Chapter 19 Ossan with the Girl, Most Precious of All

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(Sigh……. Really, it’s troubling)

  The elves men’s sentences had started to escalate because of the drunk atmosphere.

「Why don’t you just marry Rose! 」

「And have a house here. We all welcome Muscle-san! 」

   And the chattering never stopped. The effects of me trying my best to hold them back was nil.

 (Goodness. It’s because they drank too much……)

  I can’t afford to cause trouble for Rose any longer.

 (I can only withdraw here huh……)

「Sorry but I will be……」

   There were voices to calling me to stay from every direction. I apologized and lowered my head as I withdrew from the circle. I glanced at Loy but he’s still enjoying his drink at someplace further.

(I will be going back first)

   As I thought so and set out, the sound of running footsteps came from behind.

「Please wait……! 」

   I was called to a stop and turned back. I thought who it was, but it was Rose.

「You leaving like that would just cause more misunderstanding……」

   As I raised my confusion, Rose steadied her breath and shook her head sideways. Her waist long blond hair is shaking sideways.

「It’s, not a misunderstanding. 」

「Eh? 」

「I……I……! I fell in love the first time I saw you……! 」

「……W……Whawhawhat…!? 」

   It was so shocking that I forgot to breathe. I mean, it’s totally unimaginable.

(Me……this old man! Hearing such words in my life……!!!)

   Sweat started dripping from how nervous I was. I didn’t even had time to feel happy.

「Can you please take me with you? I want to enjoy travelling with the two of us. And then someday, become your wife……」

(……Nn……? Both of us……?)

「But I’m travelling with my daughter so it would be three person……」


   Her expression froze suddenly, and she blinked in confusion.


「Yeah. 」

「Ah……. ……I-it’s like that……」


   Her gaze swam around as if she was lost. I’m embarrassed in myself just a moment ago that panicked unlike the old man I am.

「T-that……somehow sorry……」

「N-no! It’s my fault……! 」

  Because Ravi isn’t with me for two days that she thought I was alone. Ravi is my daughter until we arrive in Balzac. But I felt that she understood a meaning different than that.

   But I’m very grateful that she had held goodwill towards me even for a moment. I lowered my head while making the worse smile in my life before leaving.

  As I returned to Loy’s house, Ravi had hurried towards me as soon as she saw me.

「W-welcome back……!」

  Ravi welcomed me with a smile, my heart became warm. The smile of a child really heals.

  I patted her head, and I told Loy’s wife that Loy wouldn’t be back yet. She smiled wryly and 「That person really likes drinking, he’s really a handful, right? 」

   Ravi and Nicky had been training skills for the whole day it seems. By the way, the elderly are not around. They probably went out somewhere.

「I’ve been the teacher giving special lessons to Ravi! 」

「Ravi-chan really tried her best」

「But, she still can’t……」

  Regarding their statements, Ravi only smiled embarrassingly. After meeting eyes with me, her eyes narrowed, and the corner of her mouth raised.


  I felt a little uncomfortable. Ravi’s smile always had been full of happiness.

(But her smile just now……?)

   She was the type to sulk and droop her shoulders when she felt embarrassed because she thought she was not helping.


   I felt that something was wrong with her. And she’s trying to laugh it off……

   As I thought so and looked at Ravi properly again, I realized her cheeks are redder than usual.

(It can’t be……)

   I hurriedly released the appraisal skill towards her.

   《The all-knowing god, turn the pages of the book of wisdom and grant me insight ―― Appraisal Judge 》


   Name          : Not set

   Sex             : Female

   Race            : Human

   Occupation  : ******

   State           : Fatigued, Cold

   Level           : 1 (10 to next level)

   HP               : 658

   MP              : 919


「!!……!!!! Ravi!!! You’ve caught a cold right! And you even got the fatigue state……!!! 」

「Eh……!? She was super energetic though!? 」

   Nicky said so sounding in disbelief. Loy’s wife who heard my words, hurriedly put her hand on Ravi’s forehead.

「My, really……! As expected from her father……! Anyway, let’s get her to bed right now! 」

   Nicky and she started to hurry. Ravi looked down as her lips was pursed together.

「Nicky, you go call a doctor here! 」

「Alright……! 」

   Nicky nodded back, and I carried Ravi up.

(Yeah……her body temperature is so hot……)

   I should’ve noticed it when I patted her head.

   We laid her in a warm futon to rest.

   Loy’s wife brought a bucket of ice water with a towel, I squeezed that and put it on Ravi’s forehead.


