Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 114

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   Defending against the uncontrolled spell, Kyrill who verified his own and Leon’s safety sighed big.

「Good work. It was an overwhelming victory huh. 」


   It was Rai who called out to Kyrill on the ground. Ellenoa was beside Rai as well.

「Can you stand? 」

   Grabbing onto Rai’s outstretched hand, Kyrill felt dizzy while standing up. Since the outcome had already been decided, there’s no problem even if an outsider helped him.

   The entire arena was buried with voices of various volume. Majority of them were showering praises to Kyrill but, there were some who are laughing at Leon as well.

   That’s natural. There was too much of a difference in ability between someone birth of nobility and someone of commoner. Even more so for magicians who will need a high degree of education.

   Born in a blessed environment of a count family, and lost to Kyrill all while having the secret arts of his family, moreover, passing out right after being defeated. The final nail to the coffin was he even wet himself.

   He would be the 『Filth of nobility』 for the nobles, but for the commoner students, it would be a 『Serves you right』.

「What a pathetic man. 」

   Sending a cold glance to Leon who was still on the ground with the lower part of his robe wet, Ellenoa said with a given up tone.

「It would’ve been fine even if you left that alone. 」

   She faced Kyrill next, the viscount daughter was having a little fed up face.

「I couldn’t exactly do that……」

   For Ellenoa, he was a person that had no value to be protected, but even so, Kyrill couldn’t see him die.

「Hey, your words again――, well, whatever now. 」

   She seemed like she wanted to comment on Kyrill’s courteousness again, but immediately lost her interest and looked at the spectator’s area. What happened? No time for Kyrill’s thoughts to become a question, Ellenoa sucked in a big breath and said.

「Everyone who had spectated! Just as you saw, Kyrill from the same magician’s course had defeated Leon-sama! 」

   Kyrill was surprised at the sudden action.

「Many of you would’ve known this already but, the reason behind this match was because that Leon-sama had objections with how my friend calls me! 」

   To yell like this in a public space, it was an act unbefitting of a nobility daughter. In fact, there were many students suspected to be nobilities frowning.

   But for the majority of the students who are commoners, they wouldn’t know or care about such thing with nobles. Kyrill was the same, he’s just surprised by her actions. And Rai who is at Kyrill’s side was grinning as if he’s enjoying the situation.

「If Kyrill won, Leon-sama would not ever interfere in my friendships! As such, from now on, even if Kyrill calls me by my given name without honorifics, any interference is unneeded! Anyone who has complain――」

   Ellenoa paused his words a little, and pointed at the pathetic looking Leon.

「Please do get beaten up by Kyrill just like that! 」

   For the students who are originally commoners, it’s a boring announcement. Although there are still quite some nobility students that didn’t look quite happy, it’s not like they have the confidence to beat Kyrill even if they challenged him. Even Leon was overwhelmed without able to do anything.

   Among those that had the same intentions as him, there aren’t any noble students that had better abilities than Leon. Since the chance of winning is slim even if they challenged, becoming like Leon’s state now would make them the laughingstock of the aristocratic world. Of course, they had no choice but to bite their lips.

   Verifying that there aren’t any voices of objections from the crowd, Ellenoa nodded satisfied and turned around to Kyrill. It was an expression full of 『I did it』-ness.

「Kyrill, Rai. With this, no one would say anything even if you left out the honorifics! 」

   Rai seemed as carefree as usual. But Kyrill seemed gloomy on the other hand.

   With that kind of public speech in front of such a crowd, how troublesome would his academy life be from tomorrow onwards――it’s not like anything can be done even if he complained to Rai.

   Ellenoa paid no mind to such depressed Kyrill, as for Rai, his expression was 「It’s going to be fun now」. The other students didn’t look like they would approach them at all, Kyrill had no one who would listen to his grumbles in this academy.

   Coming to a realization, Kyrill felt the pain that no one understood him well in the academy. In the end, he would grumble to the black-haired instructor in his house.

「Why did she declare it so grandiosely like that……」

   Kyrill was half crying while he complained weakly. Finishing his match with Leon, Kyrill who ended his schedule in the academy headed to Ardis’s house as usual.

   Kyrill had completely let loose whatever happened in the academy.

「Yoshi yoshi~」

「Yoshi yoshi~」

   Beside such depressed Kyrill were Fillia and Riana. It seems that they are trying to console Kyrill.

「But Kyrill, it’s not like that girl didn’t think of anything when she did so. 」

「……Meaning? 」

   Kyrill who didn’t expect that asked.

「Not everyone there knew what was going on right? There should only be a small portion of them who knows the truth. If your opponent is a noble’s son, then he might pull some strings behind. Maybe 『I was trying to judge the peasant trying to lead a noble down the wrong path』, or 『I was trying to save the noble girl who had her weakness held by the peasant』. If something like that happened, Kyrill would suddenly be the bad person, expulsion might be on the way. 」

「No way, just what he speaks can’t do that much though……」

   Certainly, there were many nobilities that like to flaunt their position, and would be rude to commoners.

