Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 235

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Sera who had been spectating so far appeared beside Ardis after landing back down.

「Don’t you two have some consideration to not drag me in? 」

Contrary to her resentful words, the Demon Beast King responded with a stupefied expression.

「As if something like this can do anything to your kind. 」

It snorted at Sera.

「How is Rona? 」

「That child is fine. He’s just passed out.」

「I see. 」

Ardis asked about Rona who was blown away a while ago, as Sera smiled gently and replied.

「Rather than that, your wounds seem more grave. 」

While saying, she held her hand over Ardis’s wounded arm. The wounds that was caused by the Demon Beast King’s attack started closing up on its own.

「So you know about healing arts huh……」

Ardis muttered with an unexpected expression, but Sera replied as if it wasn’t anything great.

「Just this much yes. Even you can use it if you understand the logic. 」

「No, I doubt so. 」

Ardis immediately denied Sera’s words. The church insists that the power to heal people are the grace of the Goddess given to the weak humans.

In fact, most healers are monks or priests that believes in divinity. Solte was one such example if taken from Ardis’s personal connections.

However, Ardis who is in no way devout to the Goddess could never use that arts.

「It’s not good to put all kinds of limitations like that on yourself. 」

Unknown whether it was intentionally or just idle chatter, Sera said so while finishing up treating Ardis’s wounds.

「Leave me be. 」

Sera looked towards the Demon Beast King next, but the gigantic dragon immediately refused.

「So, how was it? 」

「I recognize the little brat’s power. I guess it’s not all bad to have lived so long. 」

Sera’s question was met by the Demon Beast King’s pleased response.

「It’s your own chosen restraint, why are you complaining now. Leaving that aside, if you acknowledge Ardis’s power, in other words, you will be willing to make another covenant right? 」

「I have no reasons to refuse a new covenant. But, the one deciding is not you. 」

Just as the two seemed to arrive at a conclusion, the two turned around to Ardis who was looking from the sidelines as a spectator.

「And so, little brat. What do you wish for the new covenant to be? 」

「Ha? 」

Ardis who totally thought that it wasn’t his business was suddenly met with a question from the Demon Beast King.

「What is your wish? Because of my covenant, leaving this place is difficult for me. However, a new covenant can be made as long as it doesn’t violate the old. Speak of your wish. 」

「I mean……, didn’t Sera said it before the fight? 」

Before the fight started, Sera talked about 『Wanting to expand the area of the barrier』. Naturally, Ardis thought that would be the new covenant.

「That is her wish and not yours. It’s not someone else, but you who has the right to make a new covenant. Ah right, the golden-colored one as well. However, I have not even the least intentions to hear a wish of someone other than you two. So, decide and speak of your wish. 」

「Even if you ask for my wish……」

Ardis glanced at Sera.

「As the Demon Beast King said, it’s not me that has the rights to form a new covenant. It’s you and Rona who are doing that. I can only request you two to that. 」

「So that’s the 『Plans to expand the barrier』 huh? 」

「Yes. 」

Thinking a while after hearing Sera’s confirmation, Ardis asked again.

「Why did you think to expand the village only now? I heard from the village chief and Elma, the village had been keeping its territory. Even if there’re people losing their home because of the civil war in Alburn, there had been wars here and there before. I don’t understand your reason for accepting so many refugees now. Keeping it the same way as before if accepting refugees is hard would’ve been fine, there’s no need to expand the village forcibly right? Of course, it’s not like I’m in the position to say that. 」

Ardis himself is a refugee as well after all. Even more so when he brought over the siblings, Haru and his sister over from Alburn recently, so he has no reason to refuse the expansion of the village.

Ardis’s question was 『Why now』.

「The territory of the village, rather, the size of the barrier is set because of an ancient covenant, I can’t just do it simply. It can barely accommodate a hundred fifty people in its scale now. A village that can’t get outside help and have poor harvest and hunting will quickly suffer from hunger. That’s why I’ve always abandoned those that could’ve been helped……」

Sera shut her eyes. Seeing her fist tightening, Ardis couldn’t pretend like he doesn’t know.

「Those that are chased out of their burnt hometowns, those that were abused, those that were innocent but framed as a felony……. Certainly, these people can get a peaceful life in our village. But, even such a place has its limits too. While considering the numbers of villagers, I would offer help to a selected few. Isn’t it a terrible hypocrisy? No, is it just for my self-fulfillment? 」

Sera was deprecating herself while her eyes were still shut. The Demon Beast King answered her question.

