Chapter 20 Ossan with The Girl, 「What I Like is Daddy」

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   I’ve took up on the elves’ invitation and decided to stay one more night. Ravi who woke up completely regained her energy.

「Do you have any headache or sore throat? 」

「Unn, I’m alright. Daddy, that……」

「Nn? 」

   Ravi hold the hem of her one-piece and fidgeted a little before raising her face.

「Umm……Thank you for nursing me……. ……I’m really happy……」

   I nodded smilingly and she returned a smile. I could tell it’s not the smile that she had forced out. It really showed her happiness. It’s the normal Ravi.

(I’m glad that she had slept well after taking the medicine)

   But just in case, I used the appraisal skill once again. I was relieved as I confirmed the fatigued and cold state had completely vanished from her status.

「Daddy, are we leaving? 」

   After changing our clothing. I was asked to tie the ribbon for her.

「Are you fine already? 」

「Unn. 」

   Ravi turned back and nodded. I can’t properly tie the ribbon as she turned her head around. I smiled wryly and positioned her head back to facing front.

「If Ravi thinks she’s fine, then let’s leave today. 」

   The fire accident site had been properly tidied up. Ravi had also recovered, and the rain had stopped.

   We had been staying in the elves’ settlement, Floria for a few days already. It’s a cozy place and I was happy that we were accepted by the elves here. But the time to continue our journey had arrived.

   After we had tidied up our baggage, it became that the grandfather would take a look at Ravi’s skill compatibility again. The first time he appraised her, he was dozing off after all. On top of that, he couldn’t even remember that he had done it in the first place.

「Well then, let’s take a look」

   While smiling, he put his hand full of creases above Ravi’s head. His right hand started glowing with a dim light.

「……Hoho, I see I see. Fret not. She does have compatibility with skills. 」

   She has skill compatibility. The moment Ravi heard that, her expression became bright as the sun.

「But it’s just hidden a little deeper in her. She probably needs a special occasion for that. But it’s alright. If she continues to wish it, I’m sure that she will be able to awaken it. 」

「I see……」

「Her skill’s potential is at 5120 」

「Wha……! Isn’t that amazing. 」

   His words surprised me. 5120 is quite the high number. Humans who uses skills averages out at 3000. By the way, if one does not have compatibility with skills, his skill potential will be at 0.

   The higher the potential is, the more complex skills one can acquire. On top of that, the experience obtainable to raise the skill level by one would also be increased. The potential is something like natural talent. The number is set in stone the moment you’re born.

「5120 is amazing……? 」

   Ravi tilted her head at my words. The grandfather smiled gently at the oblivious Ravi.

「Yes. It’s quite high. I’m sure you can use great skills when you awaken it」

「What about daddy’s……? 」

「Mine is……」

   That’s right. I should tell her what I have now, so that her confidence will be boosted.

「Mine is about 900. 」

「Eh……!? 」

   Loy who was listening quietly at the side suddenly raised a surprised voice.

「It can’t be……. It couldn’t be that low right……!? Isn’t 900 only capable of using the basic life magic? It can’t possibly be true that you can use such amazing skills at just 900 potential. 」

「N-no. Even if you said that, it’s the truth……」

「Hoho. Let me see. 」

   The grandfather smiled at reached out his hand. He’s probably trying to find out my skill potential. I lowered my body and stretched my head forward. He chanted the aria with a soft voice. I felt a little warm on top of my head.

「……Hou. ……This is……I see……. Loy, he’s right. His potential is only at 900. 」

「……! Then how did you use such amazing skills……!? Strong water magic and buffs that I never seen before……!? 」

   Loy asked excitedly. The grandfather just smiled without saying anything. Then returned his gaze towards me.

「You made an unimaginable effort to get there……」

   He said so in a gentle tone. My eyes widened from that.

   What came into mind naturally was the harsh training schedule during my younger days.

   It’s not something that big of a deal. Because I wasn’t blessed with talent, I just had to put in tens of times more effort than the geniuses. It’s just that simple of a story.

「I respect and admire your way of living till this date. 」


   But now that it’s been many years ago, his words hit something deep in my chest.

   It might be pathetic, but I felt the corner of my eyes getting hot.

「Douglas-san, you’re really an amazing person……. Surpassing talent with hard work……」

   Loy muttered so in admiration.

「Loy, he’s a person that’s even more respectable than all of the geniuses out there. 」

   I felt a little troubled as Jii-san kept raising me up.

「A-anyways Ravi. You’re a hard worker, and talented, I’m sure you will be able to use some amazing skill. 」

「Really? Just like daddy……? 」

「……! 」

   She wants to be like me.

