Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 313

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Around the same time, Rodelia’s general, Jelia was hearing a report from her subordinates in her remote private castle residency.

「――As such, there is only one last step to realize wide-area mind pollution.  There’s a need for further trial and error for a while. 」

The researcher that looked to be in his fifties raised his face after closing the documents in his hand.

Hearing that, the other subordinates that sat along the sides of the long desk proceeded on behalf of Jelia.

「But that means there’re prospects of using it practically? 」

「It was quicker than expected. I thought it would have taken several years. 」

「After all, the surface world’s flow of time is different. The research only began four months ago here, but in the other world, more than a hundred years have passed. 」

「I see, that makes sense. 」

「Now we are observing the progress of this experiment that has the entire imperial castle of a certain empire as the target area. Although majority of them didn’t show any significant effects, there were also subjects that were influenced greatly. We’ve gotten quite interesting results. 」

As the research mentioned that fact, Jelia who didn’t show any interest till now suddenly spoke.

「Yes, that was quite interesting. 」

「Jelia-sama? 」

One of the subordinates showed a perplexed expression, and one of the male researchers explained on behalf of Jelia.

「Actually, Her Excellency had also participated in the experiment……」

「What did you make Jelia-sama do……」

「It’s fine, it was interesting anyways. 」

Although the subordinate looked stupefied, the person in question, Jelia smiled as if not minding the fact.

「What was the experiment? 」

The question directed to Jelia was once again answered by the researcher.

「It’s a mind tuning experiment for those that have a vague self after the mind pollution. To determine what are the effects of actions taken by the subject after being suggested Her Excellency’s thoughts in their deep consciousness ―― right, naturally, we have taken measures to ensure Her Excellency’s safety. ……Though we aren’t sure for the subjects. 」

「Come to think of it, what about the princess of that time? 」

「With the mind tuning, her personality and actions became closely aligned with Your Excellency. Perhaps the burden on her mind is still heavy, but after that, in just ten years――oh, it’s just ten days here I suppose. She died from weakness. 」

What a waste. The male researcher showed an expression of wanting to observe more, then readjusted his breath and continued.

「Of course, even if the subjects die, it isn’t a problem in the verification of the wide-area mental pollution technology. The target of the experiment was the area after all. Since the mind pollution stays in the area even if they die, as time goes by, the number of subjects that become polluted should increase. 」

「Fufufu……. That sounds fun. When is the next time? 」

Jelia asked, with an enjoyable expression like her words.

「We still have to research about the relationship between time and event occurrence but, let’s see……, I suppose we should get a result for that within half to one year here. 」

「Ara, it takes that long? 」

「Of course, it can be shortened if our interference is stronger. How about it, will you be heading towards the surface world again? As the one worshipped as the 『Goddess』 there. 」

A method of travel between this world and the surface world was already established.

Even if a large group is impossible, there’s no problem in transporting a few people from and to.

Jelia who had a strong interest had visited the surface world several times, by wielding her power as she wished there, she was treated as a god. But, for some reason, she had taken a back seat now.

「No way. I would just get older like you suddenly. I still don’t want to be a granny yet. Even your hair that was so bushy had become so thin and shiny in just twenty days. 」

「Well that’s…… twenty years had passed, it’s natural. 」

Jelia teased the researcher’s hair, and the person himself looked dejected as he muttered.

Looks like it’s painful for him to be told that.

For research purposes, the man would traverse to the surface world often.

Each time, the flow of time he experienced would be compressed into several hundred times the normal speed.

Although he was only in the thirties when he first picked up the research, he’s now already looking in the fifties.

「It was only twenty days for us. 」

It was because of this that Jelia had stopped going to the surface world.

For her, being involved in the surface world is synonymous with accelerated aging.

She didn’t care much if her subordinates become old and died off, but she couldn’t stand the idea of getting older herself.

The research that would require several trips to the surface world needed replacements quickly. It had only been four months since the initiation, but the responsible researcher was already part of the sixth generation.

It was a perfect example of how different the speed of time flow is between the two worlds.

「Alright, next. 」

Putting a stop to the topic, Jelia prompted for the next agenda, a man in white clothes that was sitting at the end spoke.

「With the new successful summon the other day, we were able to procure the planned number for this term. There were also many cases of summoning multiple people at the same time this time, so there’s still reserve in the accumulated mana. It is possible to summon more, but how about it? 」

「How many people in total for this term? 」

「Seventy three. 」

As the white-clothed man answered Jelia’s frank question, she faced another subordinate and asked.

「Is it enough? 」

「We would be very grateful if we can have five more subjects. 」

Receiving her subordinate’s answer, Jelia instructed the white-clothed man.

「Then, perform two or three more additional summons. As usual, the children will be heading to the research department as subjects and any adults that have useful knowledge and obedience will be taken in. 」

「Is it fine to discard the rest? 」

「Let’s see――」

Jelia who was just about to agree with her subordinate smiles as if she had thought of a good idea.

「No, it’s a good timing. They can be used for the recruit soldiers this month to get some courage. 」

「Yessir. 」

With those words alone, the white-clothed male understood Jelia’s intention.

The large group of recruits would surely have a valuable experience.

「Is there anything else? 」

Another subordinate who looked only like a warrior spoke as Jelia asked while resting her cheeks in her hands.

「Your Excellency. I have a report. 」

「Whaat? 」

「Fort Macrogol at the southern border had intruders. 」

Jelia tilted her head at the report.

「Intruders? 」

「Yes. The casualties were only three soldiers that guarded the underground passage, but the soldiers in the fortress found that the for-use tool in the underground prison was killed and burned. They are likely there for a rescue, unable to break the chains that Your Excellency had fortified, they had probably chosen to kill. 」

「Fort Macrogol’s for-use tool……, what color is it? 」

「Black hair, Your Excellency. 」

Jelia showed a gesture of remembering something while looking afar after getting an answer from the subordinate.

「……Aah, that fool of a tumbling doll. 」

「Fool…… meaning? 」

Jelia couldn’t control her laughter as another subordinate asked unintentionally.

「I mean, that’s the truth right. Intruding into a facility and saying that she would rescue those pets and getting captured after she was caught in their rampage. If not a fool, then what is she? 」

「Aah, come to think of it, there was such a matter. 」

Hearing that, they probably recalled.

Several of the subordinates showed expressions of agreement.

「I met her because the research facility was at a loss as to what to do with her and asked me but……she’s so noisy that I just cut off her limbs and sent her to Fort Macrogol. Even without them, she should’ve served fine, right? 」

While snickering full of evilness, Jelia dared to ask for opinion at the end.

After the obscene laughter reverberated in the room, the reporter explained what was done to handle the situation.

「As such, there was a request for help, and I have sent a small group that is capable of mana detection. 」

Another subordinate asked with brows furrowing at the countermeasure taken.

「Help, is there a need? 」

「Apparently, there aren’t many in the fort that can use mana detection, and searching has come to a halt……」

「But still, it doesn’t warrant sending help. Since you said it’s an intrusion, they don’t have many people, right? 」

「Certainly, the information broker had informed us that it is likely only one man but…… should I call them back? 」

The male reporter asked anxiously after getting harsh gazes from his colleagues.

「Well, it can’t be helped since you’ve sent them. It’s more effort to call them back any ways. But there’s probably no need for additional dispatches. Is that fine Your Excellency? 」

The only male superior officer there having a rank just under Jelia asked for confirmation.

「Nn―? ……That’s fine probably? 」

But Jelia had already lost interest in that topic and replied randomly while fiddling with her nails.


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