Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 102

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「And, what could it be? 」

   The dining hall on the first floor of the Seseragi Inn. Occupying one table, Ardis and Kyrill was having their late lunch.

   And at the table’s side, there was Rona pretending to be a normal dog while leveling five persons worth of food. Kyrill had round eyes the first time he saw Rona but, in the end somehow convinced with the mysterious justification of, 「Well, it’s Ardis-san after all……」.

   Although Ardis felt a little strange at the omnipotent excuse of 『Because it’s Ardis』, it’s not like he could gain anything even if he drilled down the reason. Thinking that there’s no downsides since Kyrill is fine around Rona because of that, Ardis decided to get into the topic without thinking much more about that.

「I need a home tutor. 」

   While biting down the Black Rabbit Pie, Ardis answered. The dishes that the inn owner, Melir’s father make are unlike the Strategic Weapon born from his daughter, they were fulfilling and most importantly gave a sense of relief.

「Home tutor……is it? 」

「There’re children with special circumstances staying in my house. I was looking for a tutor for them but, it’s really hard to find someone suitable for the job. 」

「But I’m a mere merchant apprentice you know? I mean, I’m going to enroll in the academy to study magic but, I haven’t received a good education, I don’t think I have anything to teach though. 」

「It’s not like I’m asking you to teach magic or anything. I just need you to teach them common knowledge and vocabularies. 」

「Aah, if that’s so……, but then there’re many others who you can find in the capital right? There’s no way there isn’t any suitable ones. 」

「I said they have circumstances alright. Age are twelve, and they’re both girls. 」

「I don’t see any problem with that though? 」

「What if I told you they’re twins? 」

   Ardis just said it simply but, Kyrill jumped up in shock.

「Tw――!? 」

   Kyrill let out a loud noise accidentally but, suddenly covered his mouth and looked around. Fortunately, there aren’t many guests around, since there weren’t anyone looking at himself, he seemed to sigh relievedly.

「That’s the case. I can’t really hire anyone as their home tutor can I. Kyrill can at least tell that much right? 」

   Seeing Kyrill had calmed down, Ardis continued. Albeit his stepsister, his admired Nee-san is the one half of a twin, there’s no way Kyrill will discriminate twins.

「……That’s some circumstances alright. But wouldn’t Ardis-san teach them be enough? 」

   Kyrill’s question was justified. But――.

「Despite looking like this, I’m not often around in my house, so it’s difficult. 」

   Ardis couldn’t keep staying with the twins forever.

   In fact, Nere as his servant was looking after the twins as his substitute. Normally thinking, she would be taking the educator role as well.

「I mean, there’s someone looking after them but……. Uhh, there’s still some problem. 」

   With an inexplicable expression, Ardis seemed hesitant to speak of it. That might’ve been funny. A suppressed laughter came from Rona who was lying under the table.

   Two hours after that. Ardis and the two others who had left the Seseragi Inn is now heading towards the house in the forest.

「I didn’t think I would be entering this forest again. 」

「Don’t worry. We’re not going that deep today. 」

   Kyrill probably recalled the time four years ago. With Kyrill surveying the surroundings anxiously, he had followed behind Ardis closely. Come to think of it, Ardis recalled the time when he first met Kyrill.

   The twins that were eight four years ago are now twelve. They’re just about Kyrill’s age when Ardis first met him. Comparing the present twins now with the past Kyrill, Ardis felt the twins’ childishness once again.

   Without ever having a chance to enter the town, it can’t be helped that they don’t have friends of similar age, it might be that they were too treasured. The twelve-year-old Kyrill was already able to cross the country border, hire mercenaries and even daring to enter the forest with countless demonic beings lurking.

   Is something like that even remotely possible for Fillia and Riana now, even if leaving aside the fact that they’re twins.

   There wouldn’t be any good outcome if it continues like this, Ardis had begun to think like that. Seeing the children in the town, Ardis had felt the twins were more childish. When was it that Ardis started thinking about the twins’ education.

   The trigger was their speaking. There was a change in the way they talked.

「Ardis. Did you bring something today――? 」

   It was this year when he started noticing there are weird suffix with their innocent but unique speaking style.

   He was just putting it off before but, the decisive factor was the people of 『Bright Stars of White Night』visiting a few months back. It was when the two twelve years old twins making a strong face and said, 「You are ――」, Ardis as the acting guardian was looking for a hole to dive in.

   The reason was obvious.

「Fillia. There’s a lack of grace in the way you eat. There is no good if you so choose not to correct it. 」

   Even if Ardis was the one providing shelter for the twins, he couldn’t be with them at all times. In that sense, Nere was the one who accompanied them to longest.

   They are living in a forest far from any human presences only by themselves. And the twins still had many things to learn, especially in their growing period. Naturally, Nere’s influence would be huge.

   In this regard, it can be said that their honest personality backfired. By the time he realized, the twins were speaking in Nere’s fashion.

「Who are you young man――? 」

「Fumu. You are Ardis’s companion―? 」

   Ardis and Kyrill who arrived at the home was met with Fillia questioning the new presence and Riana with curious eyes. They had both grown in the course of four years, their childish face had already shown signs of maturity.

