Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 225

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「Onee-chan? 」

Fillia was confused at Haru who suddenly started crying.

「Onee-chan is, she’s! 」

Fillia gently hugged and wrapped around Haru who was crying out of control like Ardis did for her just now. When she was suffering or sad, like how Ardis did for her, she brushed his head gently, and patted his back lightly.

Feeling the body temperature of Haru coming through, Fillia thought she understood a little of the warmth Ardis had given to themselves, and felt like she grew a little.

Haru, who gradually regained his composure, started to explain his situation.

Haru is raised in a certain farming village about two days away from this city. His life together with his parents and his sister who is seven years older crumbled because of the civil war that encompassed the entire Alburn Kingdom.

Haru’s village didn’t become a battlefield but, the soldiers that deserted or mercenaries that lost their organization became bandits, and attacked nearby villages, causing his parents to decide to move to a bigger city.

But unfortunately, they encountered bandits during the trip, and both of his parents were killed, only his sister and himself managed to arrive somehow.

Although it was lucky for them to enter before entry became stricter, it’s not like there’s any job for refugees that suddenly arrived, they were stuck in a situation without any shelter and food.

Then, Haru and his sister encountered further misfortunes. One day, armed men arrived at the refugees who were gradually driven to a corner of the town.

The armed group cut down any people that was resisting, and chose out young females from the refugees and captured them, taking them away on a carriage.

「Fu――n, I see……」

Rona muttered hearing Haru’s story.

「What is it? 」

Rona answered Fillia’s question calmly.

「Taking advantage of the civil war, they decided to exploit the refugees. They’re probably merchants intending to sell them as merchandise. Well, there’re always scumbags like them anywhere. 」

「Terrible……. Is something like that allowed in Alburn? 」

「At the very least, it’s illegal in this country. Rather, it’s so in many countries, kidnapping people to sell them is a taboo. Though, that’s only the surface. In reality, there’re people that lives by selling other people, there’re a lot of slave merchants that don’t care about the source of the slaves. No matter how many refugees went missing, no citizens would notice, and their voices won’t ever reach the lord even if they complained. It’s an ideal situation for them to reap money without any hassles. 」

「Something like that……」

Haru desperately begged Fillia who lost her words at Rona’s harsh reality revelation.

「Please, please save Onee-chan! She’ll be taken away if it’s too late! 」

「Taken away? 」

According to Haru, it seems like his sister was already put up for sale, and a buyer was found yesterday afternoon. Fillia suddenly recalled what she saw just now.

The scenery of the objectified people being taken away on a carriage. It’s unknown whether they are taken away by the buyer or the seller, but at the very least, Fillia knew that their future is not bright.

「How did you know that a buyer is decided? 」

「Hic……! 」

Rona’s question caused Haru to freeze, his feeling for his sister must be strong. After a short silence, he started explaining.

「……The people sold will be taken away by carriage from the small hut in the slave market to the business association. And the buyer will take them away the next day. Onee-chan was taken to the business association building yesterday, she’ll be taken away today! 」

It seems like he found out about the merchants that kidnapped the refugees. Haru who monitored the merchants that took away his sister probably grasped how the people were getting transported.

And he was saved by Fillia just as he was about to storm into the building realizing there’s not any moment left to waste, but got noticed and beat up.

「Please! Please save Onee-chan! I-I will do anything! Dad and mom are already no more! I only have Onee-chan left! Please……, please help…… 」

The cry for help that was squeezed out grasped at Fillia’s chest. Losing both his parents, Fillia understood the pain of being left alone, as she saw herself in Haru.

If she was separated from Riana before they met with Ardis―― thinking about it, she felt an inexplicable pain.

「……Alright. I will do something, so don’t cry. 」

「……Really? 」

Haru looked at her with teary eyes. Fillia knew well that she was saying it irresponsibly. However, she couldn’t bring herself to abandon Haru’s plead.

For herself who was rescued by Ardis, she felt like it was her natural cause to rescue Haru who was in the same way as her past.

If she couldn’t help Haru here, it felt like she lost her cause for existence.


Rona called out Fillia’s name as if to remind her. She knew what Rona would say already.

The fight just now, even though against three people, against amateur people that aren’t even fighters, she would’ve been in danger if Rona didn’t step in.

