Countless Swords Sorcerer ­­―― Chapter 68

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   Nere’s hair styled by the inexperienced Ardis was a short cut like the twins.

「Nere, we’re a match! 」

「Together, same! 」

   Seeing their cool-headed female guardian got the same hair style as them, the twins were happy. The bluish white and silvery gold color. With the three people together, it looked like they were sisters.

「Well, it’s not my expertise, forgive me if it isn’t satisfactory. 」

「Not a problem. It’s perfect, my master. 」

   Nere replied happily even though Ardis seemed a little unconfident. The servant who doesn’t show much emotions usually seems to be smiling a lot today.

「Well then, t’s about the right time. I shall be working on our meals for the night. My master can rest well. 」

   Even her footsteps were light as she entered the house. Just like what she said, the sun is just a while before it starts setting but, there’s still time for them to take it easy as they waited for dinner.

   In this house with the two twins, no one stays up late into the night. After washing away their fatigue and dirt in the bath, Ardis rested on the sofa in the living room along with the twins as they waited for dinner.

「It’s all done. 」

   Beckoned by Nere’s sudden voice, Ardis arrived at the dining table long with the twins.

「Thanks to the spices master brought back, today’s meal is prepared perfectly. 」

   Although it’s easy for houses in the city to get ingredients from general stores, it isn’t like there are any stores in the forest. Having said so, Nere couldn’t possibly leave the twins by themselves in the house to visit the capital.

   Fortunately, they were able to make do with hunting in the forest and foraging for vegetables. Although it’s still too soon for a harvest, the garden is also expected to produce fresh vegetables for their meals.

   But, there’s a need to purchase wheat for baking bread, and spices that are difficult to get by themselves. Also, it’s not required but, dried seafood or eggs are only available in the town.

「As for the eggs……. Even if I buy some when I return from the capital, it’s not like they can last long. It would be good if we reared some chickens and have some stable produce……」

   Hearing Nere’s satisfaction of being able to prepare a good meal with enough ingredients, Ardis muttered.

「Are we raising chicken-sans? How many herds? 」1

「Hiana want some cwiecheken toot―! 」

「Riana, don’t speak when you’re eating. It’s unethical. And Fillia, it isn’t a 『Herd』 but 『Brood』. 」

「Animals-san but not a herd? 」

   Fillia seemed a little confused as she had thought that every animal can be used with that collective noun.

「For chickens, it’s brood. Remember that. 」

「Hnnn, weird―. It would be fine even if they’re the same. 」

   It seems that Fillia still wasn’t quite getting it as she replied. Right at that time, Riana who seemed to be finally finished chewing the food in her mouth joined the conversation too.

「Riana too, we will take care of the chickens-san! 」

「Umu. Your help will definitely come to be useful. With that, my master. Would you mind getting some of them here? 」

「Well, that’s fine but……. Wouldn’t that attract carnivorous beasts? 」

   Although he didn’t have any opinions against the idea, it would be troubling if it brings danger.

「Need not worry. I will prepare a stone coop for them to rest in in the night. Even if they do attract other beasts, I shall guarantee there’s no chance the children will be in danger. 」

   In the end, having no choice under Nere who had a super confident face and the twins who were excited at the 「Chickens-san! 」, Ardis put a reminder n his heart to get some chickens the next time he returns from the capital.

「Then let’s start working on the coop immediately tomorrow. Need not worry, my master. I shall construct it with strength that will withstand even demonic beings. 」

   Ardis could only reply with a bitter smile at his servant who was tough headed for some reason.

「Uhh, I don’t think you have to make it that strong……」

   After taking a good night rest, Ardis departed for the capital, Gran after being saw off by Nere and the twins. It was to meet with the members of 『Bright Stars of White Night』. Since Ardis is joining Ted and the others to Reiten, they have to discuss about the schedule.

   As the first person passing through the gate in the morning, Ardis headed to 『Seseragi Inn』 immediately where Ted and the others are currently staying in. Even under the damp chilly morning breeze, there were many citizens who are heading to the market and merchants who are riding carriages on the main street.

   Although the gate to outside the capital had just opened for the day, the streets are already crowded. While surrounded with the bustling atmosphere of the street despite in the early morning, Ardis entered 『Seseragi Inn』, his frequented inn.

   In the dining hall that’s on the first floor of the inn, there’re many figures of mercenaries or merchants already prepared to depart for the day. But, what was strange was there wasn’t even a single one of them eating breakfast.

「Welcome! Ah, isn’t it Ardis-san! 」

   Seeing the new guest was Ardis, the signboard girl, Melir greeted energetically.

