked exactly the same as the first time I met her is…… standing entirely blood soaked except for her board.

As the blood was still dripping on the floor, she must’ve just been in a battle.

Why was she able to find this hiding place, why is she related to that alliance, I have a bunch of questions to ask but, the first thing that I spoke was.

「Despite not liking to fight, I’m surprised that you can reach this place with so many Enemies around. 」

Rather than a question, it was a doubt.

As I cast my doubt, the board immediately changed text.

(I don’t like fighting but……, I’m actually really, really strong.)

The short words, rather, exactly because they were short, they were curiously convincing.

A/N: Again, my health is iss issss……


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