BWO Chapter 48: From RIO’s Perspective & Strict Inspection

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『White hair』

『RIO-samaa…… haa, haa』


『Too much for a white hair person like me』

Faasaa is kinda nice』

T/N: Swing her hair backwards.

Using Flesh Manipulation turn my hair into a shade of albino, my impression completely overturned from when I had my original black hair, it should be difficult to determine my identity.

I purposely left my appearance as is. Sweeping my bangs so that it would cover my eyes, I split them apart so that my vision could see through the gaps.

The theme today is 『Stealth to the max』. I feel like the limit for decided themes is nearing.

「Mu. There’s a person and Enemies. 」

I detected foreign presences using 《Blood Scent Detection》.


Right at that time, a terribly afraid voice from a girl reached my eardrums.

Only an adventurer would come to this kind of barren place, or perhaps some strange person that is trying to suicide.

Also, there’s now another possibility, it being a refugee that escaped from Lawrence, though the possibility is unlikely.

However, with her level in the single digit, it would be too presumptuous to think that the girl is trying to suicide.

So, it’s likely that she’s a refugee. Looks like my luck had come just as I started.

「Please…… someone help!! 」

「《Magic・Dark Ball》」

The girl with light pink hair was on the verge of death already so I immediately fired a long-range magic to get its attention.

『She helped!? 』


『Dark Ball, Dark Ball』

『Alright, transform! 』

The next form I should change to…… wait, it’s right in the middle of noon.


So, I crushed it with a kick.

Despite in front of a small girl, it’s my style to not stop on the cruel way of killing.

「……I suppose this isn’t the end yet. 」

However, before the Blue Wolf died, it managed to let out a howl, so there’s suddenly a group that surrounded us.

Well, unlike yesterday, there’re no Beast Ghosts here, even with the parasol as my handicap, I would never lose.

「That’s the first one. 」

While looking out for the girl, I crushed the heart of the Blue Wolf that decided to jump with my foot first.

The second, and then another started to move, so I decided to wait and see.

『Ah, bitten』

『Against weak opponents and how……』

『Make sure to hit then with a counter attack like Rh○thm Tengoku when they get close again ww』

T/N: I have 0 clue what this reference is. I think its Rhythm Tengoku, but I couldn’t find anything regarding counters or what.

『She was just spacing out though』

No, I purposefully let myself be bitten. It was to determine the true identity of the girl that is fallen on the ground now.

It would be the worst if she’s an adventurer.

Come to think of it, it’s too abnormal to see a lone person in this mountain.

It might be a pattern like Parnilla-san who has undeterminable power despite looking young, or perhaps she would try to throw a weapon or cast some magic to support me when seeing I’m in a pinch as I performed my act but, she was still on the ground shocked as usual.

「Fumu, it doesn’t seem like that. 」

Since my HP was slowly depleting, I decided to just trust my nose, and immediately killed all the wolves by crushing their neck.

「Become a spirit」

After killing several of them, the remaining Blue Wolves realized the difference in power and decided to flee but, since I’ve accomplished my aim, I wouldn’t pursue them.


『Rescue success』

『Could it be RIO-sama finally awakened her sense of justice…… or not with that kind of face』

『Oh, these wooden fragments, looks like she used Mini Barricade to survive barely 』

……The scattered fragments around this girl, looks like it’s the remains of an item like a tough fence.

Readjusting my breath, I decided to see whether she has any value for use.

「Say, what’s your name? 」

It’s mainly to confirm that she’s an NPC or not.

「Elma……, I’m Elma」

「Fumu, then where are your parents? 」

Then, I asked about her family.

If she by the off chance is an illegitimate child of the guild master or a relative or something, I will 《Bloodsucking》 immediately.

However, did she have something going on for her to not say it, she was crying while being silent.

That probably meant that both her parents lost their lives due to some incident.

「I can tell without you saying. For the time being, I should ask for some opinion from my viewers. 」

『Turn into blood』

『Ah she made her cry』

『↑A praise for villainous vampire』

『I know why RIO-sama did this. I think she’s contemplating whether the girl is an enemy or not~』

『↑This viewer, better confess what are you to RIO-sama』

『Ho―n. So, anyone know who this girl is? 』


『Don’t know』

『She never appeared in stream before』

Chasing the flowing text with my eyes, I was looking for a knowledgeable person that knows her identity.

While doing that, I was trying my best to sense any change in the smell of blood with my nose being the third eye.

However, it looks like no one in the chat knew who she was, so I should just give my decision now without making her wait any longer.

