BWO Chapter 43: Lawrence’s Demise Part 8

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Mu, that sentence just now, it was as if she’s ready for a fight but…….

(…… How is it? See my strong aura?)

「Yes, it almost made me unintentionally take up a stance. 」

(Alright, ehehe. I said I’m strong but, I can’t even hope to reach RIO-sama)

Looks like she didn’t have any other intentions.

I checked with 《Blood Scent Detection》 just in case but, there wasn’t anyone besides Parnilla-san.

(Actually, everyone from the alliance is in this mountain, should I guide you there?)

「Yes, I’d like to ask you too. Boss-san, please standby. 」

「S-s’ that so」

They’re people that I don’t know when I can meet again.

Thinking about my plans hereafter, it’s better to ask for their purposes or intentions.

Moreover, it’s the alliance that someone the league of Parnilla-san is in.

(This way this way)

Guided by the small back, we walked down the path that was neither a road nor animals’ trail.


We arrived under a cliff where the mountain surface is bare, and there was a poster-like piece of paper with an image of a wooden door.

(Go inside)

「Inside, you mean in the drawing? 」

(Yes. Look, it’s open)

Parnilla who replied with such words turned the doorknob in the drawing, and then right after that, the door opened and the space within revealed.

Should I say as expected, the inside of the cliff was a mundane earth wall everywhere, other than the candlestick, there was no other light source.

「This looks like a very convenient goods that is invulnerable to rain, wind, sunlight and everything. Can I order one of these afterwards? 」

(Sorry. The only one I have is this)

「Is that so, then take it as I’ve never asked it. 」

It’s not easy to distance the kins from the threat of sunlight.

……Crouching down and entering, the first thing that came into my eyes.

「Oh, you’ve returned, Parnilla. So, was RIO in this mountain as you thought? 」

Douru-san was sitting cross-legged there on the ground.

By the way, the wounds I had inflicted before were completely healed.

(She was. Perfectly)

「I see. RIO, under the bright sun outside, thank you for coming all this way out. 」

Then, he stood up and bowed.

He was polite, until now I’ve thought he’s someone that has a superior position than Parnilla-san but, there’s something that isn’t quite right.

「Nevermind that, why did you cast a spell that dug my subordinate’s Boss-san’s mind out? Even if you want me to cooperate, I can’t ignore what you’ve done. 」


With nothing he can say back, he was forced to a silence.

This silence, it probably meant that he didn’t mean it, there might be some other circumstances he had at that time.

(But even RIO-sama, in Amulbell was fully intending to make me death)

Parnilla-san stepped in front and started covering for him.

(Lawrence was in a disaster, moreover, the town was full of RIO-sama’s enemies, there were no other choices when looking for you, so he can only take a more radical and high-risk approach)

「Mumu, hitting where it hurts. 」

(In the first place, would you have believed someone that you just met and shouted, 「I’m not your enemy」? Isn’t it more straightforward to get into the main topic while being enemies first?)

「That’s fine already, Parnilla, I can’t stand you playing a bad role for my sake. I’ll explain the rest. 」

Douru-san used his hand to stop the board and raised his face with an honest expression.

「We were in a hurry, though it’s for a private matter. Our aim as the Seven Deadly Sins this time was to defeat the guild master together with RIO, but then you’ve started attacking sooner than we expected, so we used a method that had incurred your anger. 」

……I understood the gist of it.

After all, I do have some awareness that starting the trampling on day 1 is quite abnormal.

(This Onii-san, he looks smart, but his recklessness and impatience are his only flaw)

「……Fumu, was there anything to be so urgent for? 」

「Actually, one of our members is looking for revenge on Lawrence’s guild master. Meeya, Florence-jou, you can come out now. 」

Clapping his hands, he was calling someone from the corridor.

Using 《Blood Scent Detection》, I could tell one of them had an insignificant level.

At that level, the monsters in this mountain would easily defeat them, there’s no need to be caution against that one.

However, the one that appeared first had a reaction so strong that it was devilish.

「So, you are the one that has a revenge case? 」

「No, pay no heed to me as I am of no concern with revenge-noja. I am but an escort for Count Florence’s young lady. 」

T/N: This girl speaks in warawa and noja.

This person is a blonde twin tails, unlike her intonation, she looks to be in her teens……, from the information the viewers provided, she would be categorized as one of those noja-lolis right?

By elimination, it would mean she is Meeya-san, if she’s an escort, then the strength that her blood scent suggests would make sense.

