BWO Chapter 44: At the Adventurer’s Forum Part 4 & Forum of RIO-sama Admirers Part 3

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Help the weak BWO thread for adventurers use Part 6074 Strike the strong

1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

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21: Kagezaburo

But well, the residents of Lawrence are all pretty much douches

Like the boss of Dragneel Family, there’re ungrateful bastards everywhere

22: Holyholic

I remember being hit by the merchants for no reason after cracking down the merchant guild that were selling illegal weapons.

If you can get off just by saying you didn’t know, then what’s the need for adventurers

23: Residency Section Chief

Also, there was that time when we managed to quell the Onibito race that were trying to start an armed revolution in Lawrence, but it became so stressful when many residents started defending them after it ended

T/N: Onibito – oni can mean demon, onibito = oni folk.

24: Rice Field Slash

Then why were there people defending the wilderness-addicted elf that lived near Lawrence’s outskirts forest

They are the enemies that preaches protection of Enemies

25: Shinka Shinkan

It was the same when we took down that villainous lord, Harcia Count family for the residents. I only let them be because the guild compensated for it with karma value

Divine punishment for those that can’t differentiate between good and evil

26: Omega Horn

Even yesterday, they were complaining when the outer walls got destroyed during the defense event, how about trying to protect it just by yourselves

27: Tom Boma

No matter how correct you are, there will always be critics

Being adventurer sure is hard

28: Pandara

That’s true~

There’re always a bunch of people that don’t know who they must thank that they can live a peaceful life without fearing Enemies

29: Trancing Bones

Gotta thank the work of our talented guild staffs for persuading dissatisfaction into gratitude.

30: Bock Sax

I feel they aren’t worth the effort to protect

Though we need to for the sake of getting quests

31: Death Metal Band Yamashita

Even for the adventurer’s guild, reviving the dead is impossible, someone go charge some money to revive the residents and stop them from complaining

32: Fried Fennel

Well, that adventurer’s guild you speak of is currently non-operational thanks to Lawrence’s matter

33: Mayday Monday

Is it still time to be grumbling! Look at the stream! Lawrence is in trouble big time!

34: Tom Boma

What is this……, after Amulbell, even Lawrence is destroyed just like that boorishly……

35: Biting Headband

In just one day huh

36: Electric Elegy

Even though the western area barely survived, it was finished off

Not by RIO but the guild master

37: Samurai

Even the church is on fire, so respawns are immediately greeted by flames and are now stuck in the loop

There’s no choice but to log out until the town gets burnt down completely

38: 600th Perfect Score

The building I hid in to sit it out caught flames ww

I can’t do nothing but to sing and dance ww

Fifty years of human life ~ return to fifty yen ~

39: Fairy Fetish

Water attributes, time for your job

40: Immovable Cyborg

Who is it, bloating that they can take down RIO?

41: Law Warrior

>> 40

It was you, fool

42: Explosive Hammer

>> 40

No, his name is a bit different

43: Chanderella

I thought someone would have ended it

I didn’t think that no one would end it

44: Feebolt

Ain’t that girl invincible

The heck is up with her STR appraisal

45: Slashing Time Girl

Even though it was so much pain to be strangled by RIO……, but now I’m dying to be strangled by those thighs again

When will we meet again……?

46: Spin Spear

My reason of defeat is not enough information

So, from today onwards, I shall look at the forums every day to gather information

47: Dried Skin of Fourth District

Kuh! I will defeat RIO next time!

48: Wingod

>> 47

You should just stay in the back lines forever and actually go leveling

49: Magma Hornet

Where were those S rankers that volunteered to appear at Lawrence?

It’s long past too late if they are not there yet

50: Orichalkelp

>> 49

The coachman of the carriage they rode on was killed and so they got stuck

Kannazuki Kanna misfired while in a fight with Enemies

51: Magma Hornet

Then, where is the sniper team that said they can easily get rid of her by sniping from a roof?

52: Mildly 70 Thousand Miles

>> 51

Burned down along with the building

53: Magma Hornet

Holy Tea Party? I thought one of the old uncles there can control RIO’s kins

54: Spinning Ritual

>> 53

Actually, it was discovered that he can only take control of a limited number

Because of that, the target was changed from the army of kins to RIO herself, on his own discretion

The shielder, A rank 35th Chaladin was a flaker, despite having high ranks, all of them old geezers only move on whim

55: Begirafa

Adventurers in Lawrence aren’t even in line at all ww

56: Cow cow counter

Declaration of ravage ~ ravaging starts, to get prepared in 3 hours is impossible task

57: Quick Goal

That vampire sure plan and does things quick

58: Vulture Fighter

Heeey, any Lawrence residents damage report?

59: Brococci

What is sure for now is that more than half of them managed to escape out the town

But half of those didn’t listen to adventurers’ evacuation orders and died after meeting Enemies

60: Wooden Head Thrust

Ha? Aren’t they hopeless without adventurers around?

