Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 130

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   Ardis who landed had the two swords 『Springtime Mist』 and 『Moon’s Blizzard』 waiting for him on his sides. Holding 『Skies of Myriad Colors』 in his right hand, he started dashing towards one of the two spots that had survived his spell.

「Get him! He’s alone! 」

「Don’t be afraid by a mere magician at this distance! 」

   The officers of the Empire emphasized the alone fact, and incited the nearby soldiers.

   It is true that no others from the Kingdom’s side is near Ardis. But for the distance part, it’s a misunderstanding on their side. At the very least, a radius of twenty meters around Ardis is a kill zone for the Imperial Soldiers.

「Gyaah! 」

   Swinging 『Skies of Myriad Colors』, the soldier that stood in his way had his arm severed. And the moment the soldier behind him saw Ardis’s figure, his head flew the other way.

   As for soldiers that came from his sides, they were dealt with 『Springtime Mist』 and 『Moon’s Blizzard』 accordingly. It was as if they are loyal servants following and protecting Ardis, mercilessly removing any threats.

「What is that sword!? 」

「It’s moving by itself! 」

   Even though there’re many in the Kingdom that knows of Ardis’s sword magic, the Empire that had less connections with the Kingdom didn’t know. Seeing the swords that flew without being in his hand, the Imperial soldiers were in dismay and surprise.

   As for Ardis, he continued his march surrounded by the two swords on the battlefield. With every step he took, another life was taken, there was no greater disturbing melody than that. The straight line where Ardis ran through had soldiers falling over one after another, decorated with vivid crimson color.

   That moment, Ardis who was running on the empty field suddenly felt an icicle forming aiming at him from above without any sound. Immediately putting up a barrier to defend, Ardis knew that he was close to his destination.

(『Ice』 magic. And it’s on the same level as Orphellia’s――)

   With that much, Ardis was able to gauge his enemy’s strength.

   It is likely an attack from a magician of similar caliber as Orphellia from 『Bright Stars of White Night』. The reason why the magician didn’t just cast an upper-grade spell on him is probably because of the countless Imperial soldiers lying on the ground around Ardis.

   Although it’s thoughtful of the magician to not drag in his own soldiers, just a simple ice magic couldn’t even slow Ardis down a single bit. Cutting down the soldiers ahead of him in a straight line, Ardis finally came into view of his target.

   Covered in a luxurious looking robe, an old looking man protected by three heavily armed soldier.

(It’s him huh)

   It was definitely him that had defended against Ardis’s initial spell and casted ice magic on Ardis.

   Seeing Ardis’s figure, the enemy magician along with one of his three heavy armed escorts started retreating. At the same time, two of the soldiers stood in front. With a giant thick shield that no arrows, axes, nor swords can get through, they were wearing full-body armor made of sheet metal except for their joints.

「You shan’t pass! 」

   Short declaration, but was completely ignored. Weaving between the heavy soldiers that are dull in movement, Ardis tried to pass through them. Not because he disliked fighting against heavy armored soldiers. For Ardis, a full-body armor or thick shield mean nothing.

   Certainly, their defensive ability is high. On the other hand, the broadsword on Ardis’s hand is not normal as well. It was the 『Once in a lifetime masterpiece』 forged by Schmelz, one of the best smiths in the Kingdom.

   Heavy Iron as the base and Lesha powder as the reagent, in front of 『Skies of Myriad Colors』, something that isn’t imbued with mana can’t possibly stand up to it.

   But, Ardis didn’t bother to be their opponents. There’s no need for him to stop his legs to face them at all.

「Stop! Bastard! 」

「You cannot pass! 」

   The heavy armored soldiers that understood Ardis’s intention in a moment tried to swing their weapons at Ardis who already went pass them.

   But those weapons never reached their target. It was because a beat later than Ardis that ran past them, 『Springtime Mist』 and 『Moon’s Blizzard』 stabbed into their neck.

   Their heads had turned to chase after Ardis, for them, the two swords that came later stabbed them at a blind spot. Without any time to dodge or even realize it, they had fallen to the ground with blood spewing out of their neck.

   Ardis hadn’t lowered his speed even while leaving that scene behind, chasing after the enemy magician. Another magic spell was fired towards Ardis.

(He’s using underhanded tricks now huh)

   The magician probably judged that it’s useless to face Ardis head on. This time, it was 『Molte ・ Orne ・ Sheep (Sleeping Haze) 』 that tried to take Ardis’s consciousness away. It seems like he had put more thoughts into it, there’re even invisible chains that tried to bind Ardis’s movements.

   But of course, none of them made Ardis stop. Realizing the mana that invaded his mind, he immediately ejected it, and the target magician is already in range.

   A color of surprise painted on the magician’s eyes. Hurling the heavy armored soldier at his side away with a mana shockwave, Ardis stabbed 『Skies of Myriad Colors』 right into the magician’s heart.

   And the eventually caught up 『Springtime Mist』 severed the magician’s head, after that, Ardis moved into his next target, leaving behind the enemy soldiers that are chasing after him albeit too late.

   Facing the other spot that survived, Ardis dashed towards it while the path is cleared with the two swords by his sides. Although there’re soldiers that tried to stop him, there weren’t any that could.

