Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 34

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A little different format today 🙂

   Today, 『It』is flying in the skies leisurely as well.

   The blue skies that stretched to the horizons were 『Its』 entire garden.

   Looking down is the grasslands that stretched in green. And the things that move on the ground without wings. How laughable and miserable way of life, even though the sky is so wide.

   There’re no one who can restrain itself. No one around to annoy itself. As long as it minded its own business flapping the wings that it was born with, there’s no need to be scared of the small creatures, as it made its way under the shadow of the trees to rest.

   While screeching occasionally at the things who appeared occasionally, they would run away scattered, and if there were some foolish enough to disturb itself even after that, then it would just have to call the wind.

   The wide sky, only itself is the king.

   But such king of the skies is not exempted from hunger either. Its place of slumber, a certain mountain is unfortunately lack of preys for itself.

   No, lacking is a little incorrect. The mountains are blessed with the nature’s grace.

   The trees that receive that blessing would form fruits, small animals would eat fruits and increase in population, bigger animals would consume the small animals and turn them into its meat, then at last, even the bigger animals would be turned into food for the strong beings.

   And that strong being is exactly itself. No matter small or big beasts, they should all devote themselves as its food.

   But, there’re strong beings in the mountain beside itself too. Because the preys were abundant, there are many strong beings. That is exactly the world of the mountains.

   In no way there are a lack of preys, but even so, the strong beings would plunder from each other. Even though there’re no one who can stand in his place in the skies, it’s not easy to win against the other strong beings in the mountains.

   Its own prided claws and beak wouldn’t even scratch the『Hard One』, taking the breath from the『Metal Spitting One』 would probably tear its prided wings. The 『Swift One』 have movements faster and sharper than the winds, and the 『Unknown One』 had a gaze of terrifying heat.

   To compete with the other strong beings in that mountain and win over preys, even for the king of the skies, it’s not easily accomplishable.

   But, now is different. While flying to the eastern skies coincidentally while chasing its prey, it realized the scenery below was different than what it had saw before.

   There are preys on the grasslands too. But with the amount and size of the preys in the past, the grasslands didn’t have enough allure to attract it to come out this far especially.

   But what now, it thought. Didn’t the amount of preys increased by quite a lot since the last time it saw.

   Although it still wasn’t satisfied with their sizes, that can be compensated with the quantity. Above all, there weren’t any other strong beings on the grasslands. There wasn’t a need to fight for the preys while hunting.

   There’re many others too who hold wings in that mountain. But many of those can only fly low. Only its own kin can fly out of the mountain to come this far to the grasslands. But the other kin have not realized that preys are filling the grasslands.

   The moment 『It』 realized that every prey below itself was its own, it trembled in joy. It’s a little tiring to fly all the way from the mountain but, thinking about the quantity of prey, it was worth the effort.

   What shall it savor today. 『It』 is looking forward to choose its prey. Riding on the wind to the east, it looked around the grasslands below.

   『Its』eyes, caught the figure of countless preys moving around. For some reason, there were many preys grouped up today. And most of the groups were the two feet beasts that get lost in the mountain sometimes. Looking around there was about ten groups.

   There’s a little annoyance eating the two-legged beasts but, it’s good that they are grouped up. Besides that, there are many of the two-legged beasts that would still come at it even when their pack friends are dead.

   Different than the other beasts which would run when one or two of their own is taken out, 『It』 can hunt for many of them at once. There would be some with hard shells occasionally, but it was not a huge problem for its prided claws and beak. The problem is that it is difficult to eat.

   The two-legged beasts are strange, there are some of them who are terrifyingly strong, so it had to be careful. But, if the worst comes, it can just fly to the skies.

   It’s because the wingless two-legged beasts couldn’t fly. Occasionally, the two-legged beasts would throw up needles to the sky, but it would be fine if it’s high enough that the needle doesn’t reach.

   While 『It』 circled around the surrounding, it decided to hunt the pack with the most. Individually, the two-legged beasts are small but, with that much of them, it can have a filling meal.

   On top of that, it also saw several four-legged beasts around. Seeing the countless preys that would satisfy its hunger, 『Its』 instinct was filled with joy.

   Without even realizing that it was being showered by the gazes of the two-legged beasts, it ignored the smaller packs, and dived straight down to the largest pack.


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  • NoName


    Thanks for the chapter.

    Really? The author add a bird’s POV? Will it become a pet?

  • kazamakj


    Thanks for the translation. Interesting POV from the giant bird. Wonder what are the rivals it seems to be talking about.