BWO Chapter 49: Bustling Streets & Demon Worshipper

PhantasmalMira 2013

「Oi adventurers! You better protect this town from RIO!! 」

「Who cares, get lost you homeless! 」

「I have three children! Please someone spare us some food! 」

「What do you think shops are for! My products are for selling! 」

「Hold up, this great me, 【A rank 443rd ・ Shiji Maimi】 will pay for you. 」

The main street of the town’s southern district is a huge mix of refugees and Littebeutte’s residents.

Due to the hustling and bustling voices overlapping, it’s unclear at all who is saying what.

In other words, unlike the residents of Lawrence that were totally drained of any energy, the people in this town had the spirit to live for today.

As for me, if ignoring the fact of unsanitary and cramped conditions, I’m happy that there’re a lot of human resources here.

There’s no way they can remember each other’s face with everyone originating from different regions, and with this many people, what they can accomplish is surely not a few.

「……Fine lady over there, I wonder if you can lend me about 10 Iris. Tomorrow…… I will definitely return it. 」

Immediately, a skinny refugee came to beg for money.

Using an umbrella when it’s not even raining, I was probably seen as someone rich.

T/N: Sometimes I interchange parasol / umbrella depending on context, used umbrella here since she’s not talking about sheltering from sunlight.

However, since there’re also adventurers that dress up strangely, perhaps to match their nicknames, when compared to them, a parasol is quite normal.

「My, how poor and pitiful. Please try someone else. 」

「What!? I will return it! Definitely, even 20 Iris back in full! 」

I immediately weaved between the crowd and took distance.

There’s no meaning for me to hand out a single dime no matter who is it for. This person and Littebeutte is destined to be destroyed soon anyways.

『RIO-sama, hard face as usual』

『Had chills when I thought she’s gonna use bloodsucking』

『Actually, that expressionless is more like uninterested than disliking』

『↑RIO-sama knower appears again fiercely』

『Reading mind, what kind of esper is that guy ww』

Still, to not feel any sorts of animosity towards that person, it felt a little strange knowing myself.

He probably wasn’t malicious and was just fixated on living another day.

Well, since having my vampiric fangs seen from mingling with him any further is just trouble, I walked to another place.

Getting out of the crowd and heading west, I walked down the wide street.

「What’s that? 」


Elma-san suddenly pointed her finger at a huge gathering of people.

That place is probably an empty lot. The wide space that is almost as large as a park gathered many people that were looking at the same direction, as if a live performance was held or something.

Then, a man in a robe was on the stage…….

「――RIO-sama will be the one who saves us! It is not a vampire nor a demon that will come to this Littebeutte, but a messiah that will release us from the unfair regulations! 」

While blending in with the people, I was confused at the sudden name of RIO, but it looks like the priest looking man was giving a speech.

His exaggerated gestures and hand movements were magnificent even from a distance. It really transmits his enthusiasm to the listening audience.

「Fumu, looks like a new religion. Perhaps their fear for RIO was too overwhelming that they gathered like-minders under the flag of religion. 」

「How strange」

As an average high school girl that has not much confidence in the concept of higher beings, my thoughts are pretty much aligned with Elma-san.

He’s trying to raise my name, as RIO myself, I’m quite intrigued.

「Everyone, is it enjoyable to endure hunger every day? Is it enjoyable to welcome those selfish rulers every day? ……Let out your piled up anger, now! 」

「O-Of course it’s not enjoyable! 」

「Yeah! It’s not funny at all when adventurers always try to wring us! 」

Pushed by someone, everyone started revealing the anger that are hidden in their heart.

Is this a speech that requires audience participation?

「It’s as what you all say. No, it is not enjoyable! Definitely not! In this time where speech and belief are limited, only ones with power becomes fatter, commoners like us are sacrificed in the process. However, RIO-sama will not discriminate between people, she offers her hand to all who believes equally. In fact, where is the guarantee of survival if we leave it up to the adventurers that were the culprit of Lawrence’s destruction? Now is the time we shall lower our weapons and show allegiance to RIO-sama! 」

「Oooooooh!! 」

「Long live RIO-sama!! 」

「Allegiance! Allegiance! 」

「There’s finally a brighter future―! 」

Although it’s not like all of them stayed to listen, majority of them showed agreement to side with RIO.

The speech was super effective.

However, the most important thing is, RIO’s heart didn’t get moved at all.

They are, all it boils down to is just a gathering of people. To think that they can escape from my threat just by taking a pose of going against adventurers, what a typical example of shallow thinking.

Fundamentally, I didn’t start playing BWO to become a messiah.

There is room for consideration if all of them agreed to being my kins, but since it goes against the idea of the speech itself, it’s probably impossible.

Besides that, it may look like a good-hearted preaching that attracted many supports but, just by pushing forcefully, it will be their fatal mistake.

「Together we say! 『Our allegiance is with RIO-sama』…… what are you !? 」

「Alright, enough playing, 【A ranker 698th, Lanusist】 is here~ 」

The effeminate adventurer male stepped onto the stage and picked up the speaker by his neck.

The cheers from the audience instantly stopped and turned into anxious mutter.

「You asshole adventurer! Take your hands dirtied with power off me! 」

「【A rank 822nd ・ Catcher】 is here too」

Then, the next adventurer that stepped onto the stage looked like a power type.

「Having Catcher here, how reassuring. Let’s subdue this rude fellow quickly. 」

「I don’t like your easy-going attitude but, fine. 」

With that said, swinging his arm that is as thick as a log, he smashed the chin of the man who was preaching RIO to the ground.

「Agh! Gahkkgha!! Let go……! 」

Helpless against adventurers, yet he had made such an obvious insult by worshipping the adventurers’ enemy, what a daredevil.

Rather than saying it’s fatal, it’s a mistake more correctly described as getting what he sowed.

「Today, divine punishment will…… gahk! Hgi! guh! 」

「Oi, don’t you try dying off there. 」

As if a predator playing around with its prey, they hit the man multiple times till he passed out.

Not stopping even when the man is full of broken teeth and nosebleed, even if it was well-deserved, it’s quite heartless to say the least.

「Keh, serves you right. 」

「That’s right. Anyways, it’s a trouble for adventurers if you just blabber about your thoughts in front of such an audience. 」

「Punishing this piece of shit. Still, the guild had issued rewards too, this is one stone two bird. 」

They were speaking as if they took over the speech on the stage.

That duo……, looking closely, there’re other adventurers that didn’t take action but, all of them looked proud of their victory.

「So quiet, what happened? Why not try raising your voice like just now, long live RIO-sama or something. 」

「Of course, we will listen quietly. With a serving of fist added on. 」

Catcher-san was threatening the masses as he cracked his fingers, and then jumped down from the stage.

「Shit! Run everyone! 」

「Uwaaah forgive meeeee! 」

「Oi don’t push! 」

「You are the one pushing! 」

「Don’t touch my butt you pervert! 」

「L……Long live great adventurers! 」

Everyone that were listening to the speech scattered with amazing speed.

It was obvious that anyone and everyone there chose for their own safety. After all, just staying in that place any longer will be seen as resistance by the adventurers.

「My goodness, patrolling is always fun. 」

「Yeah Lanusist-san. As long as we are strict, the people in this town will be docile. 」

「But we’re only A ranks, as expected, we probably can’t go against RIO. Well then, where’s the next evil gathering? 」

The two that seemed to have become friends through the collaborative work of justice enforcement began to remove the podium without realizing the actual RIO was watching.


「We should leave before we get involved in this trouble too. 」

At this stage, I can’t have them discover I’m RIO at any cost, so I should escape together with the residents.

……Still, both of them are disappointing.

「Adventurers are scary, RIO is…… scary too……. Won’t Onee-san and I get our blood sucked to death if we are discovered……」

「Y-Yes, that might be true. We have to resolve for death if we meet her. 」

「I don’t want to die……」

The force clinging onto my head was increasing.

The only person she can rely on is me now. What irony.

『Hey, this one’s RIO-sama』

『RIO-sama is still calm in that situation』

『Even I was getting nervous for some reason』

『How long before she gets exposed……』

『Next issue, RIO-sama exposed』

『Oi stop that』

……Regardless of enemy or ally, I would like to hide my identity.

A/N: Bringing around a little girl, such a lolicon-san ♡


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  • Hesowa


    Speaking of Hellsing again, I really hope this girl turns into a Seras V. type.

  • Dawn Seeker

    Dawn Seeker

    having read what i have of both blunt type ogre girls way to livestreaming and genoside girl online i see this as a sort of fusion. nana has super-op abilities irl and locked away trauma. genoside girl was brutal in her killing of npcs. the death penalty concept is in Ogre girl but not Genoside girl. the backwards facing concept of adventurers however is something i haven’t seen. i do hope that Rio doesn’t just soften up like genocide girl though. i hope the author commits to using the little npc girl as a means for rio to destroy town and not try to use her as way to make Rio sympathetic and appeal to humanity. at best i hope the little girl choses to join Rio be it kin or human in her path of destruction. imagine the terror Rio could inflict if she had this little girl.

    • Kristeen


      I hope she lets the girl live and the girl clings to her for protection even after learning who she is.