BWO Chapter 45: Under the Sun

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From the start of school admission, Eriko had scored perfectly as the unparalleled model student.

As someone who is no more than average, she is reliable and respected……. The feelings of wanting to get closer were on me every day.

Just having her casually talk to me when I was working hard on self-study is ecstatic enough.

It felt like needles pricking my heart just by seeing Eriko acting lovingly with other classmates.

It was so severe that a sense of justice that is unlike myself appeared when I saw Eriko getting assaulted by a molester.

Thinking that the motive was probably common stress, I was able to find courage by gambling that I wouldn’t meet any consequences if I threatened him hard enough.

「――Since we’re going to school together hereon, how about loosening a bit and calling each other by first name? 」

「Fueeeee!? By first name!? 」

「Is that something worth a shock……. I’m already feeling itchy to start doing that already, Eriko. 」

「Mohhyooo……! Tozawa-san is…… calling Eriko……. Unn! Got it Rio! 」

With that as the first step forward, it was the peak of my life when I managed to become good friends with Eriko……, in any case, I was super happy.

「Eriko…… Eriko……」

Still, be it sleeping or woke, my thoughts were totally dominated by Eriko’s existence, realizing that it would hinder my average school life, I set aside my feelings as “Love” and regained my fleeting normal mind.


Sleeping five hours is killing me in the morning.

This is too, the proof of having not assimilated with the new lifestyle that is out of my normal schedule.

「Fuaa……, today’s a weekday, but I’m so sleepy that I’m yawning……」

After breakfast, the drowsiness that I can’t get rid of was getting to me because of the cut in sleep time, so I’m resting my head on Eriko’s lap currently.

A scenery where Eriko is sideways, and sideways again shows the rooftop view, an absolute scene.

……Aah, Eriko has gotten plumper again. I won’t say it though.

「Guhehe~, playing too much BWO again~」

「Yes, it was even a shocker for me to see the sunlight in real life. 」

「It’s a common happening, I also had times where I forgot time and played until the viewers reminded me. 」

Eriko’s voice showered down to me.

It felt great to have a smooth conversation, contrary to how sleepy I felt.

And I felt especially extra comfortable while lying on Eriko.

「Fufu… fufufuh……」

「Aaah! Rio is grinning so much. Is my lap pillow really that comfortable? 」

「N! No, that can’t be the case…… I think. 」

「There, you’re lying again because of embarrassment. I can tell, I want to flirt like this forever~, the inner voice of Rio is saying. 」


This is not good.

I didn’t think Eriko’s lap pillow would be this comfortable, to think that I would be overwhelmed by the urge of burying my face between the valleys of thighs for a greater comfort.

Moreover, to think that they are slightly bulging outwards from Eriko’s point of view, they must be elastic. As I thought, lack of sleep is an evil concept that tries to pry open a person’s well-kept feelings, I can’t let my guard down.

――After all, Eriko, for me, your encompassing and reliability is…… causing me to have feelings that are more than just a friend for you.

「But it sure looked terrible when you were swaying the whole time during class. So, now that it’s still lunch break, sleep well, guhehehehe. 」

While she was leaking a suspicious laughter, my face was suddenly ―― covered by Eriko’s blazer.

「Haa! No, you can’t Eriko, today is cold, you can’t wear that thinly……」

「I’m a strong girl so it’s all fine. Rio didn’t want to take my blazer at all, but isn’t taking a nap like this what you want? 」


Is Eriko really seeing through everything?

The insides of the blazer were still faintly warm, in addition, Eriko’s own special scent spread in the narrow space within, with soft thighs waiting even as I moved my face……, I can’t endure anymore.

Being wrapped by Eriko on one side, my thoughts aren’t working correctly at all, my heartbeat was spiking upwards, and I felt my own existence melting away…….

「Hawaaa, Eriko’s nice scent. I want to be like this forever……」

This won’t do…….

Recently, or rather, to be precise, since I started BWO, the feelings of love started increasing with a tremendous pace.

It would be great if it’s only an adolescence phenomenon of love and longing. After deciding without much thinking at that time it’s feelings of love, my days was changed into as if I was practicing abstinence.

「If Rio is saying so, then I’m willing take a piece off and help any time! Nade nade nade

T/N: SFX: pat pat pat.

「Hyau! Don’t spoil me like this…… Erikoo……」

「Guhehee~. If you react that cutely like a kitten, then I’m gonna pat more~. Nade nade na~denade nade na~de

「Y-You can’t……」

Eriko’s hand that can be felt clearly even through the blazer, this is too much bliss.

Being patted by the person I like, there is no more blissful time than this…….

But I’m not satisfied with this much.

Like how adults do when they are drunk, maybe I can leave it to my sleepiness and say it.

「That, Eriko, how much do you…… like me? 」

Uuu, I really said it while grabbing onto the patting hand…….

The embarrassment is enough to make my face catch flames.

「……Of course, very very super much! Rio is my angel, my wife! I won’t hand you over to any kind of viewers out there!! 」

「T-Thank you very much! To have you assert that confidently, it’s my honor! 」

「Unn! I can speak freely because it’s Rio! We’re friends after all. 」

「Y, yes, I’m glad to hear your words. 」

Friends is it……, she’s right.

A perfect superhuman that’s in the student council and doubles as a popular streamer, Eriko, unlike her usual strange acting, she is drawing a line where there should be properly.

Despite also regarding myself as the number one, the meaning of my number one is a little different, it’s me that’s strange.

「……Say, Rio, is BWO fun? 」

Perhaps caring for me as I couldn’t sleep from the extreme pondering, Eriko suddenly raised a topic.

「Yes. There’re interesting times and unpleasant times but, it’s fun to be a streamer. 」

Since it’s a topic like this, I should answer as honestly as I can.

Far from average, and many times underhanded than average. Even when such an average high school girl is being so distorted, the viewers were laughing along as if it was a mischief, with none of them blaming me.

That’s why, the streamer RIO can aim for the top freely and being easygoing.

「There’re unpleasant things!? You must let me know if it’s unpleasant! 」

「No, including all of that, I’m glad I’ve tried it. Even for me, a game has its up and downs. 」

「I see. Unn unn, I’m glad to see a side of Rio that I don’t see in school, it’s happiness for me. 」

I want to see the real Rio, she still remembered that promise.

Even though there’s nothing real at all and all of them were already lost…….

「Thank you very much. Eriko’s happiness is my happiness. 」

That’s wrong, this is not the truth either.

The true happiness for me is to convey my feelings to Eriko, and the future where I can stay beside her.

But, if I were to reveal the feelings that I’ve kept secret until now, just thinking of the risk that our best relationship might disappear……, moreover, in the real world that no undo is possible, I could never bring myself to tell her.

But what I can hope is that, no matter if it’s ten or twenty years in the future, someday, if the day will come for me to be tying a knot with Eriko…….

「It’s already this time!? The class is about to start! 」

「We won’t make it in time if we took our time. Let’s return to the classroom quickly. 」

In a hurry, both of us ran down the corridor despite it being bad manners.

The class will start.

As an average high school girl, no more or less than that, just spending time in peace.

Every day comes without burden or hardship, if there’re any problems, I can just consult with Eriko or others and come to a solution together.

――Rather than a person that is responsible and relied upon by others, I’m better suited to be with someone who is reliable.

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