BWO Chapter 50: Pickpocket & Shush

PhantasmalMira 1899

Heading towards the west district from the east district.

I didn’t feel fatigued at all but, since Elma-san was on my shoulders for a long time, she should be feeling quite stiff, so I stopped for rest for a while.

「Onee-san, your boobs, so squishy」

I was in a position sitting on the ground while hugging her but, if Elma-san can rest, then it doesn’t concern me.


『Onee-loli precious』

T/N: Onee-chan with the loli.

『Boing boing』

Tee tee

T/N: Precious.

『Guhehe, what are you doing without my approval? 』


『RIO-sama mamaa……』


『Oi Elma let me take your place』

『Let me be Elma』

What are the viewers dreaming about?

This kind of shameful behavior is only allowed between girls, don’t put unnecessary hopes on me.

「But Onee-san, your body is so cold, and there’s only smell of blood……」

Mu, she’s sharp for being a child.

She probably started suspecting something.

「That’s right. It’s my constitution from birth. 」

「Really, but being chilly might be good」

What innocent thinking. But thanks to that, I won’t be exposed.

Still, children are truly adorable. The appearance of sinking herself within the valleys deeper without hesitation tickled my maternal instincts.

My own child, I would definitely want one even considering the current era of sub-replacement fertility…….


At that time, a guu~ sound rang, as Elma-san groaned weakly.

This cute sound, she’s probably hungry.

……As for Boss-san, he’s probably eating some wild grass or mushrooms scattered in the mountains without poison testing to overcome his hunger.

Thinking about that, I became worried for Boss-san’s safety. Let’s hasten my food procurement plans.

As if the timing was just right, there was a street vendor with a table displaying bread that can be portable food.

「W-What are ye doing! These are my products! As if I will give them for free! 」

That person hid his products with eyes as if looking at flies.

Well, it can’t be helped considering we’re in a lawless area.

「I want all your food and drinking water. I will pay any price you name. 」

『She’s buying it』


『RIO-sama good mood』

『This sense of money handling is broken』

『As expected of a villainous lady』

『Financial ability appeal』

It’s also with intention to display that I’m different from other refugees. With that, merchants that have what I need may come to introduce themselves to me.

Since it’s like a push-selling now, I will deal with it skillfully.

「Everything!? This is surprising, forgive me for my prior rudeness. 」

As soon as I said that, he softened his attitude as if speaking to a superior and started explaining what kind of food supplies he had, since he had given an offer of 4000 Iris, I agreed to pay.

I stacked up the money on my hands, then just as I wanted to hand them over.

「Alright! 」

One male barged between us, then the money that I put on the table disappeared as if a trick happened.

「Oyoo…… looks like that was a pickpocket. Onee-sans, you must catch him quickly! 」

「Of course. Elma-san, wait here for a moment. 」


I put down Elma-san top lighten my load and increase my speed and started pursuit before I lose my target.

However, there is no art nor progression just by catching the pick pocketer immediately. I will do it while considering the benefits.

Well then, around this part should be suitable.

「There’s no one here right. Hehhe, I can get good food with 4000」

「Good work running this far. 」

「What? Gah!? 」

Since he wasn’t aware that I was just behind him and stopped, I grabbed him by the neck.

「This power is not a human’s…… who are you……」

Stopping in a back alley where there are no others around, I couldn’t tell whether he was planning it or completely winging it.

A place where there’s no one seeing, and to guide me there by himself.

「Actually, there’s something I want to try, and you shall be my experimental subject. 」

Motive of theft or reforming, I don’t really care about this person’s actions. Other than Elma-san, any stranger NPC would do, so him here saved me some time of choosing an experimental subject.

What I’m testing now already has results posted on strategy sites, so I haven’t been tried it out at all until now but, practical is good for everything.

Since a chance had presented, rather than through words, I want to record it in my brain with the result directly.

「Eek!? 」

At first, I stabbed into his skin lightly and used 《Bloodsucking》.

「Wha…… wha……」

His arteries floated to the skin, and blood was extracted while he was spasming.

However, this time, with my DEX higher than what I’ve got when I was in Lawrence, I adjusted the amount of blood I extracted, and left just enough so that he wouldn’t die from blood loss.

「……He’s still alive. Now to use Kin Transformation. 」

Taking off my hand, I used my skill and divided blood to him.

Since I had always performed Kin Transformation on corpses, I wanted to investigate what kind of undead will be born from an incomplete kin transformation.

「Fuaa~, what was I doing. 」

He yawned, and then got up while scratching the back of his head.

