Chapter 39 Ossan, Reunion with the Dwarf Information Broker

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   That night. As usual, Ravi is sleeping peacefully. However, my eyes were strangely still wide open, as I didn’t felt tire at all.

   Faint laughter’s were heard from the floor below. For dining halls in such inns, they’re usually open as a bar in the night.

  (I guess I will have a mug before I sleep)

   I got out of the bed and put on the clothing hung on the chair. To not wake Ravi, I killed my breath and slowly stepped out of the room. Just in case, I’ve put on the disguise as well. It would be troubling for the inn if a big fuss like the one in the morning happened after all. That is a situation I would like to avoid at all cost.

   Going down the stairs, looking at the state of the dining hall, there were two tables of customers. The laughter came from the four people that looked like craftsmen, they were all exchanging sake while looking entirely drunk. Their laughter never stopped as I imagined it must be a good drink.

   And the table at the back had one customer. A round back was facing towards here. I recognized the curly black hair that extended to the waist from somewhere. Someone who hold such black and long hair, it’s rare.

  (It might be, that he’s……)

   And, that time, Eihab came out of the kitchen with a full platter.

「Oh! Nice timing. I was just thinking about calling you down. Ham had just come. When we talked about you, he wanted to meet you. 」

「I see. He’s Ham as I thought. 」

   Ham is, a dwarf male that is also my old friend. Ham operates the information brokerage in the Balzac downtown. Information for money, and job guidance outside the guild is what he provides.

   Even though he’s a man that value money, Ham’s information had always been right. In any case, the quality and the legitimacy are good. He’s feared since he would even know about confidential information about the royalty and nobles if you have enough compensation. And because of that, his information brokerage is easily the best in town.

「It’s really nostalgic. 」

   I immediately went closer to the table Ham sat. Since I was in the blind spot of the four drunkards, I took off my fake moustache. Hearing my footsteps, Ham raised his face. His round eyes stared at me.

   Just like a dwarf, he doesn’t show any emotions on his face. But he pulled a chair for me, it must be as Eihab said, he wanted to meet me again. I said my thanks, and lowered my back onto the chair.

「It’s been a while, Douglas. I’ve heard many rumors of you. 」

「Yeah, it’s been a while. Your work is going smooth? 」

「Information gathering is still good. But the job guidance is a little­­――. There’s been lesser adventurer around that can get special mission nowadays. 」

   Come to think of it, I need to find some work to do as well. Even though I still have a good amount of leftover from the Dark Demonic Dragon. It’s as they say, if you’re prepared, you will not suffer. To raise Ravi, savings will also be needed.

「I plan to stay in Balzac for a while. I’ve thought that I should get a few jobs. If there’s anything, let me know. 」

「If you say you will accept it, there’s a mountain of jobs for you. There’s all kind of nasty jobs backlogged. 」

「Aren’t the jobs you have all like that? 」

「It’s totally different level than those. Jobs that goes to you, all of them are problems that can shake up an entire country. If it isn’t someone like your capability, they can’t get it. 」

「Oops, sorry. I should’ve said it first. I don’t mind if it’s low-paying, I need a safe job. I can’t be reckless already. 」

「I see, is that so. You’ve got something to protect now. 」

   It’s a given that Ham would’ve known about Ravi as well. It’s really unimaginable for me that everyone anywhere we go would know about our situation.

   I smiled wryly as I nodded.

「I can’t leave my daughter alone while I die. 」

「I understand. Then, a job that doesn’t have danger your life, and a complicated one that needs someone special to complete it is. 」

「There’re jobs like that……? 」

「The underground society have all kinds of jobs. 」

   Ham said so while smiling.

「The details can’t be told here. Come drop by my shop once. 」

「Alright. ――The same one is good? I will buy you one. 」

   I asked Ham as his mug is empty. He nodded in a good mood. He’s one that likes getting treated. I ordered ale for two people worth from Eihab.

「By the way Ham, sell me one piece of information. 」

   A piece of gold coin, I placed it on the table. Ham’s eyes became round and big.

「Fumu. One gold coin worth……It’s probably some extraordinary information. Is it about where the Hero went? 」

   This time, it’s my turn to be surprised. He’s able to get such a question out, he must be knowledgeable of my movement during the day, and he probably guessed what I was going to ask based on that. Really, he’s some amazing information brokerage.

   But unfortunately for him, I wasn’t going to ask about Alan’s whereabouts. I want to return his ring, but it isn’t urgent enough that I need to chase him around. What I want to hear is――.

「Where in this town, would a little girl be happy to visit? 」

「……Ha? 」

「Well, since we’ve been constantly on the move. I want to take my daughter to various places that she will be happy to. I don’t know where is best. I thought if it’s the information brokerage you run, you’ve got to have some idea right? 」

「A single gold coin for this kind of information……? 」

「For me, it’s an information worthy of a gold coin. 」

「Yare yare……. I think it will be a scam no matter what. If you say so, then I will take it gratefully. 」

   Ham took the gold coin, and faced me seriously.

「A place that will make someone happy differs from people. Look for it yourself, I will recommend some place for you to check out. 」

「That sounds good for me. Thanks. 」

「The first would be the morning market that’s beside the Morrow river. You can walk around whole eating, and there’s many baked sweets stall that girls would like. 」

「Fumu fumu」

「And there’s another market that opens on the Sunday in front of the church. It has various events, children would definitely be overjoyed. 」

「I see. 」

「And taking her on the fields would be good too. Now is the spring season for flower-seeing. How about taking a boat on the Oriary Lake? 」

「As expected from Ham. These are some amazing suggestions……! 」

「To ask this me of such information, Douglas is the first. Goodness, you’re really out of the norm in various ways. 」

   While imagining Ravi’s happy face, I swiftly noted down the precious information that Ham had offered on my notebook. And what was there in place of a bookmark was the feather of myriad colors.

「I guess the strongest adventurer too had become a doting father for his daughter huh……」

「Hahaha. I know it’s enviable. 」

「Goodness, I’m glad that you look happy. 」

   Ham raised the mug in front of me. I as well, raised the mug. And gulped the ale down.


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