Chapter 40 Ossan with The Girl, Taking Pride in her Father

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   Next morning.

「Ravi, are you interested in morning market? 」

「Morning market? 」

   I asked while tying her hair. Ravi turned around towards me, and tilted her head puzzledly.

「Daddy, what’s a morning market? 」

「Did you see the stalls lining up in a wide place or by the river since the morning? There’re all kinds of stores like, greengrocers, fruit store, fish stores. That’s a morning market. 」


   Ravi shook her head sideways looking sad.

「……Sorry. I don’t understand……」

   Ravi who looked downed from that, her small stature is looking like it’s shrinking even more. I panickily crouched in front of Ravi.

   In the morning market, it’s common to see mothers with their child. Even for me, I was taken out there several times by my mother when I was still small. That time, the words 「Let’s go to the morning market」, were like magical words that would make me excited every time.

「Don’t make that sad face. Today, you will know if you come together. Okay? I’m sure it’ll be fun. 」

「Daddy, you will bring me……? 」

「Yeah, of course. When we are in this town, if you like it, we can even go daily. 」

「Fufu. Daily? 」

   Finally, Ravi’s expression turned better with a little giggle. I hope that all her sad memories, would get replaced with the happy thoughts. As I thought so, I smiled back lousily.


   The morning market that opens beside the Morrow River, it’s a big river that flows in the southeast of Balzac. Unless it’s a rough weather, it’s really a calm river. It’s a place of leisure for all the people in the town.

   Lining up beside the stores are multiple small boats, floating on the surface of the river. They’re the fishing boats and commercial boats. Every morning, they would deliver goods from the port to the market.

   By the time I arrived at the morning market with Ravi, the surroundings were already crowded.

「It’s crowded than I expected. 」

   I can’t let Ravi overwhelmed in this crowd.

「That’s right, Ravi. Want to ride on my shoulders? 」

「Eh……. R-really……? 」

   Ravi asked with a seemingly overjoyed expression. Come to think of it, it’s would be the first time I piggybacked her on my shoulders. I smiled as I crouched down. After confirming that she’s on my shoulders firmly, I put strength into my leg and stood up.


「Hya―…! A-amazing……! Daddy, tall……! 」

   Ravi let out a refreshing and excited voice.

「Really, it’s tall huh. Are you okay? 」

「Unn……! 」

   The reply full of energy made me happy as well.

   That time――.

「Wa―……that’s nice……」

   Turning around, there was a mother with his son together. The son was looking at us with envy.

「Sorry……. Really, this child……」

   The mother apologized hurriedly. I smiled wryly as I shook my head sideways.

「You want to try? 」

「Really!? 」

   The young boy looked back at his mother excitedly. The mother looked at me with an apologetic look, and nodded to the little boy.

「If you will bother mister, you must come down immediately you know? 」


   While having Ravi still on my shoulders, I crouched down and bent my arm for him to sit down before standing back up.

「Wow! So high! I can see everything all around! 」

   The young boy looked up at Ravi who was still on my shoulders.

「Your daddy is so amazing! 」


   The shy Ravi gave a reply unusually. Not just that, she even started a conversation by herself.

「Daddy, is strong…… Even the carriage, daddy can raise it. 」

「Eh―!! A carriage!? That’s some superpower!! 」

   I returned a nod to the excited and enthusiastic young boy. And after that, the other children in the surroundings gathered after hearing his voice.

「Uwah, so nice……! 」

「I want to try too……! 」

「Me too, me too! 」

   In an instant, the other children in the area all surrounded us. About 10 children at a glance. As expected with this amount of people. Even if the weight doesn’t matter, there’s not enough space to fit.

「Daddy……Me, let me down? 」

   She probably held back. Ravi asked with a soft voice. Even though she was so happy when she got to ride on my shoulders, she’s really a kind girl.

「It’s alright. That’s a special seat for Ravi. 」


   No problem. I still have that hand.

   To not be a bother for the other pedestrians, I looked around the kids after getting away from the way of the market. I hope they won’t get scared……. While wishing so, I chanted.

  《Boil up the expanding power――Muscle Power Strengthening!!!》

   Crack, crack. The muscles enlarged, and both of my arms became thick. The response the kids gave after seeing――.

「……!!!!! ……S-so amazing……!!!!!!!!」

「What’s that, so cool!!!!! 」

「It’s all muscles!!!! 」

   Not scared at all, the kids were overjoyed and became more excited. Even though their parents seemed to be in a stun as they were speechless.

「You can count on me. 」

   Just in case, I assured the parents after explaining that it’s my magic, before letting the kids play.

「Hurray!!!! 」

「So fun! 」

   Every one of the kids, was having a thrilling experience while hanging on my arms.

   Ravi who was riding on my shoulders, muttered 「My daddy, liked by everyone」 with a proud tone, and that made me happier than ever.


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