Chapter 38 Ossan with The Girl, Incredible Feats of the Past

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   Having left the guild, I headed towards the inn, 『Hog’s Cry』together with Ravi. It’s an inn that double as a restaurant. We were lucky that there’s still free room.

   Even though I would head for an inn first, to think that I would forget about that now. Even though I thought I was calm, it might be my heart was still shaking without my notice.

   Cutting through the busy and noisy dining hall, we sat at the table near the window. When I was staying in Balzac last time, I’ve frequented this place many times. Its meals are delicious but also priced reasonably, it’s a haven for poor adventurers like I was.

   It’s packed as usual. After we have got our seat, many customers also entered, and the empty tables were filled at an incredible pace. I plan to greet the owner of the inn that’s my friend, Eihab and his wife.

   Now they are probably busy serving dinner.

「Hey……look at that……. His outfit is really something……」

「Uwa, it’s true……. He looks like a foreign musician or something……」

「An artist is really an unfathomable organism. That’s some amazing sense he’s got……」

   Some voices like that was heard. But I’m glad it’s better than the fuss just now.

「Ravi, what would you like? The signature is pot-au-feu, hamburger steak, beef pie I guess. 」

「Pot-au-feu is good……」

「Umu, then let’s order some pot-au-feu. Then some bread and drinks. Oh, yeah. Ravi, what about some sausage? 」

「I want some……」

「Alright. Then that as well. 」

   I ordered from the employed young waitress. As we wait for the dishes to arrive, I discussed about the future with Ravi.

「There’s this guy, Alan that came up in our talks several time. I have something important of his that I need to return to him in person no matter what. He might not come back but, let’s wait for him for a little okay? 」

   Ravi nodded.

「Say, daddy. 」

「What is it? 」

「Are we heading to another city after this……? 」

「……! 」

   What Ravi pointed out surprised me. Because that we had travelled till now, I thought it’s the norm that we continue to be moving.

「Come to think of it, our destination was this city right. 」

   We are going to live together in the future. Are we choosing to live on the move? Or to take residence in a house somewhere. That is something that must be decided soon.

「Ravi, travelling, or living in a town. Which one is better? 」

「Eh! ……Umm……Umm……」

   Ravi’s gaze swam around as if in trouble. To the young Ravi, there might not be enough reason and facts for her to make a decision.

「If we were to continue our journey, we can meet various people, and discover new things, it has a charm like that. On the other hand, taking residence will be more stable, having a place that you can return to makes your mind feel at peace. There are others merit and demerits, I will tell you if I remember more. Let’s decide together how are we going to do in the future. 」

「Unn……Alright. 」

   Just coincidentally at that timing, the dishes are completed. With the pot-au-feu between us, we talked and discussed about our future lives.

   As we finished our meal, the customer count in the dining hall had dropped by a grade. I asked the waitress if she can get the owner, Eihab for me.

「It’s been a while since I came here. Did you stay well? 」

   Eihab who came out of the kitchen, tilted his head puzzledly looking at me.

「Oh, you can’t tell who I am because of this appearance. 」

   To not let the other customers realize, in an instant, I took off my fake moustache.

「Wha……!? Douglas……!? 」

「Shh……! 」

「Ah, sorry sorry. You’ve disguised because you didn’t want to attract attention right……! 」

   Eihab whispered as he looked around.

「It’s been a rumor of the town that you’ve returned but, you really came back huh……! 」

   Eihab circled his arms over my shoulder, and lightly hit them. As his heartfelt joy of meeting me again is conveyed, it made my chest warm.

「That child is the daughter in question right. Ain’t she a real cutie. I’m glad you got an important family! 」

   Eihab laughed Gahaha while hitting my shoulders. I turned away my face from the embarrassment.

「Douglas, it’s joyous to meet you again. How many times have you heard these words today? When you became famous, the people that boasted『I’m friends with Douglas Ford』multiplied like crazy. 」


   As I recalled the people I met today, I smiled wryly.

