Chapter 27 Ossan, a Famous Person!?

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   Evening. As the girls woke up, the surroundings started to become bustle.

「Eh- what’s this, so pretty! 」

「It’s artificial!? It looks like the real one! 」

   They surrounded the low table with the pile of flowers and made noises. Ravi who was overwhelmed by the pressure of the crowd slowly stepped back. But there was one of them who had a bright and friendly smile and said, 「Come here! 」 And hugged Ravi.


   She was petrified in place, but she didn’t look like she hated it. I watched them on with a smile, when the girl met Ravi’s gaze. Ravi looked a little tense.

「Are!? Sorry sorry, you like with the father side right! 」

   The girl panickily released Ravi from her embrace. Ravi arms circled my back and clung onto me. She was like a kitten scared. The woman who hugged Ravi was also apologizing while smiling.

「She’s really shy to others, sorry.」

「It’s fine. It’s my fault for making her surprised」

   The woman smiled gently, directing it towards Ravi. Ravi also returned a nod.

   Coincidentally at that moment, the Rose Princess and Veronica entered the guest room. As I saw both of them together, it suddenly came to me. They have a similar aura. The features of the face are different, but the way of the makeup, clothing and the likes are all very similar.

「Alright, now that we’ve gathered. Well, you girls! How long are you going to be fussing around? I’m going to explain how to use the flowers so be quiet! 」

   Madam clapped her hands twice to attract attention to calm the surroundings. And from her mouth, the idea to flutter the flowers from the windows is conveyed.

「Wow! We’re going to throw the flowers out the window!? Interesting! 」

「Isn’t it much more romantic than standing in the middle of the street?」

   The room had become noisier than just now. It seems that we’ve got everyone’s agreement. I hoped that my decision wasn’t hated. Because I thought so, I was relieved as I saw their responses.

「Hu-nn……. Is this your idea? 」

   Silence came immediately after the Rose Princess opened her mouth. Everyone is paying attention to my reply.

「Yeah…… that’s right. 」

   As I nodded back awkwardly, the Rose Princess laughed with a Fufu-.

「Safety is first after all. With this, we won’t worry about our girls involved with those punks. 」

「Then are we trying it out? There’s no guarantee it will work well though. 」

「What are you saying. We will make it successful absolutely. 」

   Like madam, the Rose Princess said it full of confidence.

   That night.

   Colorful flowers were fluttering and dancing from the windows of the brothel. The spring’s night breeze blew on them, and the flowers flew with freedom. The drunk customers were surprised by the sudden emergence of flowers fluttering down from the sky.

「What is this!? Where is it from!?」

「Hey, look at that!」

「The prostitutes are dropping the flowers down!?」

   Since it’s a new phenomenon, the people from the bar were starting to gather around. Everyone was looking above. That time, a soft voice resounded above their heads.

「Are you satisfied with just watching the flowers from below?」

   The drunkard gulped down their breath as they listened. The surroundings suddenly quiet down.

「Welcome to climb up here. If so, you can love the flowers as much as you like」

   The Rose Princess said so smilingly. Leaning on the window frame and looking down upon the ground with elegance.


   The men swallowed their breath. Not just the Rose Princess, one beauty after another peeked through the window and waved. The scenery of the pretty flowers that was in the vision of the men pierced through their heart in an instant.

「There’s a special service for those that got their hands on the flowers, you know. 」

   The men who heard the words of the Rose Princess suddenly had their expression changed.

「Flowers……! Flowers……!!」

「Alright, I’ve got it! I-I……will be back soon! 」

「Me too……!」

   The men scrambled for the flowers as if competing. And then they hurried to the entrance of the brothel just like that.


   That day, I’ve slept well and welcomed the morning. Ravi got a bed in the guest room too and is still sleeping now.

「Haa~! Didn’t think there would be such rush of customers! 」

「Honestly! It’s the first time that we’ve had such success! 」

   After sending off the last of the customers, the prostitutes raised their voices.

「It was the usual for the Rose Princess and Veronica but, for us new-comers to be so busy too is first! 」

「It’s all because of Ojisan, thank you! ――But calling you Ojisan even though you’re our benefactor is bad. What’s your name? 」

「Ah. Come to think of it, I’ve never named myself. I’m Douglas Ford. 」


   Suddenly, the girls let out a loud voice.


   What is it actually?

   Around me who tilts the head without knowing why, they were making a fuss.

「You’re that Douglas Ford!? 」

「 『Strongest Adventurer with a Child』!!!! 」

   Hearing those words surprised me.

   I think I heard similar words in Addinton…….

「……But why did you know such thing? 」

「Why you say, isn’t it because you’re a famous person! 」


「Didn’t you are the only one who caught onto the villain no one realized, and saved the children in the orphanage!? 」

「I’ve heard that you also defeated a Dark Demonic Dragon! 」

   The excited girls waved their arms with enthusiasm. But my brain can’t follow at all. Why did such stories spread?

   I was stunned by the unbelievable words. Looking at my response, the girls also made a surprised expression.

「Don’t tell me Ojisan, no, Douglas-san. You didn’t know that you’re famous at all……!? 」


「Uwa―……. Even though the cities here and there would know about your identity as an adventurer, to think that the person in question didn’t realize anything……」

「That’s right! I’ve got something nice. 」

   The person who said that and went away, brought back a few pieces of leaflets. 『Milton Downtown News』 was printed on it and it was dated a few days ago. The words that was written on the front boldly was――……

『Strongest Adventurer with a Child! ! Huge Performance in Addinton!! 』

『Strongest Adventurer with a Child! ! Defeating the Legendary Dark Demonic Dragon!!!! 』

   The publisher is Kashmesh Magic Printing Firm. It’s a firm that has many branches in different cities, and they are known for using their magic copying technology. I’ve known there’s a branch in Balzac, but I never knew they had one in Milton as well.

   But before that, now is……

「The content……」

   A few words were forced out of my course throat. Unbelievable. But it really seems to be writing about me.

「Why did that get so much attention……」

   As I muttered so, the one who brought this here tilted her head.

「That’s a given. Exposing the evil deeds of the city’s famous person, subjugating the legendary dragon. It’s an unimaginable feat! 」

「But that part of bringing a child is the greatest right~! 」

「And not belonging to the guild, a mysterious person! 」


   My shoulders drooped as I sighed. It was totally exaggerated. According to their words, it would be annoying if the rumor gets out. I should be careful when naming myself before the people cools down. As I felt truly troubled, my hands are on my forehead again.


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      Hi, I don’t mind since it wasn’t my work originally, I translated it from JP > EN.
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