Author: PhantasmalMira

Chapter 11 Ossan with The Girl, Reconciliation

   I rushed towards the door of the Mattroc Orphanage and knocked using the lion-shaped door knocker three times.    ――Thump, thump, thump.    The sound resounded like a giant’s footsteps because of my chaotic emotions. 「Ha-ha―……」    I swallowed my breath and wetted my dry throat. As I stared at the lion while waiting,…

Chapter 9 Ossan with The Girl, Bath and Bangs

「Ara, Douglas-san? Didn’t you say you were going on a journey……」    When I finished buying the necessary items and stepped out of the general store, someone’s voice was directed to me. I turned around, there was a white-haired old lady whose head was wrapped in scarf. She waved her hands while supporting her hunched…