Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 42

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   Having sent off the black-haired young man who said that he is heading out to purchase some daily necessities, Chezare repeatedly gasped for breath as he tried to calm down his intense heartbeat.

   Yesterday, after investigating more after separating with the young man, Chezare had gotten more news. Among those, was that the attempt to detain the mercenary woman was the lone judgement of Sir Thoria, and the name of the mercenary who paired up with the woman is Ardis.

   In addition, that young mercenary Ardis, he’s the owner of the house that the mercenary woman lived in, and he had been missing after the detain attempt as well, it’s obvious that he is also moving together with the mercenary woman now.

   The young man who was in front of him just a few moments ago. Black hair and black eyes, the violet-colored band on his forehead, and the light purple colored short robe that covered his body. In any case, he had fitted the characteristics of the mercenary Ardis too well.

   It seems that he had checked in the inn with the name, 『Teoris』. But, considering if he’s the real Ardis, then it’s understandable given their situation. Chezare thought, if the young man is indeed the mercenary, Ardis, then he should definitely know the whereabouts of the woman.

   When he arrived at that conclusion, greed swelled in Chezare. Thoria had covered up the detain attempt and all the news about it before the country had known about it.

   But, that was not because they had given up on capturing the woman, it was because that they wanted to hide the scandal of their unlawfulness. It’s highly likely that Thoria is still thinking about capturing the mercenary woman.

   The detain warrant that Sir Thoria had issued was unlawful considering that it didn’t have the acknowledgement of the justice court. That’s why, unlike the army of Thoria, there isn’t any reason for the army in the capital to move. So, it’s impossible for them to capture the mercenary woman.

   But if Chezare can find where the mercenary woman is currently at, he thought he will be able to sell that information at a high price to Sir Thoria. It might be without any value in the capital but, it should be a piece of information that Sir Thoria wouldn’t be able to ignore.

   He was sure that the value of it would not just be copper or silver coins, but at least ten, or even twenty gold coins. If he can capture that young man, then he will be able to get a huge fortune.

   That is why, Chezare took actions immediately. He got in contact with the leader of the thugs in the slums, described the young man’s appearance, and hired them to capture him.

   For those who lives by in the slums everyday with just two coppers, with a single gold coin, they would wag their tails happily to Chezare. And he made sure to instruct the thugs to attack with as many people as they can, and surround him in a narrow place, closing the distance immediately and minimize any unneeded injuries on the young man.

   No matter if the young man is a mercenary or a magician, even against those with battle experience, numbers will win. In addition, with the battle conducted in close quarters, a magician wouldn’t be able to show his strength. Since if they can just stop him from chanting, it’s an easy win.

   When Chezare gets the whereabouts of the mercenary woman from the young man, Chezare just need to lock him away until he gets compensation from Sir Thoria.

   Thinking about the huge sum that he will eventually get, as he was comfortably sipping on his fruit juice, suddenly a voice, 「Have you wait long? 」came from behind.

   Was his unrest noticed by the young man? Did his shoulder jump from the surprise? The fact that he couldn’t reply anything due to the shock, was it suspicious to the young man?

   Chezare hadn’t thought about the possibility that the young man will be able to return to the inn. On top of that, the young man was totally unharmed.

   While faking his calm, Chezare provided the additional information as he promised to the young man. Is my voice trembling, am I speaking too fast, those were the thoughts that Chezare kept having when he was talking.

   After the young man returned to his room on the second floor, Chezare finally had a chance to catch a breath, he gulped down the entire glass of fruit juice in his hand before starting to think.

   Could it be the thugs couldn’t even raise a hand against the young man?

   While reflecting on the mistake that he made while appraising the young man, he smiled slightly. It seems that the young man hasn’t realize that Chezare was the one who ordered the thugs, if so, then Chezare still has a chance.

   If the thugs were helpless, then hiring mercenaries will do it. Although he will have to pay much more compared to the thugs, mercenaries are definitely more capable.

   Since Chezare is an information broker, he has many mercenary acquaintances. It’s a perfect job for someone strong but a little stupid. As he thought so, the person who came up in his mind was, the guy who said, 「Tell me if you got any good ones. 」

   Because the young man had announced that he will be leaving the capital in the afternoon today, there wasn’t much time left for Chezare.


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