「It was not a barrier to make a village in the first place. Rather, it’s strange to shelter even a hundred humans. ……However, even though few, it’s the truth that those that were invited are saved. 」

Hearing the Demon Beast King seemingly trying to console her, Ardis was surprised.

「I know. However, choosing who can be saved and who cannot, isn’t that something that shouldn’t exist in the first place? The ancient covenant cannot be altered, then creating a new one will suffice. But where to find a human that has the power that can be acknowledged by the Demon Beast King for that to happen……」

Sera’s red eyes looked straight at Ardis.

「Then you appeared when I was thinking about that, Ardis. I thought that if it’s you, you can surely surpass the Demon Beast King. 」

「That’s why you stopped the restraints and immediately brought over that many refugees huh. 」

Then you could’ve said so in the beginning, as Ardis complained inwardly.

「How is it, little brat? Will your wish to be expanding the barrier, or is it something else? 」


Ardis’s sole wish appeared in his mind. The Demon Beast King is strong, strong enough to ensure even at least one sword can reach her if it can provide its help.

If the Demon Beast King can participate in the fight as an ally, then there will be nothing more reassuring. It would become an exceptional combat power against the hateful woman general.

However, the problem was his hateful nemesis was over the boundaries of this world.

「Can I ask something first? 」

「What is it 」

「You, how far can you go? 」

「How far, meaning? 」

「Using all hands you have, what is the limitation of your presence in somewhere? 」

「Don’t underestimate me. There is no limitation. Anywhere under this broad sky. Even the sky continuing in the horizon is not my limit. 」

「Is that so……」

The Demon Beast King’s answer, was in another sense indicating his limit 『Within this world』. Even if the Demon Beast King is strong, it couldn’t cross the world and be an ally in a battle against his nemesis.

Then it’s meaningless, as Ardis thought so. It was at that moment, a familiar voice was heard.

「Nee nee, is it over already? Isn’t it cruel to leave me out like this? 」


「So how did the match end? 」

Ardis explained what happened so far to Rona who asked with his head tilting.

Rona who heard about what happened while receiving treatment from Sera thought for a while and then easily said 「Then why not do it like Sera said, expand the village barrier? 」

「……Is it fine? 」

「Well, I know what Al is thinking but……. It’s not like we are being chased and not have time right? We have ten or twenty years to prepare ourselves. 」

It’s certainly as Rona said. In this world, a year here equated to a day in the other world, there was no need to rush for time.

In this world, even if they spent ten years here, their nemesis would’ve only experienced ten days there. There’s no fear that they would lose their chance at exacting their revenge.

「Because of that, isn’t it better that Fillia and Riana can stand on their own first? If the safe haven of the village expands, wouldn’t it be more comfortable? 」

「That’s, right……」

Ardis could do nothing but agree with Rona. Since the Demon Beast King’s power cannot be lent, Ardis’s next wish would be ensuring the twins’ future.

In that meaning, it can be said that his wish aligned with Sera’s. Ardis nodded and turned back to the Demon Beast King.

「I’m fine with my wish being 『Expansion of the barrier』. After all, that village is a safe haven for people that lost their places in the world like Fillia and Riana, then it’s meaningful for me as well. 」

「Fine. The golden one agrees too? 」

「Unn, I’m fine with that too. 」

Receiving Rona’s affirmative, the Demon Beast King started speaking with dignity.

「Now then, little brat, golden one. Name yourself. Let the names of the parties in the covenant be known. 」

「It’s Ardis. 」

「I’m Rona. 」

The Demon Beast King opened its mouth wide, and howled upwards in the valley, before declaring.

「Mine name is Shuder. Tis Shuder, shall recognize Ardis and Rona as the other party of the new covenant. 」

Then the gigantic eyes looked towards Sera next.

「Your wish shall be realized, I swear in the name of my friend to allow the expansion of the barrier protecting the village. ―― Of course, within the boundaries of the old covenant. 」

「No problems there. Your garden is only getting a little smaller after all. 」

「……How much are you planning to expand. 」

Sera who replied the Demon Beast King’s gaze ignored Ardis’s retort, and the Demon Beast King changed the topic with a 「Leaving that aside」.

