Chapter 25 Ossan, A New Plan of Reformation

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   I looked at the girl who had a gaping mouth pointing at me. The crimson dress she wore has a big split at the chest area that gives off a memorable impression.

   She hurried here with such an intense momentum that her hair is in disarray. She looked more mature than when we’ve met in the carriage. It seems that she’s also one of the girls in the brothel.

「Veronica, you’re acquainted with this man? 」

   The madam called the girl who rode the carriage with us together as Veronica. The moment she was asked that, she suddenly became haughty.

「N-Not really! It’s not like I know him. 」

   Her gaze swam so evidently at the lie.

「Hey you two, come here for a bit! 」



   Ravi and I was pulled away by the arm and brought to a place somewhere further.

「The matter on the carriage, I won’t forgive you if you blabber it out! 」

「You don’t want to be known that we were in the same carriage coincidentally?」

「No―! That’s not it! That matter when I tried to scam you! Anyway, just keep quiet about it, absolutely……! 」

   She desperately tried to convince me. Apparently, she really doesn’t want the others to know about that incident. As I was overwhelmed by her pressure, one of her brows suddenly rose up with a deep meaning.

「Do you really understand? Of course, I’m not saying you will be doing it for free. ――Hey, it’s fine right? I will compensate you if you keep quiet. 」

   Her lips leaned and a smile came out. It’s an expression different from the panicked one just now. It’s a kind of smile full of motive.

   On top of that, Veronica pushed her breasts towards my arm. As I thought that it’s going to be trouble again, I took my distance. Veronica looked at me with an expression that’s surprised.

「A man that’s indifferent over my boobs, a first for me……」

   Her conducts are really making my head hurt. As I felt a slight headache, I sighed.

「I’m not preaching but, seducing someone isn’t what a child should do. 」

「Ha―!? What did you say!? Which part of me is a child! I’m so mature and grown!! Are your eyes rotting? 」

   She said so while rubbing her own breasts.

「Hey hey hey! 」

   I panickily covered Ravi’s eyes. The distant guests of the brothel saw our exchange and cheered 「Ooo……」. Veronica glared at them, immediately they looked away pretending they haven’t seen anything. Men are sad creatures. I pressed my fingers on my temple with such complicated feelings.

「Let’s return to the topic, I will keep quiet about the matter. But I won’t take any money. 」

「……Why? 」

「I just mean that a promise doesn’t need any money. 」

   Veronica seemed surprised before blinking a few times. And soon, her lapis lazuli-colored pupil had started shaking in frustration.

「I’m not asking you but telling you to just take it! A promise without money involved is not firm. Something like that, I can’t trust any of it 」

「Even if you say that……」

「……What. Still being a hypocrite? Ojisan, are you making fun of me? 」

   Veronica said seemingly suppressing her anger. It was as if she’s threatening me while holding me on the collar. I raised both hands panickily and told her to calm down.

「If money is involved, it won’t be a promise but a contract. But be assured, I won’t break a promise I once made. 」

「I’m saying that I can’t believe those words. Isn’t it nice, a contract! Contracts and money would never betray! 」

   Veronica said confidently, but how is it? As far as I have seen, promises regarding money, if there was another higher offer, many would blabber it out like it’s nothing.

「Even if you say you don’t want it, here. 」

   Veronica took out a pouch from her pocket. She grabbed a few pieces of coin and extended them towards me. When she saw I wasn’t willing to receive it in anyway, she clicked her tongue annoyedly as if her strings were cut.

「Cruel old man! 」

   She yelled loudly and threw the coins on the ground.

「Hey! Veronica!! What are you doing!! 」

   Even if she didn’t see what we talked about, she saw what Veronica did. Regarding Veronica who flung the coins on the ground, the madam scolded angrily. Veronica looked away with a grumpy face. It was as if she thought everyone here was an enemy for her.

「Veronica, you’re really behaving like a little child. 」

   What changed the situation was the Rose Princess’s light laughter. As the Rose Princess who was smiling took a step forwards, Veronica’s face turned red.

「Ah……. Rose Princess-sama 」

   I’ve done a shameful act. Veronica’s shaking gaze writes those thoughts out word by word. It was a response greatly differed from when she was getting scolded by the madam. It’s probably because that the Rose Princess is a special being for Veronica.

   As I thought so, I picked up the coins scattered on the ground one by one.

「Take it back. I will keep my promises. 」


   She glared at me, then snorted before snatching the coins back.

   Without hearing the voices of the madam trying to hold her back, she hugged the spear and ran back to the backyard of the brothel.


   Shortly after Veronica left――.

   After sending the guests off, the prostitutes returned to the room in the back. It can be said that they’re living as a family in the brothel. The madam told me that the girls would be resting now and wake up about the time the sun is going below the horizon.

   Meanwhile, Ravi and I were allowed in the guest room on the first floor. It’s to let us talk about the offer regarding guarding once again.

