Chapter 26 Ossan with The Girl, Flowers from Old Clothing

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   As a result, we decided to try out attracting customers with from the window. Me and Ravi, Ted and the madam. Four of us came out of the guest room and headed towards the brothel.

「First, we should know how it feels to look from below. 」

「I wonder which window would be good? 」

   I asked the madam.

「Are there a lot of customers that are hesitating to come in at the front? 」

「No, those customers won’t even make it near the entrance. 」

「Then the front windows would be no use huh. Is there any place where many pedestrians pass through and look up? 」

「Then, the east-facing window to the Bachas Alley would be the best! It’s the path to the bars, and many men always hang out there. 」

「Un. Everyone always calls for customers there. 」

   Ted said. Immediately, we four stood on the Bachas Alley. Looking upwards from there, we can see the windows of the brothel lined up clearly.

「If it’s that window, I’m sure it’s eye-catching! 」

「We have to verify that the voice will reach here too. 」

   And so, Ravi and Ted headed upstairs to try it out. Their heads peeked out after a short wait. As expected, there’s a feeling of distance because its from the second floor.

「Hey, both of you! You’ve got something nice to say right! Try to yell it out! 」

   Madam waved towards them both. But they both looked at each other while looking fidgety.

「Crap. Letting them two going up is a wrong choice of people. ――But it’s not like it’s much different if we both went up huh. 」

   Madam said after side-glancing at me a little.

   Honestly, I agree.

   In any case, there’s no point staying like this. I took one for the team and tried my best, showing an example for Ravi.

「R-Ravi―! Try to say it like this―! 」

   I’m embarrassed as I heard the echo of my own voice. But it seems that my thoughts had reached Ravi. The words that came out after Ravi took a deep breath was――

「Da―ddy―……! 」

   Her left hand held on the side of the window while she waved with her right hand. It’s definitely cute but……


   I can’t see it any longer!

「H-hey, Ravi!  Don’t lean your body so much! Be careful……! 」

   Ted was supporting her from the back.

   But it still seemed dangerous for me.

「Madam, I’m going to retrieve her! 」

「Haha―, you’re quite worrying. 」

   The laughter of madam came from behind as I went.


   After retrieving Ravi, the results that we’ve got after various experiments.

「U―mu……. If we don’t do our best shouting in a loud voice, it’s not easy to attract attention huh……」

「It’s difficult. The appeal really decreases if we yell loudly……」

   Their throat would suffer too if they continued for a long period.

「But the night is much noisier than now. 」

「Un. The drunks, everyone would laugh very loud after all. 」

   Madam and Ted is right. Just raising your voice loudly isn’t enough. I wonder is there another way to attract attention?

「How about waving a handkerchief? Like this 」

   Madam took out a lace handkerchief from her pocket and fluttered it around. It had a certain sense of elegance and beauty.

「……But it wouldn’t work unless the customers would look up by chance. 」

「Yeah, that’s true……」

   In the first place, it’s difficult to let the people from the streets to look up.


   As I furrowed my brows, the wind suddenly blew.

「Ah……! 」

   The spring breeze stole the handkerchief from the madam’s hands. The handkerchief floated and fluttered in the air, and finally hit the ground. The moment as I bent over and picked it up――.

「……How about dropping it from the window. 」

   I suggested the idea that suddenly flashed across my mind.

「When something drops from above, people would naturally look upwards. 」

   As I worded it out, the sudden flash manifested as an idea.

「Isn’t that a great idea!! 」

   Madam hit my shoulders lightly.

「Dropping handkerchief……would be too light. Something else with a little more weight but wouldn’t hurt anyone. And wouldn’t let you think that it’s a trash. 」

「Then I’ve got something good! Flowers! Artificial flowers using cloth! 」

「The flowers, are falling? 」

   Ravi’s eyes shone with enjoyment. After letting the artificial flowers drop down, retrieving it in the morning would be possible as well.

「Do you have any cloth that’s not usable? 」

「Yeah, of course. I’ve got a mountain of old clothing. 」

「Then immediately, let’s get started making those flowers. 」

「Hey……You’re making the flowers……? You know sewing even though you’re a man? 」

   I shrugged and nodded back. A single man like me, the clothes that needs patching would be done by myself.

   As we decided that we would be making the artificial flowers next, Ravi and me along with the madam returned to the guest room once again. Ted had his cleaning duty to attend, so we separated in front of the store. He had gotten the knack of using a cane, so I felt much assured than last time. The rest is just praying for his full recovery.

「Well, use it as much as you like! 」

   The pile of the old clothing was dumped on the low table. First, separate out the light-colored ones that are like a flower.

「Daddy, is this usable……? 」

   Ravi with a bright red cloth asks.

「It looks good for making a rose. 」

「I’m sure the Rose Princess would be happy. 」

「Then I will make the rose……」

   Ravi hugged the bright red piece of clothes while smiling. I nodded back with a smile.

   After choosing the appropriate clothes, the next would be cutting it.

「Would it look like a flower if I stacked them after cutting into round pieces……」

   I had my monologue while trying it out.

「Sorry. Even though I’m a woman, to have you sewing……」

   The madam said so apologizingly.

「It’s not about whether you’re a woman right. It’s just a right job for the right person. 」

「You……. ……Really, a bottomless kind person. 」

   She said while facing to the side with slightly red cheeks. A lady of considerable age doing that gesture makes her look like she’s a young girl again.

「Ah! That’s right. I will pick a flower from the garden. Wait for a little. 」

   As if she’s hiding her embarrassment while saying that, she hurried out the room. What was on her hands when she returned not even few minutes later was……

「Here. This, I hope it will be a reference. 」

   She stretched out a single stalk of peony.

「Ooh, it’s a wonderful flower. 」

「Pretty……! 」

   Ravi leaned out and sniffed at it. I asked from the madam, so that the flower would not wilt, for a vase with water.

「Well then 」

   I resumed making the flowers while observing the peony.

「I see. Fine-tuning the size when cutting, and slowly reduce the size while going up……」

   It became more three-dimensional, and more realistic like a flower than previous attempts.

「Then increasing the wrinkles of the cloth would be better huh. Ravi, can you crumple them up? 」

「Unn……! 」

   Her eyes shone while holding the cloth. It seems that she’s having fun messing with the cloth as much as she likes.

   After taking the wrinkly cloth from Ravi, I layered the similar colored ones and sewed it together simply.

「Alright, something like this. 」

   I made one artificial flower and showed it to Ravi and madam.

「It looks just like a real one! 」

「Pretty……! 」

   The two had given me the okay. Since I was also satisfied with it, I decided to make more with this pace.

   ――A few hours later. Madam had left the place for me, while Ravi and I kept on working silently. Even though I told Ravi to take a rest if she felt tired, she gave it all until the end.

   And now, the last piece is completed.

「Completion―……! 」

   Ravi cheered happily.  I as well, felt a sense of accomplishment as I looked over the colorful flowers.

「We’ve made a lot……! 」

「That’s right」

「It’s all pretty……」

「Yeah 」

   Red, pink, yellow, white, blue, orange. The variety mixed together were very colorful. If it’s this, even fluttering it from the sky wouldn’t be thought as a piece of rubbish.

「Say, daddy……」

「Nn? 」

「If you find flowers dropping from the sky, you would feel really happy right……? 」

   Ravi muttered while patting the last flower that we’ve made like it’s a treasure.

「Yeah 」

   I hope it’ll turn out like Ravi wished. I looked over the pile of flowers as I wished so.


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