「I had some fun thanks to both of you. Separate from the covenant, take some souvenirs. ……Let’s see, how about this? 」

The Demon Beast King took out a piece of ore from somewhere and put it out. The ore had strange refraction, showing different colors depending on the angle.

「This is……? 」

The ore that looked like a precious stone at first glance was not familiar to Ardis. However, Ardis felt like he saw its glow before, as the Demon Beast King answered.

「It’s a chunk of refined Lesha. 」

「Refined Lesha!? All of this? 」

Ardis’s eyes widened in surprise. Refined Lesha is the hardest material in this world and also the crown of precious stone.

Even though he thought he saw its glow before, there’s no way Ardis would’ve guessed what it is. After all, the Demon Beast King took out a chunk of that about the size of a person.

Ardis had at most only saw a small piece of refined Lesha before, at most the size of a centimeter. They were all at the size of being used on accessories like rings as the jewel.

Because of the immense difference in their scale, Ardis couldn’t have known, probably because he assumed that there’re no refined Lesha of this size.

Lesha is not just a pretty precious stone, but also a great mana conducting medium, the best material for weapons and tools. In short, there’s nothing better than items made from refined Lesha.

However, the technology to refine Lesha had been lost in the first place, so no new products could be created now. Even crushed Lesha in powder form can fetch a high price in the current times, the original refined stone would price at least ten times higher.

「Sword, armor, using them can get you something pretty good. It will be better than the inferior ones made with mixing the powdered form. 」

It wasn’t just a pretty good standard.

Ardis’s three swords, 『Skies of Myriad Colors』, 『Springtime Mist』 and 『Moon’s Blizzard』 were made from Heavy Iron and Lesha powder.

If any of those three swords came up in an auction, they would go for astronomical prices for sure. And to call them 『Inferior ones』, the Demon Beast King’s values are much different from them.

「What’s the matter? 」

The Demon Beast King asked seeing Ardis who was speechless.

「No……, it’s certain that it’s very valuable but……」

Rona added on beside Ardis who seemed a little awkward.

「This thing, is there even anyone that can process it? 」

It was exactly that. Not just refining it, even the technology of crushing it into its powdered form was lost.

If they received the refined Lesha chunk, in the end, they can only sell them for money. But with this size, putting it out on the market would cause an uproar for sure.

There will definitely be countries interjecting, making it difficult to be sold with fierce competition between those with power.

Hearing that, the Demon Beast King seemed really disappointed.

「It’s regressed that much huh……」

「That’s why take a look outside occasionally at the very least. Living like a hermit like this would only drift you further from the world. 」

「What a disaster to hear that from your kind. ……If it can’t be processed, then this would be meaningless. Umu……, then one that is already processed will be fine. Wait for a little. 」

Having pointed out by Sera cruelly, the Demon Beast King thought for a while, before flying somewhere. Then, after ten minutes or so, the Demon Beast King returned with a sword in its claws.

「Take this. 」

「This is? 」

Receiving the sword, Ardis took it out of its scabbard and confirmed. The silvery blade without a single blemish reflected rainbow colors. It exuded mysterious vibes from the changes in the color.

「It’s a sword made from refined Lesha. Leaving aside the handle and the guard, the blade itself is made entirely from Lesha. Sorry that it’s old but, its sharpness should’ve not fallen. You can use this with no problems, I suppose. 」

Again, the Demon Beast King did something out of the general common sense. It’s a sword with a blade made entirely from refined Lesha.

With the technology to process or refine Lesha lost now, it’s something that’s invaluable. It’s something akin to a national treasure.

「Something like this……, is it fine? 」

Certainly, if it’s a sword made from Lesha that conducts mana very well, it will be a powerful asset. However, Ardis felt a little off receiving a sword on the level of a national treasure.

「I don’t mind. It was an enjoyable fight after a long time. Well, as exchange for that, show up occasionally and accompany me for an exercise. 」

Even Ardis’s reservedness disappeared after hearing the Demon Beast King’s words.

「You people will be a good solution for my lack of exercising. 」


In other words, the fight they had just now only amounted to the degree of exercising.

「Isn’t it important to have good neighborly relationship? 」

Ardis was surprised by the unexpected personality of the Demon Beast King who said so, as he stopped holding back. Currently, only the red magic sword can deal damage to the Demon Beast King.

Thinking about future exercises with the Demon Beast King, there’s a need to enhance their equipment.

「……Then I will gladly take it. 」

Although a little tired of the prospects, Ardis received the sword.


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