   But would they take it so far just because of a trifle between students. Kyrill’s imagination couldn’t picture that.

「Don’t underestimate the nobles. They’re not gracious nor virtuous. Rather, they’re not much different than the back-alley thugs in the sense they’re very conscious about reputation. The only difference between the nobles and them is they have power and position. But they will do the same if it concerns their reputation. 」

「Is……, that so? 」

   The twins were patting him, their hands were ruffling up Kyrill’s hair. The neatly combed hair was tangled all over the place, it was like his bed hair, but Kyrill didn’t notice that as he was concentrated in the talk with Ardis.

「That’s why, that girl had tried to involve the entire crowd. With the truth known, even if some noble tried to set something up, the entire crowd was the witness. Whatever they come up with won’t have much effect. 」

「It was an act after considering that much, is that it? 」

「Yeah. That’s how I see it. Although it’s a little forced, didn’t she put a check on them? Well, the stuff with the honorifics is different though. 」

   It seems like Ellenoa isn’t just a simple-minded girl. Certainly, she had invited a judge in advance as a guard against Leon cheating, she had thought many things of her own. After the match was over, according to Ardis’s opinion, it was something needed to not let the opponents have a chance to plan something behind his back.

   But even so, Kyrill’s face was hurting. Just like what Ardis said, calling her by her given name without honorifics is a different matter.

『Now, Kyrill. You don’t need to be conscious calling my name! Hey! Do it properly already! 』

   Kyrill wants her to spare chasing him around the matter of calling her first name without honorifics. After all, he didn’t really want to do that, nor did he want to get involve in the aristocrat world.

   Of course, thinking about the Rovell Merchant association that had taken care of him for a long time, a connection with a noble family isn’t bad in any case. But Ellenoa doesn’t look like a proper noble at all, he couldn’t think that she can help him with connections there.

   With Kyrill deep in his thoughts, Ardis called him out.

「Kyrill. 」

「……What is it? 」

   Kyrill kept his thoughts to later and returned his focus.

「Actually, I thought I would be leaving far quite soon. 」

「Leaving far? 」

   Ardis continued while Kyrill had a question mark on his head.

「Yeah, I didn’t really get to accept any long term request with fetching Kyrill these days but, I thought I would be visiting the empire with Rona in a while. 」

「Eh? Then what about me……, umm, don’t tell me you’re saying that I have to come here by my own? 」

   Every time Kyrill headed here from the capital, it was with Ardis carrying him across the sky. If Ardis is to be away from the house for a while, of course he couldn’t help Kyrill with that.

   Since Kyrill couldn’t use such an unrealistic way of flying in the sky, he could only arrive here by going through the forest. With a future that he didn’t want to imagine much about, Kyrill who was hoping for a denial was hit in the face.

「No, wasn’t that the plan? 」

「Eeh! No way! It’s impossible for me alone! 」

「Of course not impossible. Running full speed while chanting, handling close quarters combat, and magic barrier at a moment’s notice. You will be fine with that much. There’s only a few trainings left for you, and you would be alright coming here. 」

   Certainly, Kyrill was aware that he’s much more capable than before he entered the academy. But that’s on the level of being a student in the academy, only. An actual combat where he would bet his life in the forest, he wasn’t strong enough to get through it easily.

「It feels……unreal to me though ……」

「It’s not like you’re going to hunt a Ractor or something. 」

   Think about it more openly, Ardis said, but for Kyrill, it wasn’t a matter as easy as, 「Yeah I should do that」.

   After all, it’s the hellscape Corsas Forest. Although it’s the outskirts, it’s not a place where students should enter. Even the academy warned them, 『Don’t ever enter the Corsas Forest even if it’s the outskirts. 』

   Explaining such to Ardis, he showed a dumbfounded expression.

「That’s just too overexaggerating. 」

   There were some students from the Mariules Academy that entered the forest before, and Ardis had the chance to meet them before.

「Get some self-confidence. 」

   Ardis was smiling bitterly, but Kyrill didn’t know what to say. With his complicated heart shown on his face, he didn’t have a reply.

   As for the twins that had made a mess out of Kyrill’s hair, they had already moved their interest elsewhere, chatting with Nere now. The complete opposite of the laughing noises of the twins from the kitchen, Kyrill’s heart sank even more than after the match with Leon.


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  • Art O Plateau

    Art O Plateau

    I don’t like Kyrill at all. He feels forced into the story. It’s like the author thought “Ardis is OP and he might bore the readers…let’s forcefully insert a weaker, cowardly, low self confidence annoying character to interact with the twins”; which by the way were the whole selling point of this story, now only a plot device. It makes me sad to know Rona will be back: meaning no Nere plot or actually any significant progress. They will keep solving other people’s problems.

    That said thank you for the hard work.

  • Vash the Stampede

    Vash the Stampede

    For being basically a merchant’s apprentice for the past few years Kyrill is surprisingly naive and stupid

  • Kyokitani


    So we’re back on focusing on Ardis? Well, maybe Kyrill can have his own spinoff. At least he’ll be with the twins, unlike Ardis.