Residents too weak

61: Brococci

Of course, weak

They are the one at fault but some of the weaker minded ones even tried to shift responsibilities to adventurers

62: Glory Clover

Don’t understand……

If it’s like that, then which side is actually the victim……

63: Bock Sax

They should really die off

Aaaah so refreshing

64: Cow cow counter

>> 63

Imprudence even if it’s in-game matters

65: Executive Glass

RIO’s ravage isn’t getting off as a joke any more

Is it finally time for us to move the central power?

66: Nova Kiri

But they can’t move

It’s not only RIO that’s adventurers’ enemies.

BWO RIO-sama Fan Club Part 5 Cataclysm

1. Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.

111. Nameless Kin

We wooooooon!!

112. Nameless Kin

Party timeeeeeeee!!

113. Nameless Kin

Congrats big victory!

114. Nameless Kin

Triple cheers

115. Nameless Kin

Gradually doing the Break World part

116. Nameless Kin

We won!?

Will be waiting for tomorrow video

117. Nameless Kin

Uoooooo!! Hurraayy!!

118. Nameless Kin

Adventurers are all trash ♡

119. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama at her finest ww

120. Nameless Kin

The power of violence that can top 3 As and near S is incredible

121. Nameless Kin

Boss-san as well was a big contributor contrary to viewers’ expectation

122. Nameless Kin

Just living until RIO-sama arrives is a huge contribution

123. Nameless Kin

I was totally expecting to lose

Up until the battle actually started

124. Nameless Kin

After all, the adventurers haven’t even prepared their forces yet

125. Nameless Kin

Actually, the adventurers aren’t working as a team at all

They can just make parties, so wouldn’t a group of ten people work just fine together?

126. Nameless Kin

>> 125

Adventurers aren’t police…… they are normal people in real life……

127. Nameless Kin

But with ten people, the bounty will have to split into one tenth

128. Nameless Kin

You say working as a team but, they are all selfish bunch when gathered, and no cooperation will happen from the difference of ideas, my experience

129. Nameless Kin

Well, I suppose being scolded trash ♡ at this point is only natural

130. Nameless Kin

Looking back at what happened, RIO-sama’s victory was inevitable

131. Nameless Kin

The god of war dwells in that person

132. Nameless Kin

She’s already level 60

Level 60! It’s the territory where it would take how many months with the intended method!?

133. Nameless Kin

Bounty surpasses 8 digits

Since 1 Iris ≠ 1 Yen, it’s like defeating one RIO-sama will award you enough money to play for the rest of your life

134. Nameless Kin

>> 133

Defeat? More like getting defeated

135. Nameless Kin

I think I’m going to rejoin tomorrow

136. Nameless Kin

>> 135

That’s nice

Pray that where you logged in isn’t a patch of burnt earth

137. Nameless Kin

>> 135

There’s a need for cooking jobs (Thanks to RIO-sama), my advice

138. Nameless Kin

It’s super rare to see a player to have succeeded so much in G route

RIO-sama too amazing

139. Nameless Kin

That plus streaming

I thought I disliked streamers that cause troubles but, there’s this kind of excitement that can’t come with normal play

140. Nameless Kin

She even proved that even when fighting with adventurers that are touted the strongest and biggest, she can easily slaughter them

Eventually there might be a second or third RIO-sama ww

141. Nameless Kin

When the place of slaughter is only before the fourth town

142. Nameless Kin

When the place of slaughter is only around the near villages

143. Nameless Kin

So, the towns where RIO-sama destroyed are still inhabited now huh……

There’re still buildings left there right

144. Nameless Kin

New players are seriously in hard difficulty now

Saying that it’s a bug or something that there aren’t any residents around

145. Nameless Kin

Well, for us that knew the truth……

146. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama’s existence is the bug

147. Nameless Kin


148. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama, what a fearsome child

149. Nameless Kin

There’s that strange alliance that appeared during slaughter time, saying that they are advancing things in favor of RIO-sama

150. Nameless Kin

It means that it’s not only RIO-sama that’s against the adventurers…… respect

151. Nameless Kin

With this, will all the hidden anti-adventurers’ organizations around the world rise up……

152. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama has finally moved the entire world

153. Nameless Kin

She wouldn’t stop aiming for the top even if the world is moved, still, the influence she has is already top class

154. Nameless Kin

Too cool……

155. Nameless Kin

Super cool RIO-sama is all fine but, I’m craving more of the unbelievable cute mesugaki RIO-sama

156. Nameless Kin

Stop with the mesugaki ww

157. Nameless Kin

Well then, what will happen to the fourth town

158. Nameless Kin

>> 157


159. Nameless Kin

>> 157


160. Nameless Kin

>> 157


161. Nameless Kin

>> 157


162. Nameless Kin

The same answers ww

That’s why RIO-sama is so trustworthy

163. Nameless Kin

A model streamer

I want to throw money w

A/N: Second volume was dragged more than expected. Not because of my health

A/N: Point review ↓, I will be patiently waiting


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