If she decided to storm into the business association that are guarded by mercenaries, it’s reckless beyond doubt. Fillia felt pain at her own powerlessness.

「Rona, please. Lend me your power. 」

Her eyes were set, Fillia pleaded to Rona desperately. Even if she has a strong resolve, even if she felt like she had to do it, the reality that she doesn’t have enough strength is something she knew as well.

Fillia could only ask for help from Rona or Ardis to help Haru. While disappointed at her own powerlessness, she could only choose the best way logically.

「Myself can’t……」

Seeing the desperate Fillia, Rona sighed.

「I don’t think it’s a good idea to have you rush into danger without Ardis knowing. Also, it’s scary……. Can’t we meet up with Ardis first? Even though he said so just now, he’s still soft on Fillia. 」

「But we won’t make it in time then. Haru’s onee-chan might be taken away. 」

「It’s not like it’s for sure that she is getting taken away now right. Also, I don’t think Ardis will be away for a long time. 」

「That’s, that’s true but. 」

Haru got out of the arms of Fillia who looked hesitating.

「……What happened, Haru? 」

His eyes looked a little disappointed.

「Haru? 」

Haru seemed like he wanted to say something at Fillia’s calling, but turned around and started to run.

「Haru, wait! 」

「Fillia! 」

Rona called out to stop Fillia who started to chase after Haru.

「Sorry Rona. Even if Ardis don’t approve……, I will! 」

Saying so with a face that’s on the verge of crying, Fillia as well turned around and started chasing after Haru.

Despite maybe making Ardis angry, maybe getting tired of, or maybe getting thrown away. For Fillia, it’s equivalent fearful to think that she would be thrown away by Ardis or getting separated with Riana.

Even so, Fillia couldn’t bring herself to abandon Haru. What would Riana do, as Fillia thought about something noncontributing.

Thinking about the same thing even without saying in the past, the two that had the same values and thoughts. Although the two are still inseparable, as expected, Fillia felt that their thoughts weren’t as similar as in the past.

Karina said it is normal. Fillia and Riana both didn’t think themselves are normal.

Normal people wouldn’t be thrown with stones when they go out. Normal people wouldn’t be seen as objects and sold by their parents.

If they lived a normal life like normal people, then it’s undoubtedly that they wouldn’t have met with Ardis. She wanted herself to be someone that let someone else have such an encountering.

However, how to become someone like that, Fillia couldn’t find an answer no matter how much she thought. If so, she can only start by chasing after her ideals.

In Fillia, the black-haired ideal would never abandon Haru.

『It’s impossible to save everything. 』

He said so. However, he didn’t say 『I won’t save them』. She realized his words held the hidden meaning of 『I want to save those that I can save』.

That’s why, Fillia thought.

If Ardis’s hands are occupied by Fillia and Riana, while being protected by Ardis, Fillia thought her own hands can reach out to someone else.

If someone that he saved saved someone else, in other words, it’s the same as Ardis saving them. Riana might think it’s totally an illogical thinking, but Fillia hardened her will.

While running, Fillia made sure she wouldn’t lose her eyes on Haru. Their distance is not that much far apart.

Fillia who was supposed to be sprinting in full power suddenly saw a big shadow caught up.

「Seriously, it can’t be helped. If Al gets angry, you will help me right? 」

His reassurance made Fillia’s footstep lighter. Rona replied full of gratitude to Rona who showed his willingness to help while grumbling.

「Leave it to me! 」


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  • Sharinganhokage


    I love that he’s traveling with the twins now. I think I like it more that they are taking turns since we’ll be able to clearly see their personalities develop in different ways.

    Also, where is Sharu? I can’t see her being too happy being left behind. Then again, she probably wouldn’t complain out loud at this point.

  • Raihan


    Thanks for the chapter. Ardis should be collecting information now.

  • kom24


    if u cant save urself, dont think about saving other people.

  • pIRatZE


    If you don’t have sufficient power, you have no right to enforce your own justice or offering help to someone you can’t even help with your own power. Empathy is good but it can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

    • Sorris


      I think she might be about to learn that, but it sounded like Ardis may already be taking care of the situation before she even started this crusade, so I suspect it’ll work out for her in the end