「But for me to say, those people that had making a fuss out of it really doesn’t know. If they knew about your feats in your prime, they wouldn’t be surprised when you defeat something like a dragon. 」

   Ravi peeked her head slowly.

「Daddy, much stronger……? 」

   It’s rare that Ravi would ask someone that she met for the first time.

「Oh? Ojou-chan, do you want to know? His legend! 」

「Hey, hey, stop it please. 」

   Different than me who is panicking, Ravi nodded repeatedly with enthusiasm.

「This guy you see, not just defeating a dragon, he even befriended one! 」

「The dragon……? 」

「You see, that scar on the forehead of this guy is the wound he got at that time. He rushed in a group of dragons, and only got just that little wound? On top of that, the dragons that’s said to not befriend any human, came after this guy even until the town. It was a real trouble at that time to return them to the mountain! Hahaha! 」

   Ravi looked up at me surprisedly.

「Daddy, amazing……! 」

   It really makes me feel embarrassed so please spare me.

「Not just the dragons. Of course, many adventures came begging to be Douglas’s disciple. The ones that he taught, their feats can be said unachievable without his teaching. 」

「Daddy is a teacher to many people……? 」

「Yeah! Even now, the general in the army, the Hero Alan, they are all taught by Douglas! 」

   Those words made me feel nostalgic. Hearing Alan’s name felt a little pricking in my chest…….

「And the most amazing one yet that I know, is the annihilation of the direct army of the Four Heavenly Kings. Even now, it’s a story being told amongst the adventurers. 」

「Waa……! 」

   That time was also huge trouble……. The princess of the Lost Country came to look for me hearing the rumor, and a huge fuss was stirred up in the city.

   Ravi who was beside listened to the story with sparkling eyes. I felt strangely uncomfortable, and I adjusted my sitting posture.

「Please leave the past talk there. Rather than that, can you let me take shelter here for a while? I will not cause any trouble as much as I can. 」

「What are you saying things like we’re strangers. Aren’t we good buddies? Just stay as long as you like. 」

「Thank you. I owe you one. 」

   Eihab smiled and nodded, before turning towards Ravi.

「She’s just about like my daughter. Let’s let them meet tomorrow. I’m sure they will make a good friend. 」

   Come to think of it, Eihab is right, his daughter is also about the same age as Ravi.

  (Just that, Ravi is really shy……)

   As I looked at Ravi worryingly, as I thought, her expression froze from the nervousness. Even though it’s a good thing to make friends, but I wonder how it’s going to go. In any case, I patted her head lightly to calm her down.


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  • Caileen


    I suspected it for awhile but I think Alan was jealous and worried because despite Alan being the supposed “hero”, everyone relied on Douglas. He probably felt like he had huge expectations on his shoulder but would never surpass Douglas without doing something like a curse. Now he figured out Douglas is back to his old self, he must be fearful he would want revenge.

  • K.ze


    Considering his personality… it’s highly likely that he refused the help of his disciple, wanting to get by with his own power only to fall to bottom.
    And when they learned he had already left the town it was already too late, it didnt take long between his license revoked and his leave, such diligent person, even the guild has stated he got at most 20 days to return the licenses, implying that he still can be around for that much time to make preparations for next chapter of their live, he just selfishly moving out ASAP.

  • Shadowhunter


    Maybe the tales or his estimations are over exaggerated I mean a hundred dollars would seem like a fortune for someone poor

  • Kian


    This makes more sense, but if he had such a past, why was it that when he was forcibly retired from adventuring, he felt he had no choice but to wander around, doing things like harvesting poisonous herbs to get by? That general friend could have easily found him an easy post in the army for his retirement or something. He must have made a ton of contacts over his twenty years as a top adventurer, even amassed a fortune of his own, but after one year of hardship he was flat broke with not even a sword to his name?

  • Devandhrew


    Wow, it seems Doug is more famous then we thought….. which means there might be a past lover or someone who is obsessed with him coming later on.