   Her small hands gripped the edge of the futon tightly and apologized.

「Don’t have to mind it. Just rest properly for now. 」

「But……I, only make troubles……. Ever since the dragon……」

   I was baffled by the unexpected words. Why did something regarding the dragon came out suddenly.

(……No, it’s not sudden?)

「Dragon? 」

   I asked in the gentlest voice I can ever make. Ravi nodded with her eyes closed.

「Because I said to be together……daddy would take me together anywhere but……because of that, bearded uncle got mad……」


「I, can’t do anything but troubling you……I thought that I shouldn’t be a burden……and tried to learn skill……. But because of that, again I……. I’m really sorry……」

「……! 」

   Words are meaningless now as I just embraced Ravi with the indescribable emotions in my chest.

   She didn’t follow during the fire accident was because of that too. Today’s the same. Just after she heard the conversation between Loy and Nicky 「It’s not a place where children can help. 」, she decided to stay at the house. As the result, she desperately continued to learn to use skills, and had her body collapsed due to the fatigue. I thought that she had wanted to play with Nicky at that time, but that was also my misunderstanding.

   Even though I thought I treasured her a lot, but I can’t do it well because of the difficulty.

(Perhaps it was my mistake to take such an extreme action……)

   It’s also wrong to looking out for the other person only.

「Ravi, I don’t think of you as a burden at all」

   Ravi shook her head sideways. I see. Even if I say that countless times, Ravi still wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

「Ravi, if that’s so, how about this? If it’s anything dangerous next time, I will take into consideration if we should split up. But I can’t decide that myself. We should decide it together. Let’s talk it out and think of the best measures. 」

   Ravi’s wet eyes swam in hesitation, and replied with a small voice 「Unn……」

「But I will not be a burden as soon as possible……」

「Alright. But, keep it down. Don’t worry me too much. 」

「Yes……. Sorry……」

   I smiled wryly as I picked up the hand towel that slipped from her forehead. And I soaked it in the ice water again and put it on her. I also tidied back up the futon that was in a mess because of the hug just now.

   A little after that, the doctor had arrived. As expected, it was the fatigue that got to her. For her to take the medicine, she must have something first.

「Ravi, what you would like? I will try my best to prepare anything you say. 」

「Daddy’s soup……. The one with the beans……」

「The one we had on the first day? 」


「I see. Wait for a while, I will go prepare it immediately. 」

   I borrowed the kitchen, I immediately started cooking the soup with beans and dried meat. The herbs were taken from the shared fields in the back.

「Douglas-san, give her the apples too if it’s fine」

   Loy’s wife said that while shaping the peeled apple into a small rabbit.

「……! 」

(This is……!)

   Ravi would be happy if she sees it.

「C-can you please teach me how to do that. Please, I beg you. 」

   As I lowered my head, Loy’s wife replied me giggled 「Don’t worry about that」

「Douglas-san, you’re really a good father. You saw through her condition first, and also took care of her. Filling in the role of both father and mother, isn’t something anyone can do. 」

「No……. I still have a long way. I only failed and reflected continuously……」

「That’s true for us too. Raising a child is hard. But even so, it’s worthwhile. 」

「Yeah, I agree too. 」

   As we were having such conversation, she taught me how to make the rabbits. But I really can’t manage to do it well. One of the ears was shorter than the other one, and the edges are rough.

(Umu……. I need more practice huh)

   I kept the unfortunate rabbits in the back, while presenting the good ones.

   After we finished up the preparation, we returned to Ravi. Ravi opened her eyes and muttered 「Delicious smell……」while smiling brightly. She looked younger than usual because of her red cheeks.

   She slowly rose her body up and sat on the spread-out cushion. She looked weak as she can’t put in power.

(It would be dangerous if she drank it herself……)

   I blew on the soup after scooping it up with a spoon to let it cool down, I put it near her mouth. And let her drink from it.

「Is it cold enough? 」

「Unn, really delicious……」

「I see, I’m glad」

   She didn’t seem appetized, but she managed to finish them at the end.

「There’s apple prepared for you too but……」

   I showed the rabbits to her, and a weak smile came to her face.

「It’s Mr.Rabbit……」

「Want to eat? 」

   She returned a nod. As I wanted to pick up the good rabbits……

「……Not those, I want the ones at the back」

   Of all things, she wanted my rough rabbits.

(……Did she realize that I made those?)

   She’s really a kind girl.

   Let’s practice making better apple rabbits to not let Ravi have to look out for me. I determined so in my heart.


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