Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 116

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   Three months after the match with the count son Leon. Thanks to the training that he continued after the match, Kyrill was able to fight a Ractor in the forest without any real problems.

   As expected, two at the same time is still too much for him but, in the first place, his aim was not to subjugate them. It’s fine as long as he can make it through the forest, he was also evaluated by Ardis already.

   Seeing Kyrill who had learnt to be able to get through the forest from the capital, Ardis and Rona had went onto the Empire. That was a story two months ago.

   The two months when Ardis had been gone was interesting as well. There was a time where he barely made it alive against three Ractors, there was also a time he had fought off a demonic being that came around with Nere.

   It was just yesterday that he had participated in a friendly annual match with the Royal Academy as one of the representatives. Although it was a packed schedule unimaginable for any normal students, at the same time, they were all fulfilling days.

   Kyrill had been following the original contract, heading over to Ardis’s house in the forest on the morning of every rest days, and had been tutoring the twins until the afternoon.

   He was also helping with buying supplies from town every time. He felt a little conscious being a gopher but, it’s not like he doesn’t understand Nere and the twins’ circumstances.

「What’s the date today? Fillia-chan. 」

「Unn! Today’s 29th! 」

   Kyrill’s question was answered by Fillia energetically.

「That’s right. What about tomorrow? Riana-chan 」

「Tommorow is the 30th! 」

   Riana replied with a somewhat flimsy voice, losing to Fillia.

「Correct. Then the day after? 」

   Kyrill asked the third question to the two.

「Umm……, 31st……no, 1st? 」

   Although it was her mistake at first, Fillia immediately corrected it and answered correctly.

「Great work. That’s right, a month is thirty days, it’s the 1st after the 30th. It’s the start of a new month, okay? 」

   Kyrill was teaching a common knowledge that anyone would know. Probably eight-years-old in the town would know.

   But it was different for the twins. Their growing environment was vastly different than the other kids.

   The twins had no clue that one day was 25 hours, and a year is 10 months. It’s a knowledge that should’ve been taught from young, it’s not something that would be needed to be explained to a twelve-year-old. However, the twins didn’t have that natural knowledge.

   Losing their both parents from young, being raised as nothing, they had no chance to have education.

   Finally, after they were rescued by Ardis, but comes their caretaker, Nere who was a little――, very much a strange person herself. Was she not aware that the twins didn’t even have the basics of common sense, or was she aware but didn’t care……?

   Although four years had passed since they lived together with Ardis, there’s the matter with living hidden in the forest as well, the twins didn’t have the basics of common sense. Ardis who saw threat in that hired Kyrill as a home tutor.

   Although Kyrill suspected his own usefulness at the start, after few months as he came to know of Nere more, he could understand Ardis’s worry. Although he’s the twins’ home tutor, it actually is something more like a friend of large age gap.

   The twins which were being aware of Kyrill at first had now came to familiarize and accept Kyrill.

   Kyrill had taken care of them like his little sisters. Maybe his stepsister that had taken care of him felt the same in this way too. Kyrill felt happy at the twin’s growth, as well as his responsibility as a home tutor leading them the way.

「Three of you, the lunch meal is almost done preparing. 」

   Nere who raised a voice from the kitchen was replied with the twins energetically. Kyrill looked outside the window, and saw that the sun had about to reach overhead.

「Ah―, it’s almost this time already. 」

   It seems like quite some time had passed already. Kyrill finished the study session, and headed towards the dining table room together with the twins. Entering the room with the dining table, the gentle breeze from the forest filled the room.

   Soft wings noise can be heard. It seems like there were some insects that entered the room from the opened window, it isn’t a rare occurrence.

「Huh? 」

   Kyrill raised his voice. It was an unnatural breeze that was blowing in the room.

「What? 」

   At the sudden change, Kyrill who looked around saw the twins. Fillia was raising both her hands and looked like she was pushing against the air.

   It wasn’t any particular out of place gesture. But Kyrill felt strange. It was because the wind in the room felt like it was moving according to Fillia’s gestures.

