Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 321.5

PhantasmalMira 175

Summary Until Here

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This is an overview of what happened up until volume 18. For those that have followed the releases, it is fine to skip this.

It doesn’t include content from the flashback arc.

Ardis who was a user of 『Sword Magic』 is a mercenary that accepts various commissions to subjugate, escort, and conduct investigations depending on the compensation.

While returning from a certain investigation commission, he found and took a pair of twin girls under his protection after the caravan they were part of was annihilated from bandits, however, twins in this world are discriminated as 『Forbidden Children』.

Then, for some reason, a woman with an unknown identity started upholding him as her lord, and when the four started to settle down living together, the territory lord in that area caught wind of Ardis having twins under his protection. Ardis and the others who were getting chased settled into a forest where dangerous demonic beings and beasts would appear and moved their active area to the capital.

Subjugating the Three Great Demons that had been a thorn for the Kingdom for a long time, Ardis gained reputation from participating in the Coalition’s defense battle. Eventually, Ardis who reunited with his partner, a golden beast, joined the war between the Kingdom and the Empire, and that is where he obtained his second name of 『Countless Swords Sorcerer』 having displayed his prowess as a one-man army.

After the fight, due to various circumstances, Ardis became a sword instructor for the duke’s daughter, Minerva. The moment when he was taking down the bases of the enemy organization that assaulted Minerva, due to an unknown reason, Ardis was transported to his original world.

Minerva and her bodyguard Moore were similarly thrown into the other world, but successfully returned with Rona. Ardis then took his revenge on the perpetrator of a Marquis by winning the martial arts tournament that was organized by the Marquis.

The Marquis that had his reputation crushed believed the nonsense from a blind believing priest, and branded Ardis as an evil cultist before sortieing an army to subjugate him. Ardis managed to defeat all that came, but because of the church manipulated the information, Ardis was forced to leave the capital after having lost his residence.

Ardis and the others then headed north towards the Canobis Mountain Range in search of a haven, and arrived at an uncharted small village, located in a place where dangerous demonic beings would appear anywhere.

Ardis who decided to settle down at the village that didn’t have any prejudice against twins, headed to the abode of 『Demon Beast King』 to expand the living territory of the village. After a battle, Ardis’s strength was acknowledged by the Demon Beast King, and thus he succeeded in forming a new covenant.

Two years passed as Ardis and the others settled in the village.

They came to know of a war nearing, from the merchant Michelle who arrived at the village out of schedule. When the atmosphere of war continued, Marquis Thoria of the Nagras Kingdom rebelled. Most of The Kingdom’s army was allocated to confront the Elmenia Empire army, who could only dispatch the little troops they still had within the capital to fight against the Thoria territorial army. At that opening, the empire launched a surprise attack from the seas.

Having close to no defense within the capital, it fell easily. When the duke’s daughter, Minerva, along with her bodyguard Moore, escaped with the other refugees, on the brink of death being surrounded by the pursuing army of the empire, they were saved by Ardis who arrived on time. Losing their place to stay, Minerva and the others, along with the refugees, had no other choice but to head north and seek shelter at a mining village.

For the sake of feeding the overflowing refugees, Ardis visits the Litte Business Association in one of the Coalition states, Reiten, and its president, Marrieda, to strike a deal in selling the Heavy Iron ores.

Ardis accepted the condition to be a bodyguard for Marrieda and spectated her revenge for her parents while the town was under fire from the San Rojeul Monarchy army.

Then, escaping from Reiten that didn’t put up much of a fight, Ardis and the others headed towards the mining village Glock to take refuge.

The Elmenia Empire annihilated the Nagras Kingdom, the San Rojeul Monarchy took over Reiten, and the Thoria Kingdom became independent from the Nagras Kingdom, along with the island country, Alban Kingdom. Four of them formed the 『Rovres Alliance』 and started war everywhere under the pretense of unifying the continent.

Then, with many more inflowing refugees, the village soon turned into a town, and caused the Thoria army to set their sights on it. Despite being able to repel the army together with the guards’ corps, Ardis couldn’t do anything, and was defeated by the man that suddenly appeared at the end. The identity of the man was one of the mercenary comrades that stood with Ardis and fought together in his original world.


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    That volume was dark. I have gotten a better understanding for Ardis’s revenge.