Chapter 24 Ossan with The Girl, Came Across a Scene of Little Dogs Bark the Loudest

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   Next day. I took Ravi with me towards the red-light district Maisy as I promised. There’re groups of men that had drowsy eyes near the southern gate. It’s the time when the guests of the brothel return home.

   Some of them had a bed head. Some of them had wrinkles on their shirt. Some of them looked like they were having a hangover. Somehow the gloomy atmosphere drifting around had completely pushed away the presence of a refreshing morning.

   How will Ravi think when they see them like that? I felt a little nervous as glanced towards Ravi.

   But Ravi was looking at something entirely different. The sun that is climbing to the zenith. Her eyes narrowed at the dazzling clear blue sky.

「Daddy, nice weather……」

「……Y-Yeah. That’s right. Today’s a warm day. 」


   Ravi smiled. I felt like just that had given me salvation. After all, there wasn’t a need for me to filter it and offer to her. Ravi had found the beautiful things by herself.


「What? Is there anything? 」

「Umm……Is it fine if I practiced chanting until we arrive……? 」

「Oh, that’s right. Then I will be testing you. 」

   Ravi’s skill ability hasn’t awakened yet. But to prepare for the occasion that will come at any moment, she had continued practicing chanting ever since. It’s a plain practice, but it will definitely come into use. Some people when in combat situation would fall into panic and can’t chant properly, if the chant is completely implanted in her brain, then the chances of that happening would definitely decrease.

「The chant of physical buff? 」

「Umm……Boil up the expanding power――Muscle Power Strengthening―……! 」

「You’re right, good job. 」

「Yay―……! 」

「Then the next is―……」

   As we continued on like this, we arrived at the front of the brothel――…….

「Hey!!! Stop it already……!!! 」

   A voice in distress was heard. That’s the brothel’s madam’s voice. We unconsciously looked at each other.

「Daddy……! 」


   I carried Ravi onto my back and stepped forward to the front entrance. There was a crowd already there by the time I arrived.

   The people who lined up at the entrance of the brothel was the madam and the prostitutes that still had make-up on them. And a few people that thought to be guests. They’re facing off a group of young men that looked like thugs. I immediately discerned the thugs to be the ones that hit the young man in the alley yesterday.

「You’re just giving troubles to our guests! 」

「So noisy! Old lady can shut up. I only have matters with the Rose Princess. 」

「In the first place, what guests you have. Compared to our Aniki here, facing with those trash isn’t worth your time! 」

「Hi―……! 」

   A man smoking a cigar said threateningly, and the guest was scared to the ground. The thugs were looking down at him smirking. And in the middle of the encirclement, was the long-haired man who said 『Remember this』 to me. I recalled his name to be Carlos.

「Fufu. So loud. I can’t even hear any manliness in all of your barks. 」


   With a long dress in her hands, a single beauty stepped in front. With a glossy long hair, there was a hair pin in the shape of a rose. She’s probably the famous『Rose Princess』.

   Even though it’s such a bloodbath there, she really looks calm. Her rosy lips turned into an arc, as she slowly observed the men around.

「If it’s just barking, even a dog can do that. 」

「……Oi, Rose Princess. Making fun at my underlings huh. Having such a high attitude would get you pain even with your looks. 」

「Ara. I’m not just laughing at your friends though 」

「Ahnn……? 」

「I’m also saying the boss of those little pups is also a big idiot. Why don’t you come back with a more attractive invitation? I don’t really want to deal with a dog you see. 」

「What you say!? Say it once more! 」

   Carlos grabbed at the Rose Princess’s collar roughly. The white valleys peeked through the collar that’s been pulled. However, Rose Princess is still staring at Carlos indifferently.

「Bastard……!!! This slut!!!!! 」

   Carlos was pressured that he lost it and waved his fist. The Rose Princess seemed to tighten her lips bracing for the impact. But I won’t let that slide.

「Oi, stop that. 」

   I warned as I stood between the two.

「Ah……!? 」

   The moment I entered Carlos’s vision, his face became red as if blood rushed up.

「Y-You’re that……! 」

「Boss!! That guy’s bad news!!! Your wrist caught by him that day, wasn’t it still injured!!! 」

「S-Shut up……!! I know!!! 」

   The thugs had started arguing among themselves. Their words made me realize there’s bandage wrapped along his wrist. But I don’t recall gripping it that strongly…….

   But since his wrist was really thin……

「……But it’s really annoying if I let you go twice. 」

   I said as I took a step out――……

「Hii―……!!! R-Remember this!!! 」

「Gya―h! W-Wait for us! Boss――!!! 」

   Different than last time, Carlos fled with his underlings quickly without posing meaningfully.

「Daddy, thank you……. For protecting everyone……」

   Ravi who hid behind my back, peeked out and said.

   I nodded back to Ravi and lightly patted her.

「H-Hey…… That’s quite amazing……. You really helped……」

   The madam muttered while looking exasperated. Starting with her words, the other ladies had started to raise their voices.

「T-That was scary……」

「They’re more aggressive today……」

「Rose Princess-sama, are you hurt anywhere……!? 」

   The girls who was scared and hugged each other, worryingly asked the Rose Princess. She replied with a nod smiling and 「I’m fine」. It seems with just her words, the anxiousness of the other girls had lessened. Just by the exchange, I understood the Rose Princess is a symbol of admiration.

「Onii-san, thank you. 」

「No, it’s nothing much. 」

「Don’t be so humble. What would you like for a reward? Anything is fine. 」

   She tilted her thin neck and looked up at me. A moment later, the others had hurried over here.

「Thank you very much, Ojisan! 」

「You’re just as Ted said……! No, it’s even more than that!!! 」

「Those guys, they just ran away afraid when they saw you! 」

   Just like yesterday, they cheered after gathering around us. And the sweet scent of flower drifted in the air. And Ravi was shrinking away while taking shelter beside me.

   First, I must apologize for my conduct yesterday…….

   But then.

「Rose Princess-sama――!!!!! I’m coming to help now――!!!! 」

   A loud shout came across the backyard of the brothel. It’s a kind of voice with a special characteristic. That voice, I recall it from somewhere……

   I raised my head as I tried to recall the voice, there was a girl holding a huge spear running here with a fierce boar-like momentum.

「I will bring justice to those punks――!!!! 」

   The hem of her dress was in a mess, and her hair was messy as well. Her eyes shone with predator instincts. The black hair that reached her shoulders. And a face full of make-up.


   This girl is …….

「Huh!? Where are those thugs!? 」

   She looked around in a disbelieving expression. Finally, her gaze stopped on me.

「Eh? ……Ah―!! You’re that hypocrite that time……! 」

   She pointed a finger at me and exclaimed in a loud voice. I also remember her well. Isn’t she the girl who we met in the carriage?


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