   It’s true that wind can be created by fanning with their hands. In any case, Fillia’s hand fanning couldn’t possibly make the wind in the room like this.

「Uhh, Fillia-chan. What are you doing? 」

「I’m making the insects-san go outside! 」

「……Could it be, this wind is caused by Fillia-chan? 」

「That’s right! 」

   Kyrill’s eyes widened.

「Uhh……, Fillia-chan, you can use magic? 」

   Kyrill thought it was impossible, and asked again to verify.

「I don’t understand but, I always doing­­―did it? 」

   Kyrill’s expression is full of surprise.

   While talking with Fillia, the insects that had wandered into the room was already swept by the unnatural current outside the room. But that is no longer what matters to Kyrill.

   Kyrill who is unexperienced still can’t sense the flowing mana. But even so, he could tell that the ability that Fillia used just now had mana as the intermediary. In other words, a young girl that had not entered the academy for expert teaching had learnt to activate magic without depending on chants.

   Something like that, no students or teachers in the academy would believe that nonsense. Even for Kyrill, if he didn’t know Ardis and Nere, it’s something he can’t fathom as well.

「Although making bright is still hard……」

   At Kyrill who was petrified with surprise, Riana delivered an extra attack. It seems like similar with Fillia, Riana is able to use magic as well.


   Kyrill lost his words in the room when Nere from the kitchen came.

「Nere, Nere. I made the insects san go outside with the wind」

「Hou, you are quite skillful huh」

   Nere heard Fillia’s words and praised her, and Fillia showed a satisfied smile. It seems like Kyrill is the only one confused with this situation.

「T-That……, Nere-san? 」

「What is it? 」

「I saw Fillia-chan manipulating the wind with mana just now but…… 」

「What’s wrong? Even me and my master can do it? Even you can do that much right. 」

   Nere retorted as if nothing was strange. No, that’s not the problem. Kyrill swallowed the words that almost came out of their own.

「Could it be, that Nere-san is teaching magic to them? 」

「Fumu……. There wasn’t anything like that but, I answered a few curious questions from these children. They must have gotten the hang of handling mana from that」

   It was an impossible answer.

「N-No way……. No lessons but somehow learnt themselves, something like that……」

「Huh? It’s nothing special. 」

   At the talk that fully overturned common sense and logic, Kyrill was dizzy.

   And Nere would only question what’s wrong with it. The twins were taking a peek at Kyrill from left and right enjoying his stunned face. There was no friend for Kyrill at that place.

   It was only Kyrill hugging his head, coming to a realization that the three of them here are detached from any kind of common sense. After that, Kyrill continued his lessons on general knowledge after the meal soullessly, and went on his journey back to the capital while it’s still bright outside. His mental state is a mess.

   With an inexpressible feeling grasping his mind the entire day, he tossed himself on the bed when he arrived back to his dorm.

「That house is strange……. It’s definitely strange……. Everyone there is strange……」

   Crushed by inferiority and powerlessness, Kyrill muttered to himself like a mantra to keep his sanity. Kyrill felt a different sense of beating than the time when he received training from Ardis.

   The next day, Kyrill somehow was able get a grip on his mental state, and headed for the academy. The days of lectures and practical classes starts again.

   The idle chatter with the friends that he came to be close with the past few months.

   The daily life he planned to live out just as usual, became cloudy thanks to a sudden news. The stone that was thrown at Kyrill’s peace, it was spread throughout the capital that day.

   The d​eclaration of war from the neighboring country, Elmenia Empire.​​​​​​​​​


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  • Art O Plateau

    Art O Plateau

    I wish this focused on the three of them (Nere and the twins) instead of this spinelessn, envious boring guy called Kyrill.

    • DigimasterHiro


      I don’t really mind Kyrill, I just wish we had more of the Twins in the story. I hope that the older they get, the more they will be in the spotlight.

  • QainanM


    Thanks for the chapter !!

    Hang in there Kyrill ! if you get used to their common sense somehow it will change your perspective and you will be stronger than now, probably.

  • Kyokitani


    Are we sticking with Kyrill for a while or are we switching back to Ardis since a war is brewing?