「Thanks for bringing guests to our inn yesterday! 」

   After Ardis left yesterday, it seems that Ted and the other two had stayed in this inn just like that. For the inn, it’s probably like Ardis had brought new customers for them.

「I have some business with them but……. Are they still in their rooms? 」

「Nope. They’re sitting right at the table over there. 」

   When Ardis asked for the three’s whereabouts, Melir pointed towards a table in one corner of the dining hall. Ardis who looked over there saw the three figures on the round table.

   But, somehow, they were all stretched out on the table. With a question mark over his head, Ardis thanked Melir before making his way to the table.

「Yo, Ted. What happened? Hangover? 」

   What came to Ardis’s mind first was they might’ve drank a lot yesterday after Ardis left. But if so, there’s no reason why Norris would be in the same shape. Different than Ted who drinks without thinking and Orphellia who becomes weird with alcohol, Norris knows well how much he can handle.

   Ardis couldn’t recall a time when he became totally drunk, or any occasion he had a hangover.

「Aa-aah……. Ardis huh……」

   Ted who raised his face had a very bad complexion.

「You look really unwell, doesn’t seem like a hangover?  」

「Yeah, it’s not alcohol. 」

「Then what could’ve――」


「Ha? 」

   Ardis got an unexpected answer of a single word from Ted.

「What do you mean by disgusting? Did something happen? 」

「No―. It’s super disgusting. The food. It’s all super disgusting! It’s so bad that it’s on the level of harassment! What is this! Is this even food!? 」

   With a pale face, Ted yelled loudly as if facing his nemesis, except the nemesis was the plate of breakfast on the side of the table.

   Bread with some unknown filler. Salad that is strangely colorful. And a white soup that gave off a really sour smell. Having witnessed the lineup of food, Ardis finally understood the reason.

「Aah……, that huh……」

   It looks like a normal menu item at a single glance but, if one paid enough attention, the food gave off a sinister aura somehow. Considering they’re the members of 『Bright Stars of White Night』, they wouldn’t possibly have not realized it.

   But, they probably thought that since it’s an inn that’s doing business, there’s no way right? It might be that they’ve put trust in Ardis’s recommended inn and took the World’s End Weapon (Melir’s Breakfast) of 『Seseragi Inn』 right into their stomach without thinking twice.

「Uguh……. The disgusting smell is still lingering in my breath. 」

   Ted closed his mouth and endured.

「Ahaha. As expected of something like Ardis’s frequented inn. It’s the embodiment of extreme……」

   Norris made a dry smile, then seemed to have a melancholic gaze.

「Uuua……. As expected of the capital……. It had a disgustingly powerful punch to it. I have to feed it to everyone too……」

   Orphellia who was in a sense, the hunter of bad food was savoring the aftertaste and muttering some disturbing plans of hers.

「Hey, Ardis-san! Don’t you think they’re all so mean!? They said the dishes I made with my all are bad and disgusting! 」

   Melir complained after hearing Ardis’s conversation with the other three.

「Mean, that’s what we want to say. If you’re charging for this, ain’t this a crime or something? 」

   Ted’s voice was unusually soft.

「Meanies! Even Ardis-san said it was delicious! Right? Ardis-san! 」

   Although Ardis have not a single recollection of him saying it was delicious, it’s not like there’s anyone else in the capital who can eat Melir’s food without raising a single complaint. For Melir, that was probably enough for her to interpret it as a 「Delicious! 」remark from Ardis.

「Ah, Ardis-san haven’t had his breakfast yet right? 」

「No, I ate before I――」

「I will whip something up so sit tight! 」

   Without even hearing Ardis’s reply, Melir had rushed back into the kitchen.

   It seems that Ardis couldn’t avoid the fate of eating her specially made breakfast. Sighing lightly, Ardis sat down with Ted and the others.

「Nn? What’s the matter? 」

   Ardis who sat down was met with three gazes that was as if staring at something out of this world.

「You……, that guts of yours. Challenging that willingly……, a hero? 」

「That’s amazing, Ardis. I feel like I’ve come to respect Ardis a lot more. 」

「Coming to think of it, Ardis had extraordinary palate. As expected of him. 」

   It wasn’t like I chose to eat it happily, as Ardis thought about that in his mind while frowning, he received the weird compliments from the three silently.

   Eventually, after the Melir’s Special Series Breakfast Full Course made its way to their table, Ardis silently started working on it.

   And for the short period that was spent on finishing the breakfast, Ardis was under Melir’s bright smile, along with Ted and the other two’s gazes of incomprehensibleness.

  1. This part is a little weird, since afaik there isn’t specialized words in English that are used to describe a singular unit of something, soooooooo. Courtesy to Felix-sama again


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