BWO Chapter 46: Rio Who Wasn’t Average

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Having an IQ so high that even adults were put to shame at a young age, outstanding motor skills that easily surmounted the barrier between men and women, and the amazing learning ability to memorize any detail of any field of study just by seeing it for the first time.

Awakening with an intelligence that she would get mistaken as a reincarnate of a heroic figure that has accomplished a great undertaking on the age of nine. Describing her level of wondrous omnipotent talent that can be said one in every ten years, naturally, first in national exam is inevitable, winning the highest award is without doubt when submitting her work in any kind of art concours, she was even on the level where passing the entrance exam for a first-class university is theoretically possible.

However, her effort is not to be ignored, moreover, having realized that it is easier to be praised by her close acquaintance if she put in relentless hard work unlike geniuses who don’t know anything about hard ships and effort, she didn’t try to hide her earnest side from her surroundings.

――Surpassing the concept of average, an impeccable child prodigy with noble character, Tozawa Rio who excels in both literary and sports was praised as a Kirinji with a bright future awaiting her.

T/N: 麒麟児 Kirinji basically means the same as child prodigy.

……But to be precise, Kirinji is a term only used for boys, as a girl, I couldn’t help but feel unnatural with the title but, I didn’t really care about small details like that, it would be bad for me to be called a nitpicker after all.

「Oya, Hondo-san. What happened today? 」

I recall that person coming to me for a consultation.

「Ask Rio if you have any troubles that needs consulting」 was becoming the norm, the memory of when I became the class representative because of my sense of justice and duty that rose from being ambitious is now only nostalgic yet cursed.

「Sorry for calling you suddenly, Tozawa-san. Actually, I have something that I need to consult with you no matter what……」

Despite having a timid personality that matches with her short height, Hondo Aisu has generosity far greater than mine, there was a period when I was devoted into handicrafts, during that time, I became close with her through our hobbies, despite being from different classes, we were able to talk to each other without reservation.

Gifting each other a self-made felt doll that represented ourselves, we were close enough to put it on our randoseru, she is a friend that I’ve opened up my heart to, as she always spoke to me on equal footing, despite me being a person that even senior students are afraid of.

「Recently, I felt like the boys near my seat likes to mess with me.」

「Is that so? If it isn’t a bother, please do tell me about the details. 」

「Unn. It’s all because of my name……」

「Sorry, it’s fine that you don’t have to say after all. I will be sure to solve it, so let’s go home together today. 」

Guessing her worries, to lessen her anxiety, I linked hands with her.

Hondo-san’s first name is a flashy name that received prejudice, because of that, she was even some of the classmates’ target of unspeakable harassments.

Worried for her, the next day, when I was faking a stomachache as I passed by other classes, I caught sight of Hondo-san’s school lunch being drenched in milk.

On that day, I called the boys out and reprimanded them, so the bullying had subsided, though only for half a month.

「Tozawa-san, Tozawa-san. 」

One day, Hondo-san tugged my sleeves with an expression of heavy shadow and was fidgeting somewhat.

「Hello. Should we go home together today? 」

「Uun, rather than that, my textbooks went missing just now……. I just went to dump the trash for my cleaning duty today, and they disappeared after I came back……」

「What!? I will help too, let’s look for it together. 」

「T-Thank you. 」

Unlike myself that is extraordinary, Hondo-san is only a normal girl, I always listened to her consultation in the friendliest way even if it meant shaving my self-study time, but if her textbooks that are necessary for class went missing, it’s a matter more serious than before.

As a result of investigating every corner of the school from the buildings to the courtyard by splitting up from right after school to the closing of school, the full set of missing items were found on the ground at the biotope near the school building, in a state so drenched that it would tear into pieces just by touching it.

Seeing the matter that was more than just a joke, I couldn’t stand back but to report it to the teachers.

Then, the next day, it was found out that the culprit wasn’t just the group of boys before, but even a group of girls were involved. What was most shocking for me is that the girls were also involved in the prior incident and had escaped my eyes.