「Alright. Let’s go together to the town of Littebeutte. 」

「Town…… together? 」

Since she never tried standing up from the state of being powerless in her legs, I picked her up with one hand and put her around my neck.

――This girl, it’s probably what people mean by mob resident NPC that lived in Lawrence.

Not having any particularly special position, she’s a person just there for the headcount.

However, an orphan without any kind of social standing is especially useful for me now.

The fourth town, Littebeutte is currently accepting a large number of refugees or so I’ve heard from the viewers but, since going there alone with a parasol would only get me suspected as RIO, I need to have a human companion no matter what.

If I manage to aim for the blind spot of 「There’s no way RIO will be bringing a resident NPC along」 among the fact of 「RIO will always use a parasol in the day」, all that’s left is up to my actions.

There’s nothing guaranteeing its success, but there is no strategy that will succeed definitely in this world.

Happily choosing the choice that will raise the success rate is natural.

「Onee-san…… who are you……」

Because of the piggyback, Elma-san who is now wearing the parasol like a hat talked.

「Well then, who am I, I wonder. 」

Even if she’s a child, I intend to hide my identity.

However, I will have to know my own image from an objective point of view.

「But, if I were to say that I’m the vampire RIO that destroyed Lawrence, what would you do? 」

「Eeeeeeh!? O-Onee-san is…… that……! 」

「Nope, I’m just a lone wolf that couldn’t fit into any group. Make sure you hold on tight until the town. 」

For the time being, I put it off as a joke, to leave this Enemy infested place, I ran towards the destination.


「Onee-san, are you a kind person? 」

「That’s a difficult question but, kind…… perhaps. Though I’m being harsh with myself. 」

While randomly responding on the way, I chatted with the girl to ease her loneliness.

Although an average high school girl that has no experience in having a child is taking care of a child, I will get used to it.

――Since Elma-san was basically docile all the way, I was able to reach Littebeutte together with her without many troubles.

「Stop, do not touch the gate. We must verify your identity as an adventurer or not. 」

As expected, a strict inspection was waiting.

Even as a refugee, with a few days passed, it’s natural that there’s a checkpoint set up here.

「Please let us pass. From what happened in Lawrence until today, we were escaping the entire time with death nearing us. This girl is my little sister. 」

「I-I’m not a……」

「Oops, zip it first. 」

I closed Elma-san’s mouth, whose chin was resting on my head.

『Again with the lies』

『Lying as natural as breathing』

『Ain’t the one that is near death this checkpoint guard』

『RIO-sama didn’t need to eat or drink at all though』

『At least make your hair color match if you’re going with a sibling setting ww』

Thanks to my lie-covered remarks, it doesn’t seem like I would be stopped to the teeth, it’s not a bad development at all.

「But, Littebeutte is now overflowing with refugees. Sorry but you will have to wait for a carriage to another village……」

What stubbornness.

Since he didn’t compromise at all, I will try the most peaceful way to convince the guard who is a human.

「……What is with your hand? 」

Grasping on his hand, I took out something from my status window with my hand.

「It’s just a show of kindness but, it’s about 100 Iris there. Please let us pass. 」

It’s a strategy under the table.

It would be the best thing ever if it can be solved with a few changes.

「Why thank you. It is the southern district past here, the security isn’t great. Take care and be careful out there. 」

The inspection guard that started a loose expression from the unexpected income suddenly changed attitude and stood aside to make space enough for a person to pass.

Rather than RIO or not, it was questionable to have a checkpoint guard that is supposed to check identities to be as negligent as him to be responsible but, if interpreting it favorably, I wonder if it’s an indirect resistance to the adventurer’s guild that is controlling the town.

His home country must also be like a client state. Just like how the adventurers treat himself.

「Onee-san…… that was amazing……」

「But such negotiations, it requires some courage too. 」

By acting in that way, it’s likely that I can misdirect the checkpoint guard from thinking about RIO.

「Let’s go. I have today’s theme too, considering reconnaissance, let’s check out how bad the security is in this town. 」

「What, a theme? 」

「It’s nothing. 」

Telling her that, I let Elma-san down and rested for the time being.

What joy to be able to infiltrate the town easily this time too. It’s also a harvest that I found out that merely 100 Iris is enough to buy an entrance pass.

In any case, it’s still too early to dismiss Elma-san’s role as over, let’s use her to blend into the humans better for now.

I want to think that this town is in a better state than Lawrence but, who knows.

A/N: Huge event even if it’s only entering a town.


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