Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 217

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Night sky of the village. There was a person shadow emerging under the light of the faint moon. It was Sera, the titled 『Angel-sama』 with reddish brown hair enjoying the night wind.

Sera noticed the person approaching in the darkness and turned around.

「That was early. 」

「I must apologize for making you wait. 」

Floating in the sky and bowing skillfully, it was the Practitioner’s daughter that Deen and Karina brought into the village.

Sera recalled her company called her by the name Nere.

「Your company? 」

「They are asleep under the long absent warmth. Though, mine master must have realized mine absence. 」

Since he was recognized by one of the Practitioner’s daughter, he must be quite capable. However, if just to that extent, there’re countless similar humans in the course of history.

For Sera and her allies, the most important factor is whether they are the humans who can reach what is beyond.

「Is he promising? 」

「He is certainly powerful considering his age. Moreover, he still has more strength in his sleeves. Not for sure however, he expresses unsatisfactory for himself, he still has room for growth. 」

「You would say it to that extent, huh……」

There aren’t many people that a Practitioner’s daughter would grade to that extent.

「……I wonder if he can open the 『White Door』? 」

Exactly because of that, she asked despite knowing it will be futile.

「There is potential. 」

And the Practitioner’s daughters would always say the same thing. Sera smiled bitterly inwards as she wondered how many times that this same exchange happened.

「Was the Salvation Demons’ sword your doing? 」

「No. I heard that mine master discovered it in the Corsas Forest. 」

「Is that so……」

However, the human this time was certainly a little special in terms of circumstances.

「Finding a Practitioner’s daughter, obtaining a Salvation Demons’ sword, and chance meeting with an Overseer. That’s so many coincidences. It’s like he’s a protagonist of a story or something. 」

There’re several people that Practitioner’s daughters had found. People that had gotten the Salvation Demons’ power is certainly not unprecedented.

There’re quite a few that coincidentally met with themselves over the years. However, to experience all of that by himself, it is a probability akin to a miracle.

「Is it not just a coincidence? 」

「That’s true. It might just be a coincidence. But isn’t it good to have a dream. It’s a little sad to watch over the eternal time hopelessly. 」

「I’m afraid, but that is what a role is. 」

Sera was surprised for a moment at what Nere said but, it’s not like she was displeased, rather it was the opposite.

「Of course, I understand that without saying. 」

「I apologize for speaking too much. 」

「It’s fine. Rather, it was a little refreshing. 」

Sera allowed it generously.

「However, why alone in this place? What happened to your company? 」

「My daughters are up there. 」

Sera who was asked looked up in the night sky. Looking over at her daughters on the other side of the dark curtains, she laughed a little.

「Ufufu. The girls seem a little unrest unusually. Why is it not them but a Practitioner’s daughter is beside me. It’s like they’re jealous. 」

「They should not have such emotions. 」

Sera asked Nere a question as she rejected the thinking.

「I wonder? 」

「Despite different types, I and them are from the same design. Necessary functions are incorporated in order to fulfil our role, any human-like unnecessary elements are eliminated. 」

「That’s only what you girls think. We didn’t intend to create a humanoid without blood flowing in them. Presently, although looking the same, there’s actually quite an individual differences among you girls you know? 」

「……I do not think that is the case. 」

Sera pointed out again at her stubbornness.

「It seems like you don’t understand yourself well. My daughters wouldn’t say anything against me, all wearing the same outfit, and wouldn’t ever wear something that exposes their skin like yours. 」

「This is……. It is only for the purpose of fitting into the human’s world, there is no other intentions. 」

「I’ve met with Night’s daughters and Govern’s daughters in the past hundred years, but all of them wore unfashionable robes. 」

Sera said so with an enjoyable smile.

「In my eyes, you have quite the individuality. 」

Nere who was pointed out was taken by surprise, evident on her expression.

「See, the other daughters wouldn’t show such a face. ……I wonder if it comes naturally after being close with many people? 」

Sera left Nere who seemed like she wanted to say something aside and thought for a while but, her expression returned to being serious as if recalling something.

「Leaving that aside. Did you tell anything to your own master? 」

「I am not hiding it intentionally, I plan to convey it when the time of need closes. 」

Nere answered the interrogating Sera with a cool face.

「Hee……, then about the 『White Door』? 」

「It is not told yet. 」

「About your mission? 」

「It is not told. 」

「Our purpose? 」

「Not told. 」

「About Sera? 」

「Eventually. 」

「The other daughters? 」

「I judge it is unneeded if not met yet. 」

「About mana? 」

「It does not seem he has difficulties handling mana. 」

「Then you’ve never told him about the Salvation Demons and Practitioner right? 」

「Just as said. 」

At the continuous questions, Nere answered immediately expressing that she is not to blame.

「……In other words, you didn’t explain a single thing right? 」

「I was not asked. 」

One side of Sera’s eyebrows twitched at the expected answer.

「I give up. ……Seriously, you’re the same with the other daughters only in that regard. 」

Sera had both her hands on her hips as she shook her head, sighing deeply once again like during the day. On the other hand, Nere gave another excuse with not a sliver of reflection.

「I supposed that it is not knowledge required for people who would never reach the 『White Door』. If not having the power to match mine Sera-sama, then would it not be better that he not know? 」

「Matching Practitioner huh, that bar of standard is so high. 」

Nere continued to ignore Sera’s condemning gaze.

「I do not think anyone not capable of matching mine Sera-sama would ever open the 『White Door』. 」

「I mean, that’s for sure but. 」

「So far, only five have reached to mine Sera-sama’s glasses. It is the total number that the others have found. 」

「I know it’s a difficult mission. Unlike mine, Practitioner’s daughters like you had been trying to grow seedlings in a desert. 」

「I suppose it must be cruel to show a seedling the dream of becoming a tree. Asking a sapling that has barely few branches to provide a shade from the scorching sun is too heavy. If only born strong among humans, and returning to earth satisfied, is it not better to live happy without being told? 」

Sera read the feelings in Nere’s long words.

「……Is that your kind of consideration? 」

「……I apologize for doing an unnecessary thing. 」

It’s unknown whether if she didn’t want to admit it or was she considering Sera, Nere ended the topic with a safe answer.

「Just as I thought, you really have a lot of individuality. 」

Seeing such Nere, Sera turned a smile and said again. Having said so, with Sera’s standing, she could not prioritize Nere’s personal feelings.

「But the opening of the 『White Door』 is our wish. You must answer his questions when he asks. 」

Not caring about the other people in other countries, now that she had met them here, Sera has a responsibility too.

「As Sera-sama wishes. 」

Being told so, Nere with her standing could do nothing but answer like that. However, for Sera, the fact that a Practitioner’s daughter is here being an intriguing subject doesn’t change.

「Having said so, it’s not like I’m going to trample on your will, we’re not going to expose everything from our side. It depends on how curious he gets after hearing from Elma. 」

「I appreciate the consideration. 」

Although expressionless, Nere bowed deeply with a hand on her chest towards Sera.


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