   Without any sort of order among the Imperial soldiers, there was only the scene of Ardis ripping apart a tide of soldiers. It was almost like a pair of scissors dividing a cloth.

「Don’t let him pass! Protect the young master! 」

   Eventually, such words started to be heard by Ardis. It was the proof that he was getting closer to his destination.

   While dealing with soldiers riding on horses that seemed like officers every so often, Ardis started to cause chaos all over the Imperial soldier by himself without stopping.

   Few of the likely officers that rode on horses, and many times of that of infantries he knocked down, eventually, he found a young man who was wearing some kind of extravagant armor.

   There’s a man that looked like a magician beside him, and about ten cavalries or so were there. It’s obvious he’s not a normal officer.

「Are you the commander of the right wing? 」

   Ardis asked the young man whose feet was stuck in fear. Ardis who never stopped once after running towards the Imperial army stopped his feet for the first time.

   But it wasn’t the person in question that replied, it was an old man nearby.

「He’s not someone to be spoken with someone so lowly like you! 」

   Although the reply didn’t answer the question, that response told Ardis that his instincts was right.

(Royalty――I guess the Empire wouldn’t have sent one out on the frontlines……. Then it’s just a noble that’s was given the commander role?)

   About ten or so cavalry was protecting him. That alone signified the significance of the protected person.

   Those that are allowed on a horse in a battlefield excluding officers, are cavalries. But to call them a cavalry unit would be too lacking in the numbers.

   Not a cavalry unit, but there’s a reason for this much cavalries to gather here. In other words, the one in the middle is an important figure. They’re a guarantee for him to safely leave the battlefield if the situations call for it.

   For Ardis, it’s enough that he knows that much. All that’s left is to finish off the target, as he stepped out silently. Although there’re tens of Imperial soldiers standing in his way, just some trained soldiers don’t mean anything to Ardis. Ardis’s legs wouldn’t stop because of that. Seeing such a situation, there was one soldier that stood out.

「Pathetic! He’s only one young magician. Do you not have the pride of being one of the elites of Emuca! 」

   With a bastard sword in both his hands, it was a soldier with a fearless look. Although he had the same armor as the other Imperial soldiers, something was different about him, albeit vague.

   He’s taller than Ardis by almost two heads, and it seems like his trained body is also covered with the most primitive armor――muscles. All the soldiers on site were murmuring.

「It’s the Hundreds Beheader, Garraf. 」

「That’s right. Some magician that thin standing against Garraf-dono is impossible. 」

   It seems like the soldier’s name is Garraf. According to the Imperial soldiers, it would seem like he’s quite the figure in the Empire.

「Mercenary from the Kingdom! Being able to topple our army albeit a lone magician, a magnificent strength! Garraf from the 17th attack unit request for a one-on-one match! 」

   At that declaration, the surroundings became even more heated.

「Though I don’t really mind if all of you came at once! 」

   Without minding whatever Garraf said, Ardis started slashing with 『Skies of Myriad Colors』

   For Ardis, it’s just another soldier that stands in his way. But it seems like the Empire would rather refrain from interfering in the official match. They had stopped their attacks on Ardis, and it became a one-one-one match.

「To start attacking without naming yourself, such cowardice! 」

「Who cares. Don’t force your own rules on others. 」

   It was him who had suddenly started a one-on-one and being noisy about rules. There’s no need at all for Ardis to conform to that. Ardis who had never had any recollections of accepting the one-on-one match had no reason to be blamed for cowardice.

「S-So quick! 」

   Garraf had the bastard sword in both his hand, and pointed it sideways to Ardis. But that action for Ardis was slower than slow.

   Passing through his body that had taken a stance on the ground, 『Skies of Myriad Colors』 took its edge on the enemy’s neck. Ardis’s attack had slipped past Garraf’s big sword and is already approaching his throat.

   Garraf showed his experience by wanting to avoid it but Ardis’s speed was greater. 『Skies of Myriad Colors』 pierced Garraf’s neck.

   The Imperial soldiers that were looking over the match suddenly became quiet. As Ardis pulled his hand back, the sword that pierced Garraf’s throat was pulled out, then fresh blood spewed out.

「Ah……, G-Garraf-dono……」

「Even the Hundreds Beheader Garraf……, was so easily……」

   The Imperial soldiers couldn’t make proper sentences, and Ardis answered them coldly.

「Is it this much, for a hundred man worth? 」

   Ardis who was always living a fighter’s life, the number he had dealt with was not just in the hundreds. In fact, every mercenary who lives by fighting is so. If they hadn’t even reached Hundred Beheading, they would become the beheaded in not longer than five years.

   Kill to survive, kill to feed, mercenaries must continue to kill in order to live. Compared to that, their thoughts were very much naïve.

(It’s like they’re treating this as a play)

   Having held such discomfort in his chest since he participated the war, Ardis pieced together a conclusion. He now understood why they are bragging just at the extent of hundred killing.

   While thinking so, Ardis coldly grasped the presences of the enemies in his sight.

(But, it’s easier for me this way)

   Convinced that if the enemy is weak, then Kyrill in the end would have less danger, and so, he thrusted the point of his sword to the next prey.


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