So, making use of my abundant knowledge, I made an example of them by demanding compensation for the bullying case, so that there’s no repeat, and I made sure to strictly warn them too.

I have done this much to nail in the coffin. It should’ve been the end.

「……She’s late. It’s Hondo-san, did she get into another trouble? 」

I was called out for some consultation today again but, as she was late for thirty minutes after the appointment time at lunch break, I became worried for Hondo-san.

The worry eventually turned into anxiety, and it turned into shock when Hondo-san appeared in a state like a drenched puppy.

「Uuu…… ugu…… Tozawa-san. Help me……」

「Hondo-san! What happened! 」

Her pretty clothing was soaked wet, and there were several scratches on her, I knew it was nothing normal at first glance.

Although it was raining outside, I knew it wasn’t related to that.

「It’s them again……, I asked them to stop for a long time already, but they wouldn’t……, even the teacher didn’t lend an ear……」

「No way!? They should’ve received guidance already, have they not reflected yet? 」

The third time happened for something that I thought was solved two times.

Moreover, they became even more sly by employing other methods of bullying.

Since she had come to me for consultation instead of the adults that should be preventing this from happening, I can tell that it had been a great burden on her mind.

「……Sorry, Tozawa-san. 」

「No, you don’t have to apologize. Anyone can tell that it’s not your fault. 」

「That’s not what I meant. This, I couldn’t protect this important……」

「That……is……! 」

When Hondo-san opened her hands, it was the felt doll of a giraffe I presented to her before, with limbs and head torn off cruelly.

Wanting to make the always sad Hondo-san smile, ……it was so shocking to see something that I knitted myself to make her happy in this ruined state, all kinds of feelings mixed together, eventually, my will interlocked with each other and became unified.

「Why, Hondo-san has done nothing wrong! 」

Contrary to my expression distorted from anger, the tears were overflowing without stopping, with a feeling as if the flow of blood reversed, I was squeezing my fist so strongly that my nails was digging into my palm painfully.

The fact that my body headed straight towards Hondo-san’s classroom was totally unconscious.

「Tozawa-san, calm down!? That is definitely not something you should do! 」

「Aaaaaaah! Those peoplee!! 」

The point that it was my present is nothing compared to the pain that Hondo-san experienced.

What I couldn’t forgive and was most enraging was, their rotten roots that would tear apart the precious treasure of a weak person that they had victimized so many times, ignoring her will.

If a genius with her genius ways can’t do anything to fix the problem, I just have to do it in a simple way that they can understand even with their stupid mind.

The urge in my body strengthened every time the figure of Hondo-san who had no other choice but to rely on me passed by my mind, as I saw the three boys of the perpetrators walking together friendlily.

「Then Hondo, she……. Ah! Isn’t it the Kirinji, Tozawa agha!? 」

In a dazed state, I swung with violence.

「You! Quickly atone! Atone for what you have done sincerely to Hondo-san! 」

「I will apologize……, so please, stop already……」

「This much can’t amount to the pain that Hondo-san felt with you apologizing and not stopping! If you want to apologize sincerely, then you must be able to carry the same pain! It’s nowhere near enough! 」

「T-Tozawa-san is fighting! Call the teachers! 」

The first, second, and finally the third, using the martial arts I learnt, I acted as the executor of power for those who had none, led by the violent emotion. It’s the mission that only I can do within this school that has no justice to help the weak.

My brakes were broken, screaming angrily, it was as if I’m in a frenzy, totally different from my usual calmness, even the students that were watching from a far hesitated to break in between.

「It will be the girls’ turn after you evil people. Naturally, everyone that have pretended not to see the bullying is also of the same crime!! !?」

「Please stop, Rio-san. 」

The escalating bloodshed disaster was finally starting to calm down when one of the teachers held me down.

「Let me go! They are trash that won’t understand no matter how many times I tell them! 」

At that time, I was squirming, trying to show the resolve and obsession that I would even bite if my limbs were held down.

「Even if they are the one at fault, they had apologized, isn’t this too much? 」

「I suppose. But if they can be forgiven just with uttering their words with no weight, they will do the same foolish act again. Why don’t you understand that it’s always Hondo-san that gets wounded from getting her precious things stolen! 」

「No, if they have apologized, you should forgive them, Rio-san surely understands this. 」

「It’s Hondo-san’s right to decide whether they should be forgiven! Even though no one would make them reflect except me, why is everyone trying to limit my intention forcefully……」


It was not just Hondo-san’s matter, the troubles that I had been carrying were leaked out, even the teacher looked stuck for words.

I take pride of being relied by everyone.

However, considering my prestigious other name in another manner, it was common for people to push things onto me to do.

I didn’t feel particularly sour if it meant someone would be happy but, that only applies when the burden is on myself, it completely changes when someone else is at trouble, which was the biggest trigger of this incident.

After that, because of Hondo-san rushing towards me and pleading with her tears, I regained my composure, as I clutched on my chest and started talking about the unfairness Hondo-san experienced.


At the very least, no bullying ever happened again while I was in school, and the teacher that held me down retired in punishment.

Thanks to support from all sides from the beginning, with twists and turns, it was evaluated as a self-sacrificing action for a friend.

I ridiculed myself, thinking that it’s probably because of being a Kirinji.

However, for my only friend, the result of executing justice in my own way, was crueler than I ever imagined.

「Good morning. 」

「……I didn’t do anything bad. 」

「Sorry. I didn’t mean to be a bother, please don’t mind me. 」

Unrepairable scars were left after taking a forceful method of resolution, both me and Hondo-san were put at a distance from our classmates.

The world is not so generous that anything would become justice if it were justified.

Even if it was for the sake of a crying powerless person, just by using a forceful method, that person would become the new evil.

「It’s my fault……. If only someone like me didn’t……」

Because of my fault for having a sense of justice greater than normal people, Hondo-san’s appearance that would say 「It’s fine」 every day with a clouded expression different from being bullied was painful to see……, unbearable, I cried without stopping when on my own, regretting over my careless judgment, with my own academic abilities, I finally came to know of my selfish innards.

I am not a vessel to be “Justice” for someone else.

「……Say, Rio-san. The test this time, your marks dropped a lot but, were you having a bad day? 」

「It’s nothing. This is my real self, so don’t rely on me next time. 」

「U-Unn. I will revise with my other friends then. 」

The marks on my answer paper were 60.

To have it in shape, it’s the score I intentionally gotten by leaving the latter half of the questions unanswered.

The genius I am is an idol of admiration, an existence difficult to be understood.

So, I decided to be prudent, putting effort to reduce my abilities to about average to never show a reliable image of myself.

Even if I tried to confess my troubles to others, I could see the reality of being slandered as a genius’s problem.

To make it consistent, I lazed around to balance my results, faking illness or wounds to make time for not studying, repeating suicidal attempts, in any case, I pinned reasons to not go to school.

Although rumors suggested that I became mentally ill after Hondo-san transferred to another school due to family matters but, since it’s convenient, I shall make use of it to refuse attending school.

「I will be going. Father, mother. 」


「……Keep it up today too」

Just like that, to have a not particularly bad or good appraisal of abilities, I threw away all of my elementary school and secondary school life but, when I eventually managed to get into a high school for the slightly worse than average students, I was never called a Kirinji, a name and curse that became my complex.

Though there were still some parts that were particularly outstanding, while some are totally no good.

「Morning~ Rio! Gu~heh. 」

「Good morning. I’ll have you know, a cutesy laugh won’t work either. 」

Betraying the expectations of everyone, suppressing my physical strength and ability significantly, I put in effort to lower my academic ability until all signs of it disappeared. Thanks to all of that, I obtained the identity of an average high school girl and was able to enjoy every day without any burden.

Meeting Eriko who is the second my only person in my life, I couldn’t help but to enjoy the life of a person that knows love.

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