「But……Is it really fine if we rely on you? Wouldn’t it be a bother……」

「No, it’s my fault for leading you to think that. Sorry. 」

「It’s not something you should lower your head for. Fufu……. You’re quite a rare type of man. 」

   The madam had her hand over her mouth and laughed in a friendly manner. Inside the expression that’s pretending to be strong, I could see a sliver of relief. I wonder what extent that the madam pretended to be strong. The emotions were conveyed to me made my feelings indescribable.

   Really, I’m glad I’ve came to help……. I thanked Ravi in my heart, then again, I lowered my head towards the madam.

   The young man, Ted who injured his legs yesterday was called to explain to me. First, they explained the situation until now.

   The story is simple. Some useless son of a rich family had his interest on the number one prostitute, Rose Princess. The useless son wished for the Rose Princess to only be his and dropped by to see her day by day.

「You want money right. I will give you any amount. So, become mine. 」

   The useless son said so, but the madam denied it for the Rose Princess. The useless son was known for treating the prostitutes he got in similar ways badly. There were many who needed to be sent to a hospital. There’s no way I can send my girls to a place like that. After the madam said so, the harassing had started.

   Since then, he had been troubling the other prostitutes and the brothel, trying to make the Rose Princess and the madam give up. They never bent under the harassment, but because of that, the situation had worsened.

   These few days, almost every day, they would get harassed. The assault on Ted, the insulting words, and even incidents where they would throw trash and raw eggs happened.

   The anger rises inside of me because of the lowly acts. But I can’t be losing my calmness now. I breathed and calmed myself down.

「The timeframe when they would come. Can you tell me that? Then, I will decide how to guard against them. 」

「A-Alright……. Uhmm……Umm……」

   I told Ted to slowly think about it, and drank the tea prepared by madam.

   There was a strange fragrance in it. It’s totally different from black tea. It had a foreign yet refreshing taste to it. Delicious. Ravi held the cup with both hands and gulped it down deliciously. According to the madam, it’s tea from the eastern continent.

   As I thought about that…….

「I’ve organized everything in my brain. 」

「Then let’s talk shall we? 」

   Ted nodded.

「The most, dangerous is before work, the time to attract customers. Though it’s evening. They had come many times. I heard from everyone. 」

「Yeah, that’s right. That’s why I put up a group of men overlooking, but the result, Ted had come back with injuries. 」

   The madam added onto Ted’s words.

「I see. Is the place for attracting customers set? 」

「Nn, It’s set. But at the same time, we are separated in many places. 」

   For me alone to be a bodyguard when they’re scattered around will be difficult.

「Is it impossible to stop attracting customer? 」

   I ask a question this time. The madam’s brows furrowed, and she shook her head sideways.

「Unfortunately, that can’t do. It’s the newcomers who go out to find customers after all. If they can’t attract any customers, their income on that day might be zero after all. 」

「I see……」

   In other words……. I need to find a way for them to look for customers free from danger.

   In the first place, I only have to do this for four days. Even if I would to chase away the punks just now, the chances of similar people popping up is considerable. I would like to make it a safe environment for the girls even after I leave.

「Is it fine if it’s just appealing to the customer? 」

「Yes. Then, conversing is important. After all, drawing customers in with words is important. 」

   I folded my arms and started thinking.

   Is there, anyway for the girls to look for customers safely…….

   That time.

   A plan in my mind came to light.

   ……That’s right.

   Imitating that method might work.

「……Fortress. 」

「Eh? What? 」

「What if we referenced soldiers’ duty to protect a fortress. 」

「Eh!? Soldiers……That’s quite an out of mind plan……」

   The madam widened her eyes in disbelief.

「Yeah. But, please listen to me first. 」

   I started to explain the plan in detail.

「Think about the soldiers on the walls of a fortress, looking over the surroundings. Just like that, we will attract the customers from a tall place. On top of that, the girls above would also be more eye-catching for the customers at the bottom. 」

「A tall place but where? 」

「By peeking through the windows of the brothel. 」

「……! ……Interesting indeed. Quite an amazing plan you thought out. But, if the distance is too far, we can’t attract the customers. We have contact with them after all. 」

「Is the only way to invite customers is by contact? 」

   The madam widened her eyes in surprise. The anxious expression had completely vanished from her face. Instead, a smile as if finding it interesting surfaced.

「……You’re saying that admiring the flowers not in reach. 」

   She simplified the method in such a fantastic way that I was shocked. Well, that’s about right.

「Isn’t that a great idea! I thought it’s a weird plan but, it’s interesting! 」

「I don’t know if it will go well but, it’s worth a try, isn’t it? 」

「Of course. You don’t have to worry. My girls will definitely succeed! 」

   Ted and the madam met their faces and nodded at each other.

「That being said, you’re quite a person after all! Thinking of such an extraordinary plan. 」

   She said in an excited voice while leaning out. It must succeed at all cost. I cheered myself and put my spirit into it.


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