   It was the first time I realized the destruction power behind those words.


   I’m grateful that many people had gathered to come and see us off this time too. As a bonus, I’ve also gotten the elves’ secret spices and also their own cold medicine. Rose was amongst the people too. Immediately after I noticed that, our eyes met. We smiled slightly at each other so that others would’ve not noticed, and that was our farewell.

「Hey, are you really leaving……」

   Nicky who was sullen after he heard that we’re going to be travelling again opened his mouth.

「Yeah. I’ve been in your care」

「T-thank you……」

   Ravi thanked in a soft voice as well. In the middle of that, Nicky’s face became red. It’s not that he’s being shy. It seems like he’s desperately trying to hold back his tears.

「Ravi!! Why don’t you just stay here with Uncle! I will marry you so! Why not we be forever together!? 」

   Nicky cried while rubbing his eyes with his arms and yelled.

「Wha……!? 」

   I was probably more surprised than Ravi herself. I blurted out reflexively.


   Certainly, Nicky seemed interested in Ravi. But I didn’t expect it was in a romantic way. I didn’t even realize it until now. I was confused as I turned towards his families. Everyone of them was looking over Nicky with a gentle smile. It seems that it was only me who never noticed it.

   I wonder what reply Ravi would give…….

   I jerked my head and glanced at Ravi.


   Ravi stared at Nicky silently.

「U……Uhmm. I-I like Ravi! I want to marry you! 」

「I like daddy. 」



   Mine and Nicky’s surprised voice overlapped. Ravi looked up at me and smiled embarrassingly.

「Hahaha. Nicky, you just got turned down. 」

   Loy smiled brightly and hit on Nicky’s shoulder lightly. Nicky banged on his father weakly and cried while clinging on his legs.

   ……It really made me feel complicated.

   Ravi said that innocently. I can understand Nicky’s feelings.


   While my expression is still stiffening, Loy is consoling his son.

「A boy will only grow up after getting turned down. 」

「I-I see……」

   I unconsciously looked up at the faraway sky.

「By the way Douglas-san. Actually, we’ve been considering implementing lightning rod in our village. 」

   Loy said so. Everyone nodded at his words.

「As we don’t have the technology to do that, when we finalized the decision, we will be handing out requests to the humans in the city. The chances that someone kind like you will come is probably very little, even so we decided that taking a step out is the best for us. This is also thanks to you. 」

「No, I was just……. But I will be praying that you would have a good encounter. 」

「You two too! Have a nice trip! 」

「Yeah. Thanks 」

   As we started to set out, there was a 「One, two」 sounded from the back.

「Muscle power!!! 」

   The elves yelled all at once. I was surprised that I turned back to see all their happy faces and waving hands. Nicky was also waving his right hand even while crying. We too, returned a wave while smiling.


   On the afternoon the day we departed, we encountered a carriage going towards south. And they said their next stop would be Milton. We were lucky because we also had to go to Milton to sell Ravi’s necklace. I paid for two person and got on to the empty space in the loading carriage.

   There were 3 people there already. They were 2 men who looked like merchants, and a girl in teenage years. Ravi seemed really happy as she got the chance to get on the carriage she admired. She’s enjoying the passing-by scenery with her eyes shining. After we got on a little later, the other men started to chatter idly.

「Hey, have you heard? The news about Hero Alan. 」

「Oh! Had they finally left Balzac to go on an expedition to subdue the Demon King!? 」

「No, no. Actually, they’re still in Balzac, and it seems they’re recruiting new member」

「What’s that. Didn’t they already stay in Balzac for a long time」

「Yeah, it makes people feel a little unrest, don’t you think……」

「……! 」

   My heart jumped at the sudden conversation.

 (They’re still at Balzac……. Even though it’s past half a year after that incident……?)

   And what did they mean by they’re recruiting new members. Even though the party balance should be perfect already.

   They looked at me weirdly as I suddenly drew closer.

「……Can you tell me more about that? 」

   I unconsciously asked, they looked surprised and exchanged glances with each other.

「Huh? About the Hero? 」

「Yeah. 」

「What. Are you also a fan of the hero? 」

「W-well, something like that. 」

「Oh I see. But sorry about that. All I’ve known is what I said. 」

   The man who started talking about the rumor apologized to me.

「Ah……. I-I see. Sorry for interrupting suddenly. 」

   I lowered my head and went back to my seat.

(……I see. Alan and the others are still at that city)

   I sighed because of the complicated feelings. We rode on the carriage, along with the sounds of the hoofs hitting the ground, heading towards the south――……


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