   They didn’t have the fear facing others like before, they would even welcome guests that Ardis brought over sometimes. Although their adorableness didn’t vanish through the span of time, Ardis felt a little pity at that recently.

「Fillia and Riana is Riana and Fillia――. 」

   It was because Nere’s way of speaking had corrupted all of it.

   Nere who looks like an ideal maiden but once her mouth opens, she wouldn’t hold back in anything. Without discriminating the twins, she would disperse the demonic beings in the forest, she would clean up the house, and even her cooking is the best.

   Although she was the perfect person to take care of the twins, Ardis started thinking differently after her way of speaking caught onto the twins.

「That’s quite the way of speaking……」

「……Fillia is the left one, Riana is the right one. 」

   Kyrill was expressing his opinion with confusion while Ardis held his temple and introduced the twins.

「Fillia-chan and Riana-chan is it. I’m Kyrill. Nice to meet you. 」

「Umu. Good seeing you―! 」

   It’s good in a way that they aren’t afraid meeting someone for the first time. At least, they could greet……kind of. Nevertheless, the way they speak cannot be left alone.

   In a few more years, they would be grownups and would be able to live on their own, it would be bad if it continues like this. Even if leaving aside they are twins, they are still sticking out in a way.

   It might not be too late to fix that habit now. Hoping such, Ardis was looking for a tutor for them.

「Well, it’s like this. I will leave their education in your hands. 」

「Certainly, the way they speak……, it would be a trouble if it rooted. 」

   After meeting with the twins in person, Kyrill seemed to understand the graveness of the problem.

「As a bonus, they don’t know much about the world’s common knowledge. It was alright until now but, they would have to face the outside world in the future too, it’s a good time to teach them. 」

「But, if so――」

   Kyrill’s gaze switched to the woman preparing tea in the kitchen. With her graceful movement as she poured the tea, it was a figure that screamed nobility.

「Wouldn’t she do fine? 」

「Aah……, you thought so huh. 」

   But Ardis’s reply wasn’t positive. As they were having this exchange, Nere had brought over five portions of tea. After glancing Kyrill with her sky colored eyes for a single moment, she turned around and face Ardis.

「My master. Since you had been conversing with honored guest for some time, I’m sure master and honored guest are already thirsty by now, how about some drinks? 」

   Kyrill’s eyes became round.

「Here. Guests shouldn’t be reserved. 」

   Nere’s way of speaking which was unexpected for Kyrill made him speechless as he turned around and faced Ardis. It seems like the clever Kyrill had already grasped the situation without explaining anything.

「That’s how it is. 」

「……I understand. 」

   An hour after that. Ardis and Kyrill had organized the details regarding the period and compensation of the request, it wasn’t difficult for them to reach a consensus.

   In fact, Ardis’s compensation that was offered was an absurd amount, for Kyrill who needed money to attend the Mariules Academy, there wasn’t anything better than this.

   He had more things to take care of than other home tutors but, still it was at a price at least five times more even when it’s only teaching common sense and basic knowledge, there’s no reason for him to refuse.

   Well, for Ardis, it was an amount taking account into the fact of making Kyrill keep the secret, and it wasn’t a large expenditure anyways considering the sum that Ardis and Rona are able to rack up with subjugation requests.

「On the afternoon of my rest days, how about that? 」

「Yeah, it should be fine for the time being. 」

「For the time being? 」

   Kyrill tilted his head.

「Let’s have you teach them for an hour for the time being, and the leftover time can be used on Kyrill’s training. 」

「Huh? Training? Mine? ……For what? 」

   Hearing the unexpected word, Kyrill’s expression was not without question marks.

「What are you saying. I’m around for a while but, I would be going out eventually, Kyrill would have to come here by yourself you know? 」

「He? Eh? …………EEEEH!? 」

   Kyrill who finally understood Ardis’s meaning stood up in surprise.

「It’s natural right. It’s not like I can fetch you here and there every time. It’ll be troubling for me if you can’t handle at least one or two Ractors by yourself within two months. 」

「Alrig……, wait, that’s impossible! 」

「It’s fine. You will get used to it soon if we train seriously. 」

「Eh, no, a……」

「……Well, you might be on the edge dying for the first few times though. 」

   Leaving aside Kyrill which had completely lost his speaking ability, Ardis was muttering something disturbing softly.


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    I agree, Ardis, to me, has become a bigger piece of garbage as the story goes on.

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    Art O Plateau

    Ardis is being a jerk right here (sorry if I sound like nagging with this): he isn’t just abandoning his responsibilities as a stepfather of sorts by simply going out for days/months while leaving the twins in the care of Nere.
    He knew what entailed taking the both of them since they were so young, yet all he cares is going to solve the life of whatever random person he meets while pretending he is a tragic victim of fate.
    Ardis also underestimate Nere’s rights simply by letting her be the babysitter.
    Now… he seems to pretend HER influence in the girls she has being 100x times more a parent to them than he ever was to be a problem. I mean, come on, isn’t that a pretty crappy way of thinking? She’s done her best yet now she is a problem to be the only role model to them? After he secluded the three of them in that forest? Seriously?

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