Then, Count Florence’s young lady-san appeared immediately afterwards.

「Umm, is it better that…… I refer you as RIO-sama……? 」

Her meekness and innocence are basically on her appearance, a girl that’s just about the same age as me was doing a fidgety gesture.

「Suit yourself. I’m a vampire, but I don’t have any intention of eating you so there’s no need to be so stiff. 」


Looking still a little afraid, she shrunk behind Meeya-san’s back.

Well, it’s natural that she wouldn’t be calm when facing a vampire with a bounty of 10 million.

「This person is the daughter of a Count that was the former lord of Lawrence, Florence Harcia ……, or should I say, used to be. Since the Count’s family was destroyed, she lost her position and is a commoner now but, for convenience’s sake, we are still calling her by that. 」

Douru-san explained as such but, could this person be the leader of Seven Deadly Sins?

「Of course, since she’s not a player, Kin Transformation would be effective. That’s why until we form an alliance with RIO, she can’t show her face. 」

「So it was something like that. 」

「At that time, perhaps because of my sympathy for Lady Florence, I beg for your forgiveness for have taken a violent approach into getting your whereabouts from Dragneel Family’s boss. We were desperate to bring her in front of the guild master as soon as possible. 」

「Is that so. Sorry if I have stolen your target of revenge right under your nose. 」

「Uuunn, it’s fine…… as long as the guild master is in the depths of hell……」

She said so as she poked her head out but, it was obvious to the eyes that she was feeling empty to have not accomplished her aim.

「But……, the guild master that made father suffer so much. I want to hear what kind of face he made during his final moments. 」

Then, Florence-san who was fearful all this time turned into an atmosphere as if she’s looking forward to a souvenir story.

However, I’m only a stranger to her circumstances. So, I honestly told her.

「The guild master, he had not once muttered anything about your relatives, and died while laughing. 」

「I see, I thought so……」

Probably feeling pity that the end of her nemesis wasn’t what she wanted, she looked a little down.

「Blame me if you want, I don’t mind. 」

「I said it’s fine, I’m not feeling that obsessed over it. After all……」

A while after muttering so, her nervous expression changed.

「I will fulfil my revenge one day. I mean, if I’m going to hell too, I’m sure the guild master is there. 」

Florence-san didn’t have any sort of sadness on her expression.

「I’m fine either way if I managed to stab the guild master and fulfil my revenge, or miss my chance completely. I will not give up even if it takes thousands of years, as the leader of the alliance 『Seven Deadly Sins』, and by performing evil countless times, I will work my hardest to get into the hell where he’s waiting. 」

As if her reward was only postponed for a bit, she said it without a sliver of hesitation.

There it was, an avenger demon residing in her, resolving to be despised by the people as a villain, I’m sure it isn’t just my imagination.

The villain metric that managed to even make me gulp. As I was feeling impressed, Douru-san suddenly interjected and said, 「Let’s reintroduce ourselves! 」.

「I’m Douru, a former elf! Expert in spy or scouting. 」

He was dexterously spinning his dual wielding daggers on the tip of his fingers.

「Former Onibito, Meeya. Escorting, protecting is what I will not lose to others. 」

T/N: Onibito – Oni folk, oni can mean demon.

Taking out a big glittering silver shield from her inventory, she made a stance sticking it out.

(I’m Parnilla, a former dwarf, a fallen weapon smith ☆)

Umm, so Parnilla-san is the mood maker that can read the mood.

「And that’s all of our members. Even if our name is Seven Deadly Sins, there’s no need to have seven members. It’s what Lady Florence had in mind when naming it. 」

「Isn’t it the best? Don’t you think that it’s perfect for us who are despite different, carries sins similarly? 」

「Yes, I can agree. 」

I see, so everyone here carries some sort of sin. Like Parnilla-san, it’s probably a pattern of being labeled a bad guy unilaterally even though she didn’t have the intentions.

I became interested.

「I won’t ever force you again to join hands with us. But do know that we appreciate your listening to our matters so far. 」

(But RIO-sama, sorry that we’ve kept you up so late in the night. It’s already about past five)

「Five, is that a joke? 」

(Serious for real)

「S-Sorry! There’s a lot more I want to talk but, it’s better for you to log out now if you’re a student! 」

……I wonder, will I just outright collapse on the way to school today.

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    Tsk. I was hoping for her to kill the doru guy.