From his outwards appearance, there wasn’t any change compared to before, looks like his memories is vague from the shock though.

「Sleeping in the middle of a road. Did I pass out from being super drunk in the morning? 」

Although he was under direct sunlight, it didn’t seem at all he’s becoming dust.

However, from the scent of his blood, I could tell that he has a smell close to a dead person.

But if I stopped using my skill, it was not a distinguishable smell.

「Good morning. Do you feel like being reborn? 」

「W-Who? 」

「You just tried to steal my money that’s on the ground there but, you don’t remember? 」

「Ah!? Getting involved with this person can only be trouble! 」

Saying that, it seemed like he remembered, and started fleeing immediately.

He didn’t call me RIO-sama though.

However, seeing his back that became smaller gradually, I felt like his speed was greater than before.

Could this be an entirely different species from my kins?

『Half undead? Maybe? 』

『He don’t look like an undead at all』

『Isn’t it just some enhanced human』

『No way right ww』

『But isn’t that exactly what happened? With just a little blood from a vampire, his physical body got enhanced instead. So, if Kin Transformation is not done when the target is properly dead, it will just be helping the target instead. 』

『↑This long paragraph brother is a vampire player? 』

……How knowledgeable.

Should I use partial kin transformation on Boss-san? Though it might be a better idea not to, since I’m using him as a commander and not a combatant, any strange intervention might be unwise.

But what about Elma-san. Should I secretly enhance her when she’s sleeping?


Although I just sucked some blood, it was an experiment that’s unnecessarily tiring.

Moreover, the stolen money is scattered all over the ground, so I will have to pick them up before they get stolen by someone else again.

Iris are inconvenient in such cases of troubles, because the specification requires you to have it in hand before able to store and retrieve it from the status window.


While I was picking them up, a small pair of shoes were blocking my hand.


As I raised my face, Elma-san who I thought I have instructed to wait for me was having a green face while hiding half her body between a narrow crack between the buildings.

Why is she here even though I asked her to wait, in the first place, how much did she see…….

「What happened, your expression looks different. 」

「I didn’t see. I swear, I didn’t see anything……」

Turning around, she crouched down and hugged her head as if trying to protect herself from anything that might fall onto her.

This won’t do.

To think that the first person to see through my identity would be Elma-san. It looks like I had underestimated a child’s exclusive energy and expected her to stay put by asking her only once.

「Fumu, looks like you’ve seen what had transpired. From your trembling, you must’ve been watching while I started using bloodsucking. 」

「No……. I didn’t see it because I wanted to…… I’m scared on my own, so I followed……」

「But, you clearly seen it. Surely, you have understood that I’m just a vampire that is bearing the skin of a human. 」

「I don’t understand! Onee-san is a kind Onee-san…… so……! 」

What a pity, a child like her didn’t have the wits to make any good excuses.

At this point, there’s no other way but to use Bloodsucking, Kin Transformation, and the sunlight to destroy any evidence.


『Youuu saaaaw iiiiitt』

『Sa―w it, saw it』

『It’s all over』

『Elma-chan is over』

『Purupuru, I’m not a bad vampire』

T/N: The “I’m not a bad slime” reference.

『Bloodsucking execution begins』

『Alright, I will take a break from watching』

『I shut my eyes, you can do it now, RIO-sama』

Shut……I see, it’s not a time to be panicking yet.

「Don’t make a single sound. 」

「Hic! 」

If she screamed, that itself would be the utmost trouble, so I ordered with intimidation.

……Despite knowing my identity, she managed to stay still and keep silence even while trembling, what courage and toughness.

Crouching down to meet Elma-san’s eye level, I whispered into her ears after approaching her face.

「I’m the vampire RIO, branded as a national devastating disaster. Normally, I wouldn’t be keeping you alive but, if you keep it quiet, then I might reconsider. 」

「Nnn, nnn! 」

「I see it as an affirming answer. ……I have a great purpose, and I need your cooperation for that. So, from now on, act on the presumption that I have your life in my hand. 」

「Nnn…… nnn……! 」

While tears were falling from the edges of her eyes, she was nodding repeatedly.

「What a good girl. As long as you’re obedient, then I will treat you with love that surpasses the racial border in return, it’s fine to be as casual as before. 」

「Nnnn, nnnn……!! 」

「Then grab on, we’re going back to make the purchase. 」

Picking up the trembling body that wasn’t moving at all, I carried her on a piggyback again and went towards getting the groceries.

A/N: So my rapid decline in health is from drinking too much vitamin mix……


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