BWO Chapter 47: Surrendering Boss & The Girl’s Perspective

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A/N: Third person perspective flashes

I logged in at about past noon in the virtual world.

The members of the Seven Deadly Sins had already disappeared somewhere, so I went back to the temporary base, but judging by the blood scent of kins being all spread out, the expansion work must be perfect.

Faithful to their lord, no complains about food, working without sleep and fatigue, with not a single thing to complain, the kins are used for labor unsparingly.

And Boss-san was sitting on the ground while hugging his knees.

「I can’t stand it anymore! Why do I have to live in this cramped place with these guys! 」

「Fumu, you don’t know the reason? 」

「Gyaaaaaa RIO-sama!! I-I’m really glad that I’m able to spend day and night with RIO-sama’s kins……」

「Well, that’s great to hear. 」

He said so but, he can’t hide the fact that his face is extremely disheartened.

I wonder if the main reason is the lack of proper food here. Since it’s not a joke if he died from hunger and became a kin, despite a vampire not needing food, I shall add it to my to-do list.

「It takes some time and effort for a trip to town from here. Every one of my kins, please start digging in the 2 o’clock direction. 」

「Acknowledgee……! 」

「Meat is delicious, but soil too……」

「I don’t want to be undead……」

To not lose sense of direction in this cave, the kins’ level is quite high.

Although increasing the number of entrances will mean that it’s easier to be discovered but, at that time, it wouldn’t be a problem since we would be on schedule to crush the fourth town.

Changing my location and starting the stream, I started my trip to the fourth town, 『Littebeutte』.

Though, as someone that had caused a burning disaster in Lawrence, it may be hard to pose as a refugee and get through the adventurers on guard in town.

As for Boss-san, he’s probably already wanted for being accomplice with RIO’s terrorism, so he can’t tag along.

……I will think as I move.


「No…… don’t come……」

The wolf monster was slowly catching up to the girl.

More than a day had passed after Lawrence fell to a certain vampire, she was one of the former Lawrence residents that miraculously survived in the wild this long.

It was a life of escape full of turbulence but, looks like it will finally end here.

――A family of three with both parents. The girl lived by pickpocketing or begging every day, her parents worked every day, begging adventurers to protect them in exchange for money and fame, all of them lived with their own means of earning.

When Lawrence turned into a sea of flames, the girl with her whole family successfully escaped the town and aimed to move to Littebeutte.

However, on guard against the adventurers’ demands and exploitation after owing a favor, they rejected their escort but, it’s no exaggeration to say that it went downhill from there.

「Papaa! Mamaaa!! 」

The result of prioritizing tomorrow’s life than today’s survival, they were immediately met with trouble, being attacked by a group of monsters on the way, both her parents couldn’t put up a fight and were eaten.

The girl that remained, having pushed by her father’s last words, 「Please, it’s papa’s only wish, you must live on! 」, she ran with her whole to escape the monsters, not stopping even when her route deviated from the direction of Littebeutte, by the time she noticed, she was totally lost in the dense forest, not knowing her directions, it became dark.

「Yoo, Jou-chan’s one of the survivors? 」

「Oi, don’t go scaring a girl like that. 」

「Dohheee. I’m sure she met with not just some troubles. 」

「Right, right. So, we offer to bring you to a town, feel free to think that you’re on a cruiser. 」

A group of four adventurers called out to her.

Despite being warned day and night that following unknown adventurers are dangerous, in a situation where her survival is in question, she had no choice but to rely on them as her messiah.

「Jou-chan, your parents, what do they work as? 」

「Rich family? What about the Engel’s coefficient? 」

「Huh? Did we perhaps bump into a really great person? 」

While on the journey, her identity and family, she answered all of the questions as quickly as they were asked.

「No―, papa and mama got attacked by monsters……, and I’m really poor, don’t have any money……」

「’S that so. 」

Then, the adventurers suddenly changed route to Lawrence’s western valleys, after advancing for a while.

「Sorry, I’m gonna go pee for a while, be right back. 」

「Me too」

「Ah yes, same. 」

「Yep. 」

As if agreed on it already, they started giving excuses and then went somewhere while whispering between themselves, and never returned.

It was obvious, they intended to leave her there.

Saving her rewarded no benefits at all, getting involved with such a poor resident at all would mean that they would be pestered for help next time, so they decided that it’s better to leave her there as food for monsters.

If that’s the case, even if the girl died, it would be attributed to the monsters, the adventurers’ karma value wouldn’t be affected. Rather, if they retrieved the remains afterwards and deliver it to the guild, they can even get some merit from the guild with karma under the name of ascertaining someone’s safety.

For them, it was probably a very clever idea.

「Where is this? Are the adventurers not back yet? 」

Despite tormented by the unfathomable terror, unfortunately, there is probably no one coming to this mountain.

It was already a place where quests of the adventurer’s guild rarely point to. Moreover, in a place where monsters loom, it’s too merciless to tell a normal girl to get down the mountain on her own.

「Is it…… over for me……? 」

Eventually, all her mind could think of is to live or die, then, a Blue Wolf found her.

Despite managing to hold the situation in place with the protective item 『Mini Barricade』 that her deceased father gave, it has also slowly lost its effectiveness, there is not more than a few minutes to the end of journey.


It’s not like she resolved for death.

However, it was obvious to her that the shape of death is approaching.

Although both herself and the Blue Wolf are incredibly hungry, in a world where strong eats weak, the weak girl will inevitably be eaten.

「No…… stop……」

Just seeing the saliva dripping from the fangs, she could imagine her own death.

She hated the idea of both dying lonely here and going crazy from the pain like her parents.

She couldn’t stand it.

She couldn’t stop it.

That’s why, all she could do is scream.

「Please…… someone help!! 」

「《Magic ・ Dark Ball》」

A person?’s voice.

At the same time, a ball of darkness ran beside her.

The magic landed nose first on the Blue Wolf and deviated the aim of the death god that was going to eat herself.


The Blue Wolf immediately turned to face the person that fired a spell to itself, but at that moment, a kick landed on its face and caved it in.

It was too merciless, too quick to end. The overwhelming strength that even she felt dangerous for herself, could it be an adventurer?

「……I suppose this isn’t the end yet. 」

The girl with translucent-looking white hair, despite facing a group of wolves that suddenly appeared, she was still holding a parasol.

Then, the fight started, with a fighting style that wasn’t normal, and the girl out of the loop.

「First one, done. 」

While dodging the wolf that lunged at her, she immediately crushed its fatal spot on its abdomen with her foot.

Could there be such strength nested within that thin body, it was a strange sight.

「Fumu, it doesn’t seem like that. 」

Next, offering her own body to be bitten, she grabbed onto the neck that came close, and crushed it with her grip.

「Become a spirit」

Killing the wolves that attacked one after another by kicking, digging their flesh out with her nails while strangling them to death.

All of them were performed without a single groan, while the parasol is still opened elegantly.

When the majority were defeated, the remaining wolves started to escape, then the mysterious girl that managed to drive them away spoke.

「Say, what’s your name? 」

Are you fine? or there’s nothing to worry now, not hearing any of those fueled my anxiety.

Moreover, despite not using any healing magic, it was creepy how wounds on this person healed without any traces.

Because of the disappointment after betrayed by the adventurers, after surviving the ordeal, the skepticism that I almost forgotten returned.

「Elma……, I’m Elma」

Still, I answered.

This person had put her own life on the line and drove the monsters back.

Whether she can be relied on as a hope…… or not, for the sake of father’s words, I had no choice but to choose the choice that has the highest chance of survival.

「Fumu, then where are your parents? 」

It was a question similar to what the adventurers asked.

If I answered honestly, then this person might abandon me too.

Shutting my eyes, I tried to not lie but keep silence but, tears formed on those eyes, and started to drip down, it was obvious.

「I can tell without you saying. For the time being, I should ask for some opinion from my ……. 」

The girl for some reason stared at an empty space for a while, then turned back to the little girl and then gave her conclusion.

「Alright. Let’s go together to the town of Littebeutte. 」

「Town…… together? 」

For whatever reason, the girl with a completely emotionless face lightly picked her up on a piggyback and started walking out of the mountain.

But the girl’s skin was as if dead, cold to the touch.


A/N: Being healthy is the most important

A/N: Typos everywhere when I try to write on a smartphone……

T/N: Eeeh, kinda hard to tell where